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Boot Camp in Tiger: Reports and Tips

Booting a Mac from Windows using Apple Boot Camp Beta v.1.0-1.4

PCmover - Move Installed Programs to New Vista PC

Updated November 14, 2007

On This Page:

If you’ve tried Boot Camp about any problems or tips.

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Blu-ray burning, HD, Tivo, iPhone Streaming, and moreAbout Apple Boot Camp

This page covers Apple's Boot Camp Beta (versions 1.0-1.4), which Apple made available as a free download for Tiger users before the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Apple no longer provides a Boot Camp solution for Tiger. The only way to get Boot Camp is by purchasing Leopard.

For those who downloaded Boot Camp Beta before October 26, 2007, Boot Camp still works in Tiger, though is not longer updated.

enables Intel-powered Macs to boot from Windows. It turns Macs into duel-boot machines: You can either boot the Mac from Mac OS X or from Windows. Unlike virtualization products like Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop, Boot Camp Beta does not give you access to Mac OS X and Windows at the same time. With Boot Camp and Windows installed, you boot Windows by holding the Option key down while restarting. You then select the drive partition that contains Windows.

The Boot Camp installer assistant "dynamically creates" a hard drive partition for Windows without erasing the Mac data. Boot Camp provides drivers for Windows to support the Mac keyboard and various hardware and peripherals from within Windows. Apple says that Boot Camp runs Windows "completely natively."

A NOTE ABOUT THIS PAGE: Although the reports are organized by the Boot Camp version number, tips and procedures for one version may be valid for later earlier or later versions.

VMware FusionVersion History

Boot Camp no longer available for download

Friday, October 26, 2007

Apple is no longer offering a download of Boot Camp at its web site. Although the is still up (at least for now), clicking the download link brings up a Page Not Found page.

Apple will no longer offer Boot Camp for Mac OS X 10.4 users, and will not longer offer updates for the Tiger version or driver updates for 1.4. Apple said that the end user license to use Boot Camp Beta expires today when Mac OS X 10.5 ship. "To continue using Boot Camp at that time, upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard," according to an Boot Camp Beta 1.4 page. Boot Camp Beta should, however, continue to function on Tiger machines.

Apple tech articleBoot Camp 1.4 is out; backlit keyboard promised again

August 10, 2007

Apple has released , a new version of its software for booting Intel-based Macs in Windows.

Apple said that Version 1.4 includes support for backlit keyboards in Windows on the MacBook Pro, a feature Apple had claimed was added to Boot Camp Beta 1.4, but which version 1.3. The new version is also has updated graphics drivers. (Readers reported readers said did not work drivers for version 1.3.) Version 1.4 also promises an improved Boot Camp driver installer, which Apple also listed as a fix in 1.3. Other v1.4 improvements include and updated Windows Help for Boot Camp, improved international keyboard support, and various bug fixes.

Apple warns that when updating Boot Camp with version 1.4, “it's very important to update the Boot Camp Assistant software, create a new Mac Drivers CD and install the updated software it contains onto Windows.”

David Zinkin, who had video problems with version 1.3, had problems with 1.4:

The latest in the saga of my Mac Pro and Boot Camp. I didn't think it would be possible for 1.4 to be worse than 1.3, but it is. Now, even the initial text-only XP install screen is thoroughly corrupted. If I hadn't remembered that F3 canceled the install process, I'd have had to forcibly shut down the machine because not even that much was readable. Resetting PRAM didn't help, and there was no difference in behavior when I retried the process after applying the new Mac Pro firmware update.

If you've tried Boot Camp 1.4

" + contact + "Boot Camp 1.3 adds support for new MacBook Pro, new drivers

June 8, 2007

Yesterday, Apple released , a new version of the software that enables you to natively boot an Intel-based Mac with Windows XP or Vista. The new version will run on the Boot Camp Beta 1.3 models released earlier this week, which could not run earlier versions of Boot Camp. It also supports the keyboard backlighting feature of the new MacBook Pros from within Windows.

Other features include:

  • New graphics drivers
  • Improved international keyboard support
  • Improved Boot Camp driver installer
  • Updated Windows Help for Boot Camp
  • Bug fixes

If you’ve tried Boot Camp 1.3 , particularly if it fixes any of the bugs previously reported below.

" + contact + "Boot Camp 1.2 adds Vista support; reader reports keyboard problems. April 2, 2007 -- Last week, Apple released , an update to the software that enables Intel Macs to boot directly from Windows. The major new feature is support for Boot Camp Beta 1.2. Boot Camp 1.2 beta includes updated drivers for better Windows support of trackpads, the iSight camera, audio, graphics, and other devices. Apple also said the new version improved keyboard support for several languages. Version 1.2 also adds Apple Software Update for Windows XP and Vista, which can download updates to drivers or other software that Boot Camp adds to Windows.

Boot Camp 1.1.1 adds Core 2 Duo support. September 15, 2006 – Yesterday, Apple released Bootcamp 1.1.1 beta, which adds support for Macs that use the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, such as the iMac 24-inch.

32-bit versions of Windows VistaApple Boot Camp 1.1 beta fixes keyboard issues. August 27, 2006 -- Earlier this month, Apple released , the second version of the pre-release software for booting Macs with Windows XP.

The new version adds support for the Delete, PrintScreen, NumLock, and ScrollLock keyboard keys from within Windows. It also interprets the right-hand Apple key on Apple keyboards as a right click. Beta 1.1 adds support for built-in iSight cameras and microphones.

Boot Camp 1.0 beta. On April 5, 2006, Apple released a beta version of its own solution for booting Windows on Intel-based Macs. (See this Boot Camp 1.1 Beta.) The software, called Apple press release, installs the required software to enable the user to install and boot Windows.

Boot CampReader Reports and Tips


Reader response to Boot Camp 1.0 overwhelmingly positive; installation problems reported.

April 10, 2006
Tom Quinlan:

I have successfully gotten Windows running with Boot Camp on a 17" iMac. This was WAAAY easier than the hack that has been out for a few weeks. As far as I can tell everything except for the infrared remote is working great. I downloaded the Photoshop Trial and it is quite zippy, to use the technical term.

April 10, 2006
Rob Groome:

I installed windows on my MacBook and it runs really well. The Boot Camp install tool is very nice and seems to have been very well thought out. There are a few issues though:

  • No ctrl-alt-delete
  • No right click for the mouse

Windows runs very smoothly - fast even.  One of the nicer Windows  systems I have used and it's a Mac!  Crazy.

April 10, 2006
Mark Polzin:

I successfully installed XP on my MacBook Pro yesterday.  Installation was a breeze. Apple takes care of the hard part by creating the driver disk for you and then having it auto install the drivers when you pop it into your drive after the install.

I was able to install Office 2003 without a problem.  During the extraction of the FireFox package the window blinked and the speakers cracked repeatedly forcing me to reboot.  After the reboot FireFox installed fine.

I also installed and ran Call of Duty and it worked great.  Frame rates were impressive and there was no skips during a LAN game. I'm very impressed at this point.

April 10, 2006
Gary Kantz has a problem with the Apple Wireless Keyboard:

I set up Boot Camp in under 45 minutes.  I have an iMac 2.0 Core Duo, 1.5. GB RAM, partitioned 60GB for Windows.  Using a full version of Windows XP Professional it took advantage of both “processors” and runs FAST.  No graphics, sound, or speed degradation whatsoever.  Ran SQL Server apps with ease as well.

One issue is that my Apple Bluetooth keyboard only worked in Windows intermittently.  Sometimes it worked fine, others it did not work at all. Also time and date is not updated – need to do this in the Control Panel each time you boot into Windows (this is a known problem).

Otherwise you would not recognize the difference between this and a Dell in terms of performance.

Boot Camp installation problems and tips

April 10, 2006
Ace Underhill:

Yesterday I purchased a 20" Duo Core iMac for the purpose of seeing how XP runs on it. I followed Apple's instructions exactly, and all was fine until I ran the Mac driver installation app from the CD that Boot Camp created.  The installed died with a 1603 fatal error. I was able to find and install the ATI graphics and Marvell Ethernet drivers, and amazingly enough XP recognizes the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, but I still need the remaining drivers, particularly the audio drivers.  I sure wish the drivers could be made downloadable separately from the Boot Camp CD, which lumps them together in the install app.

Would be fantastic if someone (who's driver install completed successfully) to make a list of the Mac hardware drivers that XP is using.  A zip file of the actual drivers would be killer, but I'd settle on just a list so I can search around the Net for them myself.

April 10, 2006
Brad Freeman:

I tried to install Boot Camp on my iMac Intel today and it keeps popping up a dialog telling me I must upgrade my system software first. I already was running 10.4.6 and installed the Firmware Update. I even tried downloading and reinstalling the Combo Update, repairing permissions, etc., but still get the same error message.

April 10, 2006
Kevin Kincaid:

I attempted to install on Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro running update 10.4.6 with latest firmware and got the error described at .

May 30, 2006
Zachary Smith recommends using Service Pack 2:

You might want to mention SP2 being a requirement as the installer has problems with SP1.

May 30, 2006
Martin White has a suggestion for using the proper Windows XP media:

One thing that can trip you up: Make sure you are using Windows XP install media that directly boots into the setup. Initially I tried to use my MSDN DVD, which presents you with a boot menu, however the keyboard is not functional at this stage so I could not enter my choice. I had a Windows laptop to hand so was able to burn one of the MSDN ISO images to a disc and use that instead.

this web pageCan't boot into Mac OS X after installing Boot Camp

April 10, 2006
Zack can no longer boot from Mac OS X:

When I used Boot Camp, everything worked fine in Windows.  Then when I went to boot up in OS X the Apple would show up, then the progress indicator showed up, then black--the computer turned off.  So it boots Windows just fine, but Mac OS X doesn't work.  I lost all of my Mac data on my hard drive.

A Fix:

May 30, 2006
Lincoln Holbrook

This is in response to Zack about being unable to boot the Mac operating system after he installed Windows XP.

I had the exact same problem on my iMac 20" Intel Core Duo running 1 GB RAM with the upgraded video card. I was worried that I had lost all the data as well, but I decided to use the Tiger Installation Disc 1 to boot from and run Disk Utility. This fixed the problem and allows me to boot both operating systems with zero hassles. I did not lose any data on either system and both seem to be running stable.

When booting from this disk, don’t go through the Mac OS X install. Instead, when you get to the installation choices screen, go to the top of the screen and click on the menu items. One of the items allows you to get into Disc Utility where you have the option to "repair disk." Once that was completed, I took the DVD out and rebooted into Mac OS X with no problem.

Boot Camp display driver update problem, advice on other drivers; FIFA06 problem

NOTE: below, a for this problem.

May 19, 2006
Feisal Paruk updated the Windows video driver in Boot Camp, with bad results. (We’re not sure that Boot Camp supports this.) Paruk also describes how he got Bluetooth to work in Boot Camp:

I have an Apple MacBook Pro. I used the Boot Camp Beta to install Windows XP Pro. Had a problem playing FIFA06 on Windows so I tried updating the display drivers by installing the latest Catalyst driver software off the ATI website. (The MacBook Pro has a ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics adaptor). Gave me an error "INF Error: Video driver not found" and rejected the driver update. I find this weird because I did install the Mac drivers for Windows XP, which the Boot Camp software had previously burnt onto a CD during the setup process. How do I update my display driver?

I find that driver CD written by Boot Camp to be generally dodgy because my Eject button doesn’t work either on Windows. Apparently the driver for the Eject button is on the CD somewhere. Bluetooth also didn’t work until I manually installed the driver by pointing to the driver file on the Boot Camp driver CD. It seems as though all the drivers on the CD don’t auto install when you double-click the exe. Instead it seems that you must install each driver individually.

November 13, 2006
Joe Desi

I am able to run FIFA 06 but all options like team selection, etc, just keep changing automatically and do not allow me to pick. 

If you know the answer to the display driver update problem, or would like to comment on the other driver issues

" + contact + "Workarounds for lack of Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys in Boot Camp Beta

May 30, 2006

You can get the ctrl-alt-delete to work by using Microsoft’s Rob Groome that comes with the Windows Resource kit, but you have to use the right meta key to do it.  Not perfect, but that does work.

If you care to comment

June 5, 2006
Michael Perbix told us that remapkey.exe is another workaround for the lack of Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys in Apple’s Boot Camp for Intel Macs. Input Remapper is a Windows keyboard mapping utility similar to remapkey.exe.

" + contact + "TIP: Fix for Boot Camp lack of right click: applemou.exe utility

July 12, 2006
Aaron Rigby reports that a Windows utility called Input Remapper adds right-click functionality to Windows XP running in Apple’s Boot Camp beta. The utility was written for using a Apple one-button mouse with Windows. Rigby reports:

I was reading Joshua Byers' and wanted to inform him of a tiny "fix-it" program that I found to solve the "Right Click" issue on the Intel MacBook Pro's when using Boot Camp to run XP. 

The program is called applemou.exe and was made by RH Designs. The program makes the touch pad click button work the same as "CTRL-Click" in O SX for using "Right-Click" in windows. It is freeware and is clean.  I simply put it in the Start Up folder and it will run every time.

Unfortunately I haven't figure out a way for the software to run every boot without the "Apple Mouse Utility" window opening (you can close this window and it will run silently still), but I can put up with that minor annoyance to get my right click back.  Its copyright is in 2002, and it comes as a ZIP file with a READ ME.txt with the EULA. It works fine in all apps that I've tried, including games, and web browsing.

August 16, 2006
Heydar Adel:

I installed applemou.exe and it works perfectly. You can use the "/s" command to make the pop-up go away.

August 16, 2006
Normand Despins Quebec city Canada provided more details:

Here is the solution to get rid of the splash screen at boot time: Instead of putting applemou.exe in the Startup Folder, put applemou.exe into Program Files (C:\Program Files) and create an alias of the application. Put this alias into the Startup Folder (C: \Documents and Settings\Yourusername\Start Menu\Programs\Startup). Now go to the alias properties and add /s (space /s) after the path in the field labeled Target: You must add a space /s just after the last quotation marks.

August 16, 2006
Jason Stevens:

Per the docs that come with it, the /s switch makes it run without bringing up the window. You can add that switch to a shortcut, in its Properties window. So, I put applemou.exe in Program Files, made a shortcut, added the /s (which must be done after the quotes) and put that in the Startup folder. Works great!

applemou.exeArticle: How Boot Camp Works

August 29, 2006

Tech writer Daniel Eran Dilger offers an explanation of review of Boot Camp Beta for Intel Macs at his web site, Roughly Drafted.


How Boot Camp WorksMacBooks abruptly shut down when running Windows

This a problem reported by many readers in August of 2006 with then-new MacBook and MacBook Pros. The MacBook would shutdown while running Windows in Boot Camp. Later reports noted that it could happen without running Boot Camp. It was latter determined that the problem was one of defective batteries in the MacBooks. The MacBook's energy conservation measures would not kick in while running Windows, creating a lot of heat that the defective battery was sensative to.

You can find reader reports on this issue on our page.

(There is also an unrelated, more recent problem with .)

Intel Mac Cross-platform IssuesGraphics driver problems in Boot Camp 1.1

August 31, 2006 -- John Wright in the UK regrets upgrading Boot Camp to v.1.1. He believes there is a conflict with the graphics driver:

I updated to Bootcamp 1.1 and had no end of trouble. It ended up booting up into Win XP and after a few seconds crashing straight back to the boot stage.

I eventually used F8 on Windows boot to get in and use Safe mode, then system restore, to eventually get back to the state it was in before the upgrade.

Still, it crashed. I eventually managed to prevent brightness.exe and the Apple time fix executable (.exe) file from autoloading.

I reckon the problem lay at the door of a conflict between ATI graphics driver and the Brightness.exe bolted on.

I have now disabled it by using Windows Defender Software explorer. Deleting it can cause more problems than it is worth. I also dumped the right click fix ( that's what your mouse is for) and the Apple keyboard support as I use smartkeys to remap the keyboard e.g remapped F12 as delete key.

The iSight camera worked perfectly but has now gone bellie up and the driver will not reinstall.

I think I will wait till Bootcamp 1.5 or so - it causes too much weeping and screaming otherwise.

If you’ve seen these problems

MacBook Boot Camp problem: USB goes dead in Windows 

September 1, 2006 -- We've reported this week of the widespread problem of " + contact + ". Blogger hasn't seen that problem but his MacBooks are losing USB in Windows:

I set up five MacBooks running Boot Camp. I haven't seen the problem with machines shutting off, but I do have problems with USB failing on certain machines.

Three of them have no problems, but two seem to have issues with wake; they wake up from sleep, but the keyboard and trackpad are both unresponsive. The Power button will usually shut down Windows gracefully, but sometimes I have to use it to turn the machine off.

After suffering this type of stroke, one of the USB ports is also dead, but the second one, closest to the audio jacks, still works. I can plug in a keyboard and mouse and work normally (although I can't ever get the rest of USB working again in Windows; the internal keyboard, mouse and other port remain dead until I restart.) Nothing else on the machine has a problem: video and everything else works normally. It's just half the USB.

I tried swapping around RAM, which seems to have no effect on the wake crash - I used the original Apple RAM and alternative Samsung upgrade parts, but see no correlation between RAM and wake. It is somewhat hard to test because it seems to only fail on wake sporadically at first. After the first couple tries, it seems to fail all the time after that.

I also imaged the "bad OS" Windows install from a problematic machine to another one and didn't see the problem on the other machine, so I've mostly ruled a driver or user problem on the machine (i.e., a specific unique software install that was causing USB to fail on wake).

It looks like a hardware problem specific to two of the five machines, but I don't see the problem when booting into Mac OS X.

I've seen people casually mention a failure to wake from sleep, but the affected machines I have will pretty much lose their USB every time I put them to sleep.

If you’ve seen this problem

Dan EranDead USB in Windows still a problem with Boot Camp 1.1.1 release

October 9, 2006 -- Mark Cascella reports that the Boot Camp 1.1.1 update does not solve the USB-in-Windows problem:

I too have noticed this problem on my MacBook Pro: The USB goes dead, the keyboard, trackpad and/or mouse are unresponsive on wake-up.

I downloaded Bootcamp 1.1.1, and installed the latest drivers, but these problems persist.

" + contact + "Tip: Utility for keys and mouse functionality in Boot Camp, Parallels

September 11, 2006 -- Daniel C. told us about (US $12, free upgrades) a Windows utility that allows the use of certain keys when running Windows on Intel Macs with Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop. the utility provides a shortcut for the right click, cnt-alt-del, and screen print key,and has a multi CPU display indicator.

Mac Pro and DMA access to HD's, Cinema Display: Issues, workarounds, and a fix

September 20, 2006 -- Michael Perbix reports on workarounds to some known hardware problems with the new Mac Pro and Boot Camp:

I am confirming that there is a workaround for getting full DMA access to the SATA hard drives in the Mac Pro when dual booted into Windows XP (Boot Camp). I wrote this note in the Macenterprise list.

I received my new Mac Pro yesterday and set it up in the following manner: Bay 1 - OSX System drive Bay 2 - Windows Bay 3/4 - Stripped for Video work.

I did some research and saw that most people were getting slow access on the HD (PIO mode, not DMA).  There are articles all over about how to fix this, XP Mac Mouse Utility.

I can verify that the slipstreamed XP Pro SP 2 works and gets full DMA HD access.

I didn't have time to rearrange my desk for the new display, so I used my 19" Samsung LCD to do the install.  I installed XP and did the Boot Camp 1.1 driver CD, so far so good...time to go home.

Today I moved the 30" Cinema Display over and finally had a chance to boot XP again (had to get SOME work done today) and had some strange artifacting on the display.  I downloaded the new Bootcamp 1.1.1 and installed those drivers.  The display cleaned up nicely but there was no sound.  Supposedly users of MacPro with the 1900XT are having issues with the 23" and 30" Cinema Displays not being able to sync up with the video modes used.  If you use another monitor for set-up, then use your ACD screen, it works.

Another post in the Apple forums mentioned that there is one unknown device in Device Manager (PCI Device) that you can manually update the drivers with the RealTek drivers installed by the Apple driver CD.  Viola....sound...but only on the internal Mac Pro speaker, even though I have speakers plugged into the rear audio jack.  I have not tried plugging into the front headphone jack yet.  Supposedly you can fix this by doing all Windows updates, and then re-installing drivers from Boot Camp 1.1.1. 

If you can comment on these issues

September 25, 2006 -- Michael Perbix sent us an update to his report of last week regarding problems with here is one: He also recommends a Windows utility for controlling the Apple Cinema display from within Windows.

I did a full update to Windows XP and then re-installed the Apple drivers.  I also plugged and unplugged my speakers from the back jack, to the front headphone hack back to the back jack. The RealTek HD Audio Manager actually recognized the back port and the front port, and recognized where I was plugging and unplugging from. The sound then started to work as it should.

I also found a nice utility called " + contact + " for controlling the Apple Cinema Display (brightness etc) from Windows.

I still have an issue with artifacting of certain colors on my 30" display.  If I dumb the resolution down to 800x600 then back up to full resolution the color fixes itself until next reboot. I have yet to find a permanent solution to that.

If you've seen this fix or these artifacts

WinACDSeptember 27, 2006 -- Michael Perbix says an Apple update for the Mac Pro fixes the problem of " + contact + ":

The latest Firmware for Mac Pro users fixes the issue with DMA access to the hard drives while dual booted into Windows (ala BootCamp).  You no longer need to create a special slipstream Install CD with special drivers.

Problem and workaround for Boot Camp/MacBook Pro and modem

November 13, 2006 -- Harry Erwin reports a problem with using a modem from Windows in Boot Camp:

My experience is that the Apple Modem is unable to connect in Win XP Pro due to noise--works fine on the Mac Mini running Win XP Pro.

I solved the problem by disabling Bluetooth and AirPort and it works fine.

Mac Pro and DMA access to hard disks using Boot CampBootcamp 1.1.1 keyboard glitches and a fix

October 6, 2006 -- Ken Cousins reports keyboard problems with , the update that Apple released last month.

Boot Camp Beta 1.1.1 added support for newer Macs with Core 2 Duo-based processors, such as the 24-inch iMac. The release was also supposed to improves support for Apple keyboards. Cousins, however, said that he lost some keyboard functionality in Windows :

I updated my Mac OS X firmware a few days ago, and updated to Boot Camp 1.1.1 at the same time (I run XP for a slew of Windows-only specialty apps I need for my job). While I'm glad they fixed the driver issues with iSight and the headphone/speaker output, I find that some common keyboard shortcuts no longer work in Office or Firefox.

"Dead" shortcuts in Word: ctrl+P, ctrl+O, ctrl+N

"Dead" shortcuts in Firefox: ctrl+L, ctrl+K

I use InputRemapper to switch the location of the ctrl, fn, Win, and Alt keys. I've tried the shortcuts with InputRemapper turned off, turned on, and re-configured, to no avail.

If you’ve seen these problems with Boot Camp 1.1.1

Boot Camp Beta 1.1.1November 13, 2006 -- Two readers reported keyboard problems with the MacBook Pro and Boot Camp. Harry Erwin said:

My USB Apple keyboard experiences intermittent disconnects in Win XP Pro--again it works fine on the Mac Mini. I suspect a power problem.

David Morris reports:

I was just trying to install the latest boot camp driver update on my MacBook Pro Windows XP install, and I clicked "continue anyway" as it was trying to install the "Apple keyboard support", it paused, and then gave me a blue screen and shut down.

Now when I boot into Windows, the keyboard doesn't work and I can't type my password to log in. I don't have an extra keyboard handy at the moment, but I will at the office tomorrow, so I will try that, but I also read somewhere that that will not work. I've been running XP for months, and saw there was a drivers upgrade, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. If you have any insight into this problem, I couldn't find any documented case of it.

" + contact + "November 16, 2006 -- Edward Danley responded our report of earlier this week about a . Danley had the problem and fixed it:

I ran into the same type of problem when I first installed Boot Camp but I blamed the problem on myself. I didn't try an external keyboard but the external mouse did not function.

I was a fresh install of Boot Camp/XP. As I installed the Apple drivers, it crashed. Not unusual for Windows so I simply rebooted. I got check disk errors on XP restart (not good but considering the crash not unusual). After the restart, the keyboard and mouse/track pad would not function at all.

I sat back and tried to think about what happened. I realized I had taken a shortcut. I read that you can extract the Apple drivers and not actually burn/waste a CD. I had simply copied those drivers from my Mac to my FAT32 XP drive.

I went back, reformatted and reinstalled XP this time using a true CD to load the Apple drivers and everything went perfectly.

Tip: running FIFA 06 in Boot Camp

November 13, 2006
Joe Desi is another reader having the problem with the Apple Keyboard in Boot Camp

I am able to run FIFA 06 but all options like team selection, etc, just keep changing automatically and do not allow me to pick. 

November 21, 2006
Tim Hyland responded to our reports of problems running FIFA 06 for Windows in Boot Camp. Hyland found a way to make it work:

I had the same problem myself. I believe the readme file the comes in the FIFA 06 install  describes this problem.

What I did was open Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager , and disable all unneeded USB devices. Typically with Windows, many of the devices are indistinguishable, named "Generic USB  Device" or similar. Hence disabling is an effort of trial and error -- watch out, as some "USB devices" are your keyboard and mouse! I found it sometimes helpful to right-click on a device and view its properties - sometimes it gives some sort of an indication as to what the device is. Warning - accidentally disabling the mouse can lead to problems - if that happens, just use the keyboard to navigate and enable it again.

Try as many different combinations as needed - writing them down helps - until FIFA 06 works normally.

If you've tried this how it worked for you.

problem running FIFA 06 in Windows in Boot CampTIP: Use your VPC copy of Windows in Boot Camp, Parallels

November 21, 2006 -- has a tip on" + contact + " and possibly with Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. The procedure involves download Windows XP Service Pack 2 and creating bootable CD. It’s not a simple procedure.

December 1, 2006 -- Several readers wrote to comment on our previous report about . ( how to use the copy of Windows bundled with Virtual PC with Boot Camp told us that this method will work with iEmulator as well.)

The readers told us that the easier method is to get Microsoft to send you a new Windows installer CD.

Pat Sullivan:

This worked better for me:

1. Call Microsoft Customer Service.  Explain to them you have a new computer that requires SP2. This is the same department that replaces lost or broken Windows install disks.

2. Pay about $30.  I think it was $23 + $7 shipping.

3. Receive genuine XP SP2 disk in mail.

Len W. has more details:

I am an owner of Microsoft Office 2004 Professional: Mac, which comes with Windows XP Professional PREINSTALLED with Virtual PC.    I needed an original install disk of Windows XP Professional ONLY, to use with Parallels Desktop.

I phoned Microsoft at 800-360-7561 and gave them the Windows XP Professional serial number from my running copy of Windows XP Professional.    I requested a replacement install disk of ONLY Windows XP Professional.

It cost $23 plus $5 regular shipping plus tax.    Since I was in a hurry, I paid $25 extra for 2-3 day Airborne Express (really DHL) shipping.

This is simpler than the procedure mentioned in today's "TIP: Use your VPC copy of Windows in Boot Camp, Parallels." and has a nominal cost.

enabling the copy of Windows XP that came with Virtual PC to run with Boot Camp and Parallels DesktopXP activiation an issue when using VPC's Windows in Boot Camp/Parallels

December 1, 2006 -- Several readers reported that the method we reported of using Virtual PC's copy of Windows in Boot Camp and Parallels (and iEmulator) does work. However, they said that there is an issue with the activation of Windows XP.

Steve Hume:

I had success getting my VPC 7 professional copy of Win XP to work on both Bootcamp and then finally Parallels. I had to call Microsoft by the time I installed on Parallels since the activation stopped working. I was really reinstalling to replace the VPC that didn't make sense to use on the new iMac. The voice recognition activation process was interesting and I ended up talking to India.

Brian Jackson reported some modifications to the procedure are required:

Yes! You can do this, and it does work.  However, there are some slight variations from the instructions on the website posted.  For instance, my copy of VPC already came with SP2, so I did not need to perform the slipstreaming step.  The problem is, this leaves you without the necessary “Win51ip.SP2” file at the root of the CD.  Luckily, you can simply copy the “Win51ip” file, and rename it “Win51ip.SP2”.  Don’t just rename the previous file, they both must be there.  Other than that, the CD I created worked perfectly in both Parallels and Bootcamp. 

The only other issue I had was that when I went to activate Windows in Bootcamp (after installing and activating it in Parallels) it told me that I “...have exceeded the number of times this copy of Windows can be activated...”.  I simply clicked on the TELEPHONE button in the activation window, called MS and went through the activation ID number fiasco.  When I was asked by their customer service person how many machines this copy of Windows was installed on, I honestly answered one, and was promptly given a code that allowed it to activate. Cumbersome, but why should I buy Windows again when I already own a copy?

iEmulatorTIP: Triple-Boot Mac-Win-Linux with Boot Camp

August 27, 2007 has a blog that describes with three hard drive partitions to boot from Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The post is a little old, describing using Boot Camp 1.1. (The current version is 1.4.)


Keyboard, trackpad freeze in Win XP with Boot Camp 1.2

April 2, 2007
Reader Eric B. reports that the new drivers broke the trackpad and keyboard functionality, and worse:

I installed Boot Camp 1.2 beta on my MacBook Pro. However, I can’t get the keyboard drivers nor the trackpad drivers to work. While the drivers install fine in Windows XP, after the restart, keyboard and trackpad are frozen. I did a complete re-install (recreated Boot Camp disk, installed Windows XP), and again everything went fine including the drivers install until the reboot. Now I got the famous Black Screen of Death. I tried several fixes, but could not get the keyboard nor the trackpad to work.

April 4, 2007
Bob Gitre:

I am having the same issue, MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz, Boot Camp 1.2 with Windows XP Pro.

Keyboard and mouse seemed to work fine. I then began the windows update process. After the first reboot, the keyboard and pad are not operable. Nothing to do but hard reboot back into OS X.

I can run Win XP in Parallels just fine.

If you've seen this problem

Suggestion for fixing keyboard freeze in Boot Camp 1.2

April 23, 2007

Daniel Robinson sent us a fix for the " + contact + " the occurs after the upgrade:

Me too, keyboard and mouse, don't work, however they will intermittently work and they did for about the first 10 boots! But I did manage to fix it.

Its not exactly a foolproof method and my problem has been intermittent so I'm not sure if it's long lasting. All I did was totally disable Bluetooth on the Mac OS X side of things and booted up in Windows. My keyboard was functioning which meant I could hit Enter for the mouse driver install, which then got that working. (Also I had the original Mac driver disc created by Boot Camp in the CD-ROM drive.) I have an Intel Core 2 duo 17" iMac with Windows XP SP2.

If you've tried this fix

keyboard freeze seen in Windows booted with Boot Camp 1.2Keyboard and trackpad stop working on Boot Camp 1.2

April 26, 2007
Jason Siemens' keyboard and " + contact + " update, a problem others readers have previously reported. Seimens said:

I experienced the same problem as several other users with Boot Camp 1.2 on a 15" MacBook. The keyboard and trackpad work fine until the Boot Camp Drivers are installed. Afterwards the keyboard and trackpad are complete unresponsive.

Boot Camp keyboard drop out may be related to Apple keyboard

April 30, 2007

Sheila Hall said she doesn't see the problem of the trackpad stopped working after installing the Boot Camp 1.2 when using a Dell keyboard with Windows:

One of the issues I have seen from the beginning is the keyboard will "drop" or stop responding. You will hear the sound that Windows makes when something disconnects and then a short time later you will hear it make the "reconnect" sound. So far the only way I've found to fix it is to either disconnect or reconnect the keyboard (physically) or to replace the Apple keyboard with a Dell keyboard. I installed BootCamp 1.1.1 and then upgraded to 1.1.2.


keyboard not working in Boot CampTIP: Use Remote to boot into OS X when Boot Camp disables keyboard

July 11, 2007

Donald McDaniel offers a suggestion for Boot Camp users who can’t boot back into Mac OS X because Click here for current MacWindows news. He suggests using the Apple Remote that comes with all Mac models except the Mac Pro. Here’s how:

While I've not seen this problem (I use non-Apple keyboards), I have had great success using the Apple Remote to choose boot partitions from the Apple Boot Menu.

To do this, simply press and hold the "Menu" button when the grey Boot screen appears (immediately when the music starts), until the Boot Menu appears.

Then use the "Previous/Next" button to navigate between devices/bootable partitions, and press the "Play/Pause" button to boot into your chosen OS .

The Apple Remote does work properly (with iTunes or Windows Media Player only) under Vista, BTW.

Keyboard issue also seen with Bluetooth

NOTE: Since we first reported this issue, we discovered that Boot Camp 1.2 disabled their keyboards that bluetooth a keyboard and mouse won't work properly with Boot Camp Beta at this time (1.2 and earlier), so it seems this is a known bug.

April 6, 2007

Shelly Helfand

Problems I've had with Boot Camp 1.2 have to do with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Installed Vista on my iMac and the Mac drivers. Installed the keyboard and mouse in Vista with no problem It recognized both. Problem occurs when I shut down and restart Vista. Keyboard won't work at all and it takes about a minute for the mouse to work. The keyboard and mouse both show up as installed.

April 9, 2007

A reader named Mark:

I run Boot Camp 1.2 as well and the wireless keyboard freezes on booting up Windows XP. If I click the mouse buttons rapidly on start up it operates sooner. The keyboard will only operate if I turn it off then on again.

Apple saysTIP: Suggestions for Boot Camp 1.2 Bluetooth keyboard issues

April 26, 2007

Lee Graham has serveral suggestions for users with Boot Camp 1.2 who are experience problems with Bluetooth keyboard. He references a Microsoft hotfix for Windows Vista to fix a problem where Bluetooth devices don't work when Vista wakes from sleep. He also points to a Boot Camp installation requirement:

First of all, this may be of interest at least for the Vista users. I no longer saw the black screen on restart after installing it. As it's a hotfix, the users will have to call MS to get it.

Secondly, I will point out that the documentation for Boot Camp points out that users should use a wired keyboard when installing Windows. Until you install the Bluetooth drivers in Windows, that Bluetooth keyboard will not be visible. Also, I found something saying to make sure that you have paired your device on the Mac first, and then again in Windows once you've installed the drivers.

As for the delay when Windows comes up, that's probably the drivers still needing to load in the background after a restart.

If you've seen this problem

" + contact + "Using Boot Camp with Vista and external projectors

April 30, 2007

Chuck McGinley can't get projector displays to work with Windows Vista and Boot Camp:

After installing Boot Camp 1.2 and Vista, I can not get external projectors to work with my MacBook Pro 17". This worked with under Windows XP when I toggled the display in the ATI control panel to the correct settings.

But when you plug a monitor into Vista in Boot Camp it seems to think a monitor is there but never displays anything.

I am required to demonstrate my company's software in Windows. Without being able to use an external projector in Vista I was forced to switch back to XP.

If you've seen this problem

Tip: Solution to Boot Camp/Vista external projector issues

May 29, 2007

Chuck McGinley sent us a fix to enable " + contact + ":

Last month I contacted you about my problems with getting external projectors to work under Boot Camp 1.2 and Vista. I found the solution with the help of some people on the web. Here is what to do:

  1. Install Vista under Boot Camp normally.
  2. Visit AMD's web site and download the Catalyst driver package for Vista.
  3. Visit to get the Driver Modder tool, for ATI Radeon chipsets.
  4. Start the driver install and it will unpackage into its folder.
  5. Cancel the install so that the files are available to be changed.
  6. Run the driver MOD tools to change the driver so it will install.
  7. Install the Catalyst tools and driver after modding with Mod tool.
  8. Connect an external display to your MacBook under XP
  9. Use the Catalyst tool to select the correct display in the display Selection tab. "You drag+Drop" the display Icon onto the external display selector. The incorrect display seems to default as the selected one.

The Catalyst drivers will not normally install due to the fact that AMD (ATI) leave it up to the notebook OEM's to configure this. Modding the driver install allows for the installation of the Catalyst driver in OEM environments. The Mobility Modder web page does a great job of explaining the issues of the catalyst install.

This is a little bit difficult but works, as I now have an external display working under Vista for presentations.

If you’ve tried this fix

Driverheaven.netReader verifies fix for Camp/Vista external projector issues

July 5, 2007

Gabe Warren reports success with Chuck McGinley's tip for solving problems with an " + contact + ":

This fix worked for me on a MacBook Pro 15.4", X1600 with 256 MB and running Windows Vista Enterprise x32. The driver detected the HP MP3130. I had to select the analog monitor rather than the detected HP MP3130 digital monitor the driver defaulted to but it works like a champ.

Fix for Boot Camp/Vista external monitor verified

August 2, 2007

Felix had success with the Chuck McGinley’sexternal projector in Boot Camp with Windows Vista. This involves using a Driver Modder tool for ATI Radeon chipsets. Felix used it with an external monitor:

For a moment, I thought I threw my money into the drain with my monitor until I chanced upon this site. This fix worked for me as well on a MacBook Pro 15.4", X1600 and running Windows XP Home. The driver detected my LG CRT monitor as well but like one of the users here, I had to select the analog monitor rather than the detected monitor for the fix to work. Although it took some effort to get it to work, it is still a great fix.

I used the described at MacWindows. During the setup wizard, selecting Analog Monitor as my 2nd display worked for me so I just kept it as that.

Note: I have no idea what MSXML 4.0 does but I just heed my instincts and followed the instructions from I also tried to download drivers for my LG CRT from the LG website, but the product was a bit ancient. So the drivers were not there and I didn’t go down that path.

tip for using Boot Camp with Windows Vista and an external projectorFix for Boot Camp external projector will hinder Parallels

July 9, 2007

Charles Mcginley previously sent us the tip on nine steps (above). In this followup, Mcginley notes that while this fix is fine for starting up with Boot Camp, it also prevents Parallels Desktop from using the Boot Camp partition:

After seeing others have success with the fix I sent in it reminded me that I have another important piece of information about the Boot Camp External Projector Fix.

By installing the ATI drivers under boot camp as outlined in my earlier email, you will change the display driver setup enough so that the Boot Camp Partition will not work under Parallels. I have confirmed this by taking the time to recreate my Boot Camp partition from scratch with the Apple supplied drivers and it worked under Parallels 3.0. But when I apply the fix for the external projector Parallels boots up the Boot Camp partition but freezes every time shortly after displaying the desktop.

Removing the ATI drivers and restoring the Apple supplied driver will restore Parallels to a working state.

I have asked Parallels for any assistance they could give but do not hold out hope as this is an unsupported configuration. I also have alerted Apple to the external projector display issue but have not had any confirmation of receipt of the issue. So I have no idea if Apple even knows about it.

I figured that you might want to add the disclaimer to the fix.

More on Boot Camp problems with Vista and external monitors

July 25, 2007

Terrence Town’s MacBook Pro in Boot Camp and Windows Vista won’t recognize an Apple Cinema Display. He tried a how to use an external projector with Windows running in Boot Camp, but it had no effect.

I've been pulling my hair out trying to get Boot Camp 1.3 to work with my Apple Cinema 23" display on my Santa Rosa MacBook Pro. The fix that some have reported for the ATI drivers does not work with my Nvidia-equipped Macbook Pro. When I boot into Vista, my Apple Cinema display does not register a signal at all. The white light just pulsates and nothing appears on the screen. It's as if Vista does not even see the monitor. I've tried playing with Vista's settings of external monitor. (Strangely Vista does recognize that there is a second display - it just can't drive it!)

I've tried that work-around. Strangely, I was able to get a Dell LCD panel display to work as an external monitor at a lower resolution (1024 x 768 I think), but the Apple 23" Cinema display fails to be recognized at all and I get no picture - just a pulsating white power light.


suggested workaround that we previously postedTIP: How to move Boot Camp Windows into a virtual machine

May 7, 2007

Ed Welsh bought a MacBook Pro to use as a Windows machine in Boot Camp. After discovering Mac OS X, he moved his Boot Camp-installed copy of Windows into a virtual machine in VMware Fusion. He was then able to delete the Boot Camp drive partition: 

I have been using VMware Fusion for about a month and really like it. (I have never used Parallels.) I first started using Apple computers about 6 months after the Intel MacBook Pro came out. I've used Windows and Linux since the beginning of time.

Read the rest of this story on our Click here for current MacWindows news page.


VMware Fusion Beta Tips and ReportsMac Pro: Boot Camp 1.2 won't boot into Mac OS X until PRAM reset

NOTE: Boot Camp 1.3 fixed this issue

May 18, 2007

Brian Kneebone has to reset the PRAM in his Mac Pro in order to boot in Mac OS X with Boot Camp 1.2 Beta:

When selecting the Macintosh hard disk in the "startup disk" on a Quad-core Mac Pro (dual dual-core Xeon with 2 GB RAM), the system ignores and continues to boot into Windows. The only work-around is the clear parameter RAM to boot back into Mac OS X. I have the latest version of Windows XP (SP2 with latest hotfixes) and a fresh install of Boot Camp Beta 1.2.

If you've seen this problem .

Another case of Boot Camp 1.2 not booting Mac OS X and PRAM reset fix

May 21, 2007

Daryl Altenhof had the " + contact + ", and verified the solution we reported.

I was having the same issue. I had to press the "Option" key when starting my Quad 2.66 with Boot Camp. I had tried both in Windows and OS X to set the start up disk but had no luck. Thanks for the tip of resetting the PRAM. Cleared the thing right up.

I'm also using Parallels with this partitions and was wondering if that was a contributing factor.

If you've seen this problem .

problem of Boot Camp not booting into Mac OS XSuggestion for Boot Camp 1.2 problem with OS X booting

May 23, 2007

A few more readers commented on the " + contact + " unless the PRAM is reset. Ray Waggoner found a way to put an end to the problem:

I too experienced the Boot Camp problem also on my Mac Pro. Unless I pressed the Option key at boot time and manually selected OS X the system would boot into Windows.

I installed a third hard disk drive and installed a copy of OSX on that drive. After installation the new OS X install drive suddenly became the default boot drive instead of windows.

Oddly enough, opening System Preferences/System/Startup Disk and selecting your boot volume of choice and clicking "restart" had no permanent effect on the way the Mac booted. It would, of course, restart with whatever boot volume you selected, but at the next reboot the changes simply would not stick and it would default back to previous settings.

Finally I discovered the cure! Open System Preferences/System/Startup Disk and select your boot volume of choice and DO NOT click Restart. Simply close the window. The next reboot your Mac Pro will boot the Partition you selected.

If you've tried this if it worked for you.

Bruce Showalter has to reset the PRAM with every boot:

I have the same issue as reported on your site. I have a 2x2.66 GHz Dual Core-Intel Xeon running Mac OS X 10.4.9. I just recently (Saturday in fact) installed XP SP2 after installing Boot Camp 1.2 In my case zapping PRAM is only good for the session. Once I boot back into XP the cycle begins again. As such, the Option key at boot is the more reasonable short term workaround.

NOTE: Boot Camp 1.3 fixed this problem (problem of Boot Camp not booting into Mac OS X).

" + contact + "Verification of fix for Boot Camp booting into Windows only

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jennifer Lum was having the problem of see below unless the PRAM is reset. She wrote to report verify a:

I just wanted to let you know that your solution to highlight Mac for startup disk but not restart at that time seems to have cured my MacBook from defaulting to Windows. Thanks for the help, this has been driving me bonkers!

Boot Camp not booting into Mac OS X.

fix we previously reportedIncompatibility with AutoCAD licensing and Boot Camp/external drive

June 6, 2007

Bill Helm has a problem with AutoCAD running Windows with Boot Camp, but only when an external drive is connected to the Mac:

I am running a full registered license of AutoDesk’s AutoCAD and Revit using Boot Camp 1.2 on both my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. There is some sort of an incompatibility issue between AutoDesk’s licensing code and the use of external hard drives. I found that anytime I had my external FireWire drive attached to the computer I was using, my AutoDesk license would error out when launching the software. This annoyance required my taking time out of my day to call AutoDesk for a new activation code each time this happened. So long as the external drive is not attached there are no problems. So far I have not found a workaround for the problem, I just have to live without the use of my external in Windows.

If you’ve seen this problem

Note: We've had reports of .

similar problems with external drives in LeopardTIP: Microsoft Win XP hotfix for Boot Camp, AirPort problem | Click here for current MacWindows news |

June 11, 2007

describes a problem with Boot Camp Beta 1.2, where Windows XP SP2 is unable to connect to an 802.11n wireless router or the AirPort Extreme (802.11n) Base Station. Apple said that the problem is in Windows XP, and that the fix is to install a Top of Page.

Apple Technical Article 305275REPORTS ON BOOT CAMP 1.3

Microsoft hotfixBoot Camp 1.3 fixes Mac OS X boot bug | |

June 11, 2007

Brian Kneebone reported that Boot Camp 1.3 (released last Thursday) fixes the problem of unless the PRAM is reset:

FYI, Boot Camp 1.3 resolves all of my Windows not booting back into Macintosh issues on my Mac Pro. It's not posted on Apple's website, so they must have slipped this in quietly. Regards,

Kneebone was the first to report the problem with version 1.2, and other readers confirmed it.

Top of PageBoot Camp 1.3 keyboard driver problem on MacBook Pro | Boot Camp not booting into Mac OS X |

Note: a fix is suggested .

June 11, 2007

Michael Sneider discovered that upgrading Boot Camp to the new version 1.3 disabled some of the keys. It also doesn’t support the backlit keyboard, a feature that Apple says is supported. Sneider wrote:

I've installed the Boot Camp Beta 1.3 drivers on my rev. A 15" Core Duo 2.13 GHz MacBook Pro, Windows XP SP2 with all current updates. I cannot get the keyboard driver to work properly. I have no access to the special function keys (volume up/down, brightness up/down or eject), nor does the keyboard backlighting work in any way.

I do not have the Apple Keyboard icon in the system tray any longer like I had with Boot Camp 1.2. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, manually launching, etc., but can't get the keyboard driver to activate. The keyboard works (I can type), but no access to the special keys that require the driver. Everything else seems to work (wireless, iSite camera, bluetooth, graphics, scrolling trackpad).

I'm using 10.4.9 with all the current security patches.

Top of PageReaders verify Boot Camp 1.3 problems with keyboards | below |

June 25, 2007

Readers verified a problem we reported last week that upgrading and doesn’t support the backlit keyboard on the Mac Book Pro. One reader offered a suggestion.

David Moss describes the issue:

Same problem as Michael Sneider. No keyboard control of volume, eject. I’m using a Mac Pro with latest current security patches.

An anonymous reader sent us a suggestion for a Mac Pro:

I had a similar issue, my keyboard pulsed.

Steps to resolve: zap the PRAM three times and then enter Windows in Safe Mode (FN+F8). After login open Control Panel.

Open System control panel; Choose device manager.

Delete the drivers listed with yellow exclamation points.

Restart the machine in normal mode, you will need an external USB keyboard because the internal drivers are gone!

Reinstall Mac drivers. My issues were resolved.

While it did clear the exclamation marks in Device Manager it did not fix the misbehavior of the backlight. The keyboard does function for input.

Phil Pham tried this on a MacBook with negative results:

Don’t try [the above suggetion]! I did it on my MacBook Pro and it disabled the keyboard and trackpad both stopped working. I'm a systems admin at my office of 40 people so I'm pretty technical.

After this, I managed to get the keyboard and trackpad working as before. I had to reinstall the keyboard drivers and the trackpad, I had to tell it to use the HID drivers initially instead of the apple ones. Then I reinstalled the Apple ones from the Boot Camp CD. So Now My Trackpad works with two-button right-click and two-button scrolling. My keyboard still doesn't recognize the special Fn keys.

Joshua Davidson could not get into Safe Mode:

Since the update, I can't login. The keyboard does not work at all. I can't even use a CD to reinstall or safeboot.

Zachary Seldess sent us the error info:

I'm experiencing the same problem as Michael Sneider as posted on the forum June 11: keyboard driver not working, not loading into system tray. Here's the error from the system log: This is not a one-time occurrence, it has happened on every startup:

Source: Service Control Manager
Category: None
Event ID: 7000


The KeyAgent service failed to start due to the following error:
The system cannot find the file specified.
For more information, see Help and Support Center at


I encountered exactly the same problems when I updated to Boot Camp 1.3 on a 15" Core Duo 1.7 GHz MacBook Pro running 10.4.9 with all available updates.

Marietta Haller:

I've installed Boot Camp 1.3 because version 1.0 crashed during Windows update and I was unable to boot from Boot Camp afterwards. Then I tried to repair Windows after installing Boot Camp 1.3. I have no mouse and keyboard anymore during setup (repair-setup) with Windows XP-CD.

If you've seen this problem with Boot Camp 1.3

Boot Camp to v1.3 disabled some of the keysFix for Boot Camp 1.3 keyboard problems: back-grade drivers | " + contact + " |

June 26, 2007

David Moss found that the keyboard problems with Boot Camp 1.3 were caused by the new drivers:

I found that I could put the driver from 1.2 on and re-boot and all came back.

If this worked for you

Joseph Gasdia doesn't have the problem, but has a suggestion:

I ran the Boot Camp driver disk in my Windows on my Mac Book Pro. Everything works as they said it should. My keyboard lights up and my volume and brightness keys look and work as the do in OS X.

You do have to hold the 'fn' key in Windows, or else XP thinks your hitting 'F1' or 'F2" , etc. Other than that Boot Camp 1.3 works nicely.

Ludger Heide of Germany has an observation:

Since I installed Boot Camp 1.3, I saw a little icon at the left of the start bar, but not in the tray area. When I clicked on it, I found out it was the keyboard scheme control. It showed two options: Deutsch and Deutsch (Apple). So believe this Computer is in the keyboard scheme English and not English (Apple), in which the special keys are active. That's my guess.

Top of PageFixing Boot Camp 1.3 keyboard problem -- only one driver back-grade needed

June 28, 2007

Michael Sneider, who first reported the " + contact + ", reported success by going back to the version 1.2 keyboard driver.

Just a quick follow up on my initial MacBook Pro keyboard problems. While I was never able to get the 1.3 driver running, I was able to restore function (without backlight) by reinstalling the keyboard driver from Boot Camp 1.2. I left all the other Boot Camp 1.3 drivers intact.

Earlier this week, back-grading drivers, but didn't specify which one.

keyboard problems with Boot Camp 1.3Registry edit for fixing Boot Camp 1.3 keyboard issues, including backlighting

July 2, 2007

Steve Clothier reported a fix for the Boot Camp Beta 1.3 another reader reported. He found that a registry edit in Windows brought back all of the keyboard functionality, including backlighting on the keyboard. Last week, we reported that replacing the drivers with version 1.2 restored all of the functionality except the backlighting.

I found something of a fix/workaround that appears to work for me. I altered the following registry key, from this:

"Apple_KbdMgr"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Apple Keyboard Support\\KbdMgr.exe\""

To this:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
"Apple_KbdMgr"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Boot Camp\\KbdMgr.exe\""

I no longer see the icon that looks like a keyboard key with an A on it in the system tray, instead I see something that looks like a black diamond. Now I have:

  • Brightness control
  • Volume control
  • Eject
  • Backlit keys
Re-installing the 1.2 keyboard drivers also worked for me and restored the key functionality, but didn't provide the backlit keys. My machine is a 2.16ghz MacBook Pro with 32-bit Windows XP Home.

If you've tried this fix

keyboard problemsBoot Camp backlit keyboard suggestion doesn't work for readers

July 12, 2007

Several readers commented on previously reported " + contact + " for enabling a backlit MacBook keyboard while booted from Windows with Boot Camp 1.3. Two said that the registry string was already at the recommended setting. A third reported that his backlighting and other keys were working as advertised.

Joshua May:

I've also seen this problem on my Mac Book Pro (I have a 15", 2.16 GHz Dual Core). Strangely though it only affects my windows account and not my fiancée’s, which is very bizarre.

On my account the key mapping seems to be totally random, with some keys correctly corresponding to what the key shows, while others print out random punctuation or numbers. The QWERTY letters seem to be the most affected. Other keys don't seem to have anything mapped to them at all!

I tried to registry edit fix, but my Apple_KbdMgr string was already set to "C:\Windows\Program Files\Boot Camp\KbdMgr.exe".

I also tried reinstalling the Apple Keyboard driver from v1.3, but that didn't work. I had to roll back to 1.2, then reinstall over 1.3 without the keyboard driver, which worked. < >

No, it didn't give me the backlight function as I kept the 1.2 keyboard driver, even though I upgraded everything else to 1.3. I didn't want to take the risk of losing my key mapping again. I'll wait until 1.4.


I didn't need to apply the fix, since my registry already had:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "Apple_KbdMgr"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Boot Camp\\KbdMgr.exe\

Still no backlit keys in Windows XP with Boot Camp 1.3 on a 15" Core Duo 1.7 GHz MacBook Pro running 10.4.10 with all available updates. Reinstalling Boot Camp 1.3 drivers didn't fix the backlight either.

I've been using Boot Camp ever since Apple released it (version 1.0), and have been updating it as the updates became available. I never had any problem until version 1.3 could not deliver on its promise of backlighting. Everything else worked as promised in all versions; including 1.3.

Casey Muratori had no keyboard problems at all:

Contrary to Brian Kneebone's experience, my keyboard backlight works perfectly and is controllable by the special fn keys exactly as you would expect (brightness control, on/off, etc.)

Contrary to Michael Sneider's experience, I have had no problems with the special keys (audio, monitor brightness, etc.) They are all functional as would be expected, and show the little translucent overlay indicating their status whenever you press them.

TIP: Win sys restore to restore Boot Camp 1.3 keyboard

July 12, 2007

Sandy Luebker said that a Windows system restore fixed the keyboard issues with Boot Camp 1.3:

I was having similar issues with Boot Camp 1.3 with no icons in my taskbar to control display and sound along with no keyboard backlighting. It worked flawlessly when I originally installed drivers. I did a Windows system restore and I think the problem started when I networked my MacBook Pro to another notebook in Windows or when I changed the name of my MacBook Pro when networking the 2 notebooks. Anyways, Windows system restore and presto, full 1.3 functionality.

if this approached worked for you.


" + contact + "TIP: Windows key remapping customization for Boot Camp | Click here for current MacWindows news |

June 25, 2007

Casey Muratori sent us an edit to the Windows Registry that changes the way keyboard mapping works when Windows is running in Boot Camp:

I wanted to share a nice change to the keyboard mapping which makes the Mac keyboard much more like a Windows keyboard.

You can modify the following registry entry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout]

to have a key called "Scancode Map". In it, you can put arbitrary remappings that map one key to another.

I made a new addition to my standard set of remappings (caps lock to control, etc.) to replace that pesky little baby enter key (to the left of the arrow keys) with a right control key, which is what would normally be there on a Windows keyboard. Here is the proper 4-byte entry to put into the scancode map key to do this:


I have also attached an example .reg file which contains my preferred set of remappings (so far) for this Mac Book Pro keyboard. It remaps the caps lock key to be a control key, the "Apple" keys to be ALT keys, and the baby enter key to be right-control.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout]

"Scancode Map"=hex:00,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00, 05,00,00,00, 1d,00,3a,00, 38,00,5b,e0, 38,00,5c,e0, 1d,e0,1c,e0 00,00,00,00

It all makes the keyboard WAY more usable!

If you've tried this fix

Top of Page.

" + contact + "TIP: Keeping a MacBook Pro cool running Vista with Boot Camp 1.3

June 28, 2007

Peter Presti sent us some tips for keeping a MacBook Pro cool when booted from Windows Vista using Boot Camp 1.3 beta.

He did not have the serious keyboard and booting problems that others have been reporting with version 1.3, but recommends a Windows utility for finer controls with keyboard settings. Presti did report an issue with external displays and found USB to be slow.

Presti’s report:

This month I purchased a new MacBook Pro (15", 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB, 256MB Nvidia 8600m) and installed Vista Ultimate under Boot Camp 1.3 beta. The external display tested is a Dell 1907FP connected via DVI. I used Click here for current MacWindows news to monitor CPU temperature.

Here are the issues I discovered:

Vista must be updated after the installation. The notebook runs quite a bit cooler after the update (about 5-10 degrees C cooler). After the update my CPU temp maintains around 49-50 degrees C and the notebook case remains cool.

Do not run the Nvidia Forceware drivers. Use the Apple-supplied drivers. The Nvidia drivers cause the laptop to run very hot.

The monitor EDID data is not properly read from an external display (the BAD_EDID registry key is set). Consequently external displays are limited to 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. Neither manually specifying the inf file for the display nor tweaking the nv_disp.inf file has worked for me.

USB works but is very slow. It appears to be running around USB 1.1 speeds.

I haven't thoroughly tested FireWire. I can say that it did not even try to recognize a PointGrey Dragonfly camera.


I have had no problems booting into Mac OS X or Vista. Holding down the Option key brings up the OS select screen and the specified OS boots without fail.

The special keys seem to work under Boot Camp (Brightness, Eject). I also use a program called for finer control over the keyboard settings. This program also allows you to set the CPU fan speeds and backlight parameters.

if these techniques worked for you.

Input Remapper.

" + contact + "TIP: Using SigmaTel audio with Boot Camp 1.3, Vista

June 28, 2007

Philip Beni wrote about using the Click here for current MacWindows newsaudio driver in Windows Vista with Boot Camp 1.3 beta:

Boot Camp 1.3 on my MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo (the original) has problems with the SigmaTel audio driver; it’s not working. Windows Vista Ultimate doesn't recognize it as an audio device, even though the driver is installed.

I fixed it: Open the drivers folder on the CD and manually use the SigmaTel installer.

Boot Camp 1.3 problem with iSight Camera, Vista | SigmaTel |

July 2, 2007

Robert Baptist isn’t seeing the keyboard problems with Boot Camp 1.3, but can’t get the built-in iSight camera to work in Windows Vista:

I purchased latest top-of-the-line Mac Book Pro and am running Vista Ultimate with Boot Camp 1.3. Issues:

1) I have no problem using "Alt" to boot into Vista/Mac, though if I don't use "Alt", the system will always boot into Windows even if I last booted into OSX

2) iSight camera drivers not are working on Vista: If I use the Apple drivers the "!" appears in the devices screen (and the device won't work); if I use the Microsoft USB camera driver the "!" doesn't appear but the device still won't work.

If you've seen these problems

Top of PageMore info on iSight failure in Vista w/Boot Camp

July 12, 2007

A couple of readers added some details to the previously reported problem with Boot Camp Beta 1.3 where the Mac’s " + contact + ". It does work with Windows XP. Donald McDaniel described the issue:

I'm also experiencing the lack of iSight under Vista in Boot Camp.

My iMac: Apple Intel iMac 20" 2.33Ghz, 2GB (Rev 2). My Vista is a "Microsoft Vista Home Premium System Builder Kit."

While the Apple driver installs with no trouble from the Boot Camp Drivers Disk, the camera simply refuses to appear in "Control Panel->Scanners and Cameras". I am unable to add it using the "Add" button, even though I am able to choose the driver from a list using the "Add Device" button (click on the "Have Disk" button). The driver is usually named something like this:


Are there other files which must also be installed along with this one?

It works great under Windows XP (but not as well as my Logitech QuickCam 5000 Pro, which has light-leveling software as part of its driver kit).

As McDaniel reported, iSight does work for Casey Muratori in Windows XP, though there are some oddities:

The Windows XP SP2 install went perfectly with no interruptions other than one slight glitch, which is that the iSight camera doesn't seem to install properly. It works, in that you can actually access it in Explorer and see the picture coming back. But for whatever reason, it is consistently reported in the Device Manager as a ? instead of a properly installed device. So something is slightly off there, but I have yet to notice a practical problem arising from this.

More on the Camp/Vista iSight/ problem

July 27, 2007

Robert Stokes reported having the previously reported iSight Camera doesn’t work under Windows Vista:

I have exactly the same problem with the iSight on my MacBook Pro when running Windows Vista Ultimate under Boot Camp Beta 1.3, as Donald McDaniel in the post on your site date 12th July 2007. I have the most up-to-date firmware updates installed as well as all available Apple software updates.

The Mac Windows Drivers disc that Boot Camp created updated all other drivers perfectly - the only device in Device Manager that is not showing correctly is the iSight, although it is showing up with the correct name ("Built-in iSight") but under "Other devices".

If you've seen the problem with Vista

Boot Camp problem with the Mac’s built-in iSight camera.

" + contact + "External Display (dual display) problems with Boot Camp | Click here for current MacWindows news |

July 5, 2007

Several readers report Boot Camp problems running external displays when booted from Windows XP or Windows Vista. Michael Politi discribed it:

I’ve been unable to connect a 23" HD Apple Cinema display on a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro 17" running Boot Camp 1.3 with Vista. The HD display appears in the display configurations but will not light up. I called Apple but they do not support this. I don’t know if this is an Nvidia problem, or if there are special configurations that I am not setting to make this display work.

Sam Prud'homme also gets a blank screen, but with Windows XP on a Mac Pro:

I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my Boot Camp Windows display drivers to work properly. I'm running a Mac Pro (2.66 1 GB RAM) with Windows XP. I had it working fine for a long time, but I was starting to run out of disk space, so I bought another drive and proceeded to reinstall Windows. The install goes fine, but Windows XP does not seem to recognize either of my video cards - the Nvidia 7300 or ATI 1900. When I switch my monitor to the ATI and reboot I don't get anything at all - just a blank screen. With the Nvidia, I'm limited to 1024 x 768 resolution; the monitor can run up to 1440 x 900 under Mac OS X.

When I try to install video drivers for either card, I get a message like "no valid hardware found" or sometimes "INF error. Video driver not found." followed by "Try to set up your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup."

It's almost like the cards aren't even there. No display drivers show up in the device manager. I do get the seemingly common yellow asterixed "Intel 5000 series chipset pci express x4" phenomenon, and I've tried disabling or/and deleting them with no effect.

I've reset my PRAM so many times I've lost count, and reinstalled Windows XP a half dozen times with various incarnations of Boot Camp 1.2 and 1.3.

The weird thing is that it was working fine before.

David Zinkin gets colored lines rather than a blank screen:

I just got a new Mac Pro (8-core, 4 GB RAM) with an ATI Radeon X1900 video card and Apple 23" Cinema HD display. Almost every time I try to boot Windows via Boot Camp 1.3 beta, I get video that's filled with colored lines -- there are so many glitches it's unusable. I can't even boot Safe Mode because the text I'd normally see on that screen is largely replaced with green and white character boxes. Once out of maybe every five or six restarts, I get a normal desktop and have tried changing the video driver, with no success -- the same thing happens. (I doubt it's a driver issue anyway, given that it happens even on the Windows splash screen.)

Does this have to do with the fact that Boot Camp doesn't use more than 2GB of RAM? Could I possibly have a bad video card? For what it's worth, I have no video problems at all either under Mac OS X (was 10.4.9 when I started this, now 10.4.10) or under Windows in a VM (both Parallels 3.0 and VMWare Fusion beta).

If you've seen this problem

Fix for Boot Camp problems with Vista and external monitor (dual display)

June 6, 2007

We've previously reported a way to fix a " + contact + ". Ted Edmondson found a different solution for doing the same with an external monitor:

I have a MacBook Pro 15.4", 2.33GHz, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256 RAM and I had this problem--or at least the problem with the external monitor.

I think it is related to the ATI display drivers. ATI do not release generic drivers for Mobility Radeon cards on their website. The drivers that Boot Camp installs don't work very well, and Windows then installs the MS driver over the top.

This works fine for the laptop screen, allowing Flip 3D and all the other eye-candy that Vista offers, but shows the external monitor problem.

I went to this and downloaded the Packard Bell drivers.

The ATI Catalyst control centre is now fully installed and working, and I am writing this email on my extended desktop on my secondary monitor.

If you’ve tried this fix

Packard Bell’s siteMore on Boot Camp 1.3 display problems

July 9, 2007

Several readers wrote concerning last week's reports of problems with Boot Camp 1.3 and external displays.

Sam Prud'homme expanded on his report from last week, noting that reverting to the previous version didn’t help. He also speculated on the cause:

I've reverted from Boot Camp 1.3 to 1.2 just to see what would happen. Neither seems to work anymore.

On further examination of the display control panel, it seems I'm running the VgaSafe display driver, which I believe is a fallback software solution when a problem exists with the chipset drivers. It has resource conflicts with several pci ports, so that may be part of the underlying problem. The thing is, I can't even get the ATI or nvidia install programs to work, since they aren't able to find a valid device. VgaSafe doesn't show up in the windows device manager, so I'm assuming it's not a proper hardware driver.

I've tried reinstalling the Boot Camp drivers multiple times. I've tried downloading drivers from Intel and ATI and nvidia and those don't help either.

It just seems like some fundamental element isn't installing or communicating properly. Almost like a problem with the Windows BIOS that the Mac is emulating, only I don't know enough about the Windows system to really know what I'm talking about.

Joseph Reafsnyder has also thinks the problem is more than just drivers:

X1900 video card. I have the same problem as the last poster. I have a Quad 2.6 Mac Pro with an ATI. Four out of five times I start Boot Camp there is severe graphic tearing on the screen. I used to have this problem in Windows when I would overclock a videocard. The Apple forums are full of people have the exact same problem. It obviously is not a driver problem with Windows as the OS hasn't even loaded before the garbled graphics appear on screen.

A reader named Tancs found a way to boot back into Mac OS X:

I'm also having this colour problem on my MacBook Pro Core Duo. I find that I have to select Restart from XP rather than Shutdown and then hold down the Alt key. The screen is completely black so I can't see the choice of Boot Camp or OS X but my default is OS X, so I hit return and the OS boots with the correct colours. It’s really frustrating. It’s got to be some driver problem since installing Boot Camp 1.3. It’s really annoying as it effects the whole computer, OS X and XP, so I think the Boot Camp graphics drivers must effect some setting which is held in VRAM. Resetting VRAM helps (Option P + R on boot).

If you've seen this problem

Suggestion for Boot Camp dual display problems: set up in Windows | " + contact + " |

July 11, 2007

Responding to our reports of , Donald McDaniel told us how to set up a second display for use with Windows in Boot Camp:

I've been using dual displays with Boot Camp since it was first released, first with Apple Cinema Displays on XP, then with Dell LCD displays under Vista. All work fine for me with the Boot Camp drivers.

Under Windows, dual displays MUST first be setup in the installed Video driver (the Boot Camp ATI video driver for Vista does NOT include The Catalyst Control Panel, so it must be setup from the "Displays" Control Panel App, or the Desktop).

You MUST choose one of the displays as the Primary display, making absolutely certain you check the "primary" check box BEFORE adding the second display.

My Mac: iMac (Rev 2) Core 2 Duo, 2.33Ghz w/2GB, ATI x1600 Pro w/256MB. Secondary Display: Dell 20" LCD [Model 2007WFP]. Both displays set to 1680x1050x32. Mac OS X Tiger (latest updates] and Windows Vista Home Premium (System Builder Kit w/ latest updates).

If you tried to solve your Boot Camp dual-display issues

problems with Boot Camp and external displays.

" + contact + "More readers report colored lines w/Boot Camp on Mac Pro

July 16, 2007

Three readers have verified a previously reported problem with the Click here for current MacWindows news

Daniel McKleinfeld:

I'm having the exact same problem as David Zinkin: a mess of colored lines when I try to boot my Mac Pro into Windows with an ATI Radeon X1900 video card. Weirdly, it doesn't happen every time. Every so often, it'll boot just fine. When it does work, I log into my Windows user account and am told that Mom.exe (an ATI driver program) failed to load.

Once I got a blue screen, and was told that ATIdvag had an "infinite loop error", and that physical memory was being dumped. But that didn't change anything.

Dave Weller:

I have the exact same problem that David Zinkin has with the colored lines when booting into Windows via Boot Camp. I have a Mac Pro (4-core, 3 GB RAM) with the ATI Radeon X1900 video card and a Samsung Monitor. I find that if I totally shut down the system and let it sit for a few minutes, it will usually boot ok. I also have bluetooth problems with the Apple Keyboard and Mouse in Windows. Everything works fine in OS X.

Rob Burgers only sees the problem with switching from OS X to Windows:

I own a 4-core Mac Pro with 2 GB RAM, an ATI Radeon X1900 and a 20" Cinema Display and have more or less the same problem David Zinkin reported.

Sometimes when booting Windows XP my screen will show colored artifacts during startup and the login window will be distorted and unresponsive. I have to reboot (sometimes several times) for the problem to go away.

However, to my experience, this only happens when going from OS X to Windows XP. Booting Windows when the computer was shut down or restarted under Windows always seems to works fine. Since otherwise the video card works perfectly well under OS X and Windows I would guess that the problem lies in choosing the right video driver when going from OS X to Windows.

If you can shed any light

Mac Pro, Boot Camp 1.3, and colored lines on a display.Workaround for Boot Camp/ colored lines issue: reset PRAM

July 20, 2007

Farah Sabeeh Al-Essa found a workaround to the Boot Camp 1.3 " + contact + ":

I recently starting having the same problem with my MacBook Pro 2.1. It gets resolved when I reset the PRAM.

To reset PRAM, start the Mac while holding Command-Option-P-R until the startup sound chimes twice.

Resetting PRAM helps some Boot Camp color problems, some not

July 23, 2007

Calvin Anderson had success fixing his Boot Camp 3 color problem with resetting PRAM, as problem of colored lines on the display. Unlike the others, Anderson was having his color problems in Mac OS X as well as Windows:

…This problem occurred only since I installed Boot Camp 1.3. Basically what happens is when I boot my mac up into any OS I get these weird, inverted-like colors on the screen… I reset the PRAM and it is totally fine.

David Zinkin, who first reported the problem of colored lines in Windows, found that resetting PRAM had no effect:

Just thought I'd let you know that Farah Sabeeh Al-Essa's workaround for Boot Camp's problem with colored lines didn't work on my Mac Pro. I still think that it's primarily a problem with Boot Camp and the Radeon X1900, given all of the reports so far.

Back to Parallels.

TIP: Fix for Boot Camp colored-line display problems

August 2, 2007

Reader named John sent in his fix for the suggested by a reader last week. His secret is to log on remotely:

Like many readers/users of Boot Camp that have the ATI X1900 XT with the ATI drivers, I have had numerous problems getting Windows to boot with a viewable display (tearing/color problems) but found a workaround that works for my situation.

The first thing is IF you can actually ever have at least one successful boot where everything looks good, make sure to turn on “allow users to connect remotely” from Windows Control Panel if it’s not already on. Then get your IP adress, you're going to need it. I boot up with a tearing screen but can still see the login. I login and the screen usually goes to black but I can hear the Windows boot chime and then I know I have successfully booted windows.

Then from a different win XP machine, we login remotely and that has forced another login screen after about 5 to 10 seconds on the Boot Camp XP which was previously black. We then login Boot Camp XP and I'm in. Usually comes up VGA but that can be switched. Occasionally, Boot Camp will boot up at 1920 x 1200.

Another thing to try is booting up in VGA mode or F8. Sometimes this works and with my system I can switch the resolution once windows has booted. In theory, I shouldn't be able to switch out of 800 x 600, but under the settings tab for whatever reason the ATI drivers always display rather than Microsoft's VGA default drivers. I have tried switching my widescreen back to vga mode before shutting down to see if it would boot next time correctly but that was a vain attempt. Remotely logging in has been consistently working for me.

MacPro 3.0 GHz, 6 GB RAM. Windows XP via BootCamp 1.3 ntfs, Dell 2407 wfp. 3D Studio Max 9

If you 've tried this fix how it worked.

Curent news on the Boot Camp 1.3 problem of colored lines on the screen.

" + contact + "Reader says wireless setting causes Boot Camp crash

July 13, 2007

Casey Muratori reports that Boot Camp 1.3 freezes his MacBook Pro when wireless networking is turned off:

My MacBook Pro was freezing literally every few minutes while running Windows in Boot Camp 1.3 (and it's a real freeze, not a blue screen). It was essentially unusable.

It took me quite some time to track down the instability, but it turned out to be whether or not wireless is enabled or disabled. If the wireless driver is enabled, then regardless of whether or not it is connected, the machine is relatively stable. One crash every few days, no worse than any other laptop might be. If I disable the wireless driver, then it crashes several times an hour.

With everything enabled the MacBook Pro is reasonably stable. I can capture movies with Windows Movie Maker and the iSight camera, connect to Bluetooth devices, use the keyboard backlight, whatever.

MacWindows home pageReaders confirm Boot Camp crashes with wireless turned off

July 25, 2007

Three readers confirmed the previously reported problem of .

Hiro Hakozaki saw it on two new Macs and told us how he turned wireless on:

I confirmed that turning off wireless will freeze Windows XP Pro SP2 on my MacBook Pro with Boot Camp. It even locked during boot camp driver installation. I exchanged my first MacBook Pro because of this problem. But second one still had same issue.

I pushed F8 during Windows boot and selected latest worked setting to turn wireless back on in order to boot.

This is the latest 15" 2.2GHz MacBook Pro Core2Duo.

Matt Reeves saw it on three MacBook Pros:

I have three 2.4 GHz 15" MacBook Pros running Boot Camp with Windows XP at work. All have this same wireless lockup problem: if you disable wireless it locks.

Ernest Durbin

I was getting our brand new MacBook Pro 15" 2.4 GHz set up with Boot Camp and Windows XP Pro when we ran into the same freezing issue with wireless disabled. I initially thought it was related to a Bluetooth connection we were using (it seemed to happen only when connected to Bluetooth devices).

After reading your report and playing around a little bit more, I have to believe this is the same issue.

If you've know of a fix for this problem (other than turning wireless on)

Current news on the Boot Camp crashing when wireless networking is turned off.

" + contact + "Endless Win boot cycle seen with Boot Camp and Parallels

July 13, 2007

Two readers report a problem where Windows on a Mac goes into an endless cycle of blue screening then rebooting. It sounds like a Windows problem to us, since one reader is using Parallels Desktop and the other is using Boot Camp.

David Lewis is using Parallels:

I updated a few days ago and Parallels 3.0 worked smoothly for a couple of days. Once it crashed from hibernation and a restart solved that. But today (of course, on a business trip) Windows has crashed and enters an endless cycle. It boots, shows a blue screen with two lines but I can’t read it because it immediately boots again for a second and again the blue screen.

Mike Montgomery sees the same with Boot Camp:

I successfully installed Windows XP SP2 and Boot Camp Beta 1.2 on my MacBook with Mac OS X 10.4.10. I added Firefox and some games with downloaded patches. Now every time I startup in Windows, it stalls, shows me GMT, then automatically reboots. The next time it shows me the correct local time, but goes to a blue screen for about 1-1.5 seconds and reboots again—endlessly.

If you’ve seen this, either on a Mac or a PC,

Endless blue-screen reboots: related to Entourage?

July 20, 2007

Mark Kawakmi reports problems with Windows on a Mac going into an " + contact + ". He sees this with Parallels, but we’ve also had a report that it occurs with Boot Camp. Kawakmi says his troubles began after the .

I'm experiencing the same problem with my Parallels Desktop installation. Parallels ran fine yesterday and today it isn't. The only major change that I know of (but one that I'm naturally suspicious of) is that Entourage ran the Microsoft Updater this morning.

I did have Parallels running for a few minutes earlier today, and then it started the cycle.

If you’ve seen this problem, if it started occurring after the Entourage update. A correlation seems like a long shot, but stranger things have happened.

recent Entourage updateTIP: Workaround for getting out of blue screen/reboot cycle, Boot Camp and Parallels

July 23, 2007

Several readers reported being able to get out of an endless cycle of Windows blue screening then rebooting. This is a problem that users are reporting with both Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp on Intel-powered Macs. Another reader caught an error message that said “The image olecnv32.dll is possibly corrupt.” Most readers also believe that the recent Entourage update was not related to the problem.

Mark Kawakmi describes how he broke the cycle in Boot Camp:

Just an update: I was able to get out of the cycle by choosing the "use last good boot configuration" or whatever that option is (it's not the default option). At this point I actually don't think the Entourage update was anything more than a coincidence, but it's probably worth looking into.

David Richardson found the same method in Parallels, but with an annoying aftereffect:

I also had the problem of endless Windows boot cycles using Parallels. I have an iMac 20" Intel Core Duo.

I solved the problem (mostly) by starting up Windows in Safe Mode and then clicking the entry to revert to the last setting that worked satisfactorily. I'm not a Windows expert so this is what I recollect doing. Anyway Windows works OK now.

Unfortunately, now, every time I start Windows, Parallels wants to install Parallels Tools even though I've already updated it. I just tell it to cancel the installation of Tools and everything is fine. I can drag and drop between Mac to Windows, and can move the cursor between the two. Windows now boots as long as I cancel the Tools installation program when I start Windows.

Ron Chan snagged an error message in between the blue screen and automatic reboot:

I've run across the same problem running on Parallels. (I did not do an Entourage update.) I managed to grab a screen shot of the blue screen before it disappears. Here’s what it said:

"STOP: c000021 [Bad Image Checksum
The image olecnv32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed chec"

If you’ve seen this problem and this workaround

Current news on the .

" + contact + "More on the "endless Win boot cycle" problem

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We've received more reports of the MacWindows home page, and each reader traces the problem back to a different event.

Christian Sidak's problem started with new RAM:

I have the same problem. It first occurred after a RAM upgrade on my MacBook Pro. The only difference is that I did not get a blue screen, it just reboots without any warning. The only solution so far is resetting the SMC and booting Windows XP SP2. It works but sometimes I have to reset the SMC [power manager] several times before running Windows successful.

Laurentiu Padeanu blames a Windows settings file:

I'm having a similar problem. Shutting down Windows unexpectedly has destroyed some allocation file info - in file and, so every time I try to start Windows in Parallels tries to scan the disk, get's an error an reboot in an endless loop. I think I have to re-install Windows VM in Parallel/BootCamp.

Jordan Berliant blamed a Windows update:

I'm having the same problem since installing the recent Windows update. I'm on an Intel MacBook Pro.

Our contains some suggests for fixing the problem.

endless Windows boot cycle in with Boot Camp and ParallelsReader Boot Camp problem: variation on "endless boot cycle"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dan Kessler is having a Boot Camp problem that is somewhat similar to the Boot Camp Beta Tips and Reports page, though not exactly:

I have an 8-core Mac Pro with three internal drives, the ATI 1900XT video card and 4GB of RAM). One of the drives is dedicated to Windows XP Professional.

Restarting the computer, and holding the Option key brings up the expected operating system choice. But if I select Windows, it sometimes doesn't work. The screen will go black, the fans will whir up then stop, it will sit there for a while. Then the computer will automatically restart itself. If I hold down the Option key after this automatic restart, and select Windows startup, the whole process happens again.

I go through this cycle 3 or 4 times. Eventually I get a Windows screen telling me it had a serious system error and would I like to startup in Safe Mode or continue a normal startup process. I select normal startup and everything works.

I don't get any "blue" screen as described on your website as the "Endless Win boot cycle" problem. In fact, I don't get any video at all until I go through the reboot cycle I described about 2 to 5 times (the number of times varies for some reason). So, no error message telling me "the image olecnv32.dll" might be corrupt.

I do have several USB devices plugged in, but I tested this with only a mouse and keyboard, and the problem is still there. And, I tried swapping the hard drive bays around.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's a problem with the RAM I bought.

Not a solution, but I've selected both startup in "last known good configuration" and "start Windows normally" after the multiple reboot error identifies itself. Either one brings me successfully to Windows.

Once Windows completes the boot, I get the error message asking if I'd like to submit the error to Microsoft.

If you've seen this

Current news on the "endless boot cycle" issue.

" + contact + "Workarounds for Boot Camp problem booting into Windows

Monday, October 1, 2007

A pair of readers offered workarounds for the MacWindows home page when trying to boot the Mac into Windows.

Jenna Cross offered this:

Dan Kessler reported having a problem with his Boot Camp where Windows will start to load and then go to a black screen and restart. I have had the same problem with my MacBook Pro laptop. I thought it might be something to do with the video driver, but reloading it didn't fix the problem.

The best way to deal with it that I've found is to NOT press the Option key when it restarts. It will start up the Mac side just fine. Then I shut it down or restart it from there. Windows usually works for me on that second full start up. However, I don't know of any real solution, so I'm considering switching to Parallels or Fusion.

Anyen Ho Ho offered another workaround:

It happens to me. I have MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz Santa Rosa. My solution is to unplug the external USB2 had drive. This approach did not fix the problem for the previous reader who reported the problem. He thought it might be bad RAM.

If you've seen this problem

Boot Camp problem where Windows occasional would restartBoot Camp driver install hanging, and a workaround | " + contact + " |

July 20, 2007

Simon Homer’s Boot Camp driver install kept stalling. He found a trick to get the installation finished:

I was unable to install the Boot Camp drivers after installing Windows XP Pro SP2 on my new MacBook Pro. The driver install hangs at the Intel chipset drivers section and despite leaving it for over 30 minutes it still wont work. In addition to this, the keyboard and trackpad stop working.

I tried again on Saturday and burned a new Boot Camp drivers disc. At the point where it starts to hang on installing the Intel chipset drivers I cancelled the install (while the mouse was still working) then fired it up again and it worked - installed all remaining drivers and its all working fine. Not an exact science but all seems okay.

If you’ve seen this problem and this workaround

Top of PageTIP: Another workaround for Boot Camp driver install hanging

August 8, 2007

A reader called BraveHeart reported having the previously reported problem of " + contact + ". BraveHeart offered a different workaround:

I had the exact same problem with my Mac when I tried to install Boot Camp: when updating drivers for the Intel Chipset, the process just hangs my entire computer, probably due some hardware conflict that effects the DVD driver.

I found a workaround, though: Copy the entire content of the Mac installation DVD to the hard drive and install everything from there.

If you’ve seen this

Current news on the Boot Camp hanging while updating drivers.

" + contact + "Resizing a Boot Camp partition | MacWindows home page |

July 30, 2007

TC Gore for resizing a normally non-resizable Boot Camp partition. He described it to us as his “trials and tribulations in attempting to re-size my Boot Camp partition.”

Current news on the Top of Page.

wrote about the different optionsReader says adding a hard drive breaks Windows in Boot Camp | MacWindows home page |

August 22, 2007

Seppo Helle Paimio in Finland is looking for a fix to a problem where Windows won’t run properly in Boot Camp with three hard drives in a Mac Pro:

I have a Mac Pro, OS X 10.4.10. Disk configuration so far: Boot disk 160 GB, journaled HFS+; second internal disk 250 GB with a Mac partition which is a copy of the boot disk (maintained with SuperDuper) and a Windows XP partition made with Boot Camp Assistant. Win XP (Home edition) works fine with this configuration.

Now I wanted to add a third disk for Mac use only. Got a Samsung 250 G drive, put it in into the third internal slot, and formatted with the Disk Utility (again journaled HFS+). In OS X it works perfectly, I moved data there and can use it.

But Win XP gets crazy. Booting takes a lot of time and many system management functions seem not to work. I can open Device Manager and in there see all three drives listed, but opening properties (and many other functions) does not work. If I try to disable the problem drive nothing happens. Task manager says the Device Manager does not respond.

I had Boot Camp version 1.3 when I first added the drive. Upgrading to 1.4 did not help with this one (but did help getting the new Apple Keyboard to work with XP).

Looks like XP does not understand the new drive and for some reason tends to stop working. If I take the new drive out and reboot, XP works again. I believe there should be a way to disable the new drive the same way as the boot drive - XP does not care about it, and it's a similar kind of device.

If you have a suggestion

Current news on the Top of Page.

" + contact + "Reports on Boot Camp 1.4

MacWindows home pageReader reaction to Boot Camp Beta 1.4 | |

August 22, 2007

A couple of readers wrote with impressions of boot Camp Beta version 1.4

Cal sees an improvement over version 1.3:

Works great - simply ran the setup.exe from Vista Ultimate (1.3 installed). I now have iSight working and no issues (except it does run hot, but frankly it does in OS X). This is a brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro,

Osoliman reports that backlighting still doesn’t work:

Still no keyboard backlighting with Boot Camp 1.4 on a 15" Core Duo 1.7 GHz MacBook Pro.

if Boot Camp 1.4 fixed any 1.3 problems for you.

Current news on the Top of Page.

" + contact + "Report of Boot Camp 1.4 update disabling Nvidia Vista driver | MacWindows home page |

August 27, 2007

Adrià Bosch Bou has this problem with Boot Camp 1.4:

I’ve got a brand-new MacBook Pro. I installed Windows Vista Home Premium using Boot Camp Beta 1.3, and it was fine. However, after installing Boot Camp 1.4, Windows doesn’t recognize the Nvidia 8600 GT anymore (it thinks it’s a standard VGA chip), dxdiag.exe crashes, I cannot use Aero, etc.

If you've seen this problem

Top of PageMore on Boot Camp 1.4 and Nvidia driver and other issues

August 29, 2007

Steven Jones responded to Monday's report of the " + contact + ". He got around that, but had some other problems as well:

I installed Boot Camp 1.4 and lost my Nvidia driver. I lost the Windows Vista Aero interface. And to top it off, I had to re-validate Windows through the phone due to the hardware change. I re-downloaded the driver from Nvidia and all is well.

I have an iMac 24-inch running Windows Vista Premium and Mac OS 10.4.10.

Another Nvidia/Boot Camp/Vista driver problem

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Barbara Sweet has a problem with the Nvidia graphics driver in Windows Vista and Boot Camp:

I am having a similar problem with Windows Vista/Boot Camp/Nvidia driver/display using a (brand new) Mac Pro and a View Sonic 22" display. When I install Vista using Boot Camp 1.4, the display reverts to VGA/4 bit color. Not improved when installing the Apple driver for Windows. When we update the driver from Nvidia, it says it's already installed, when we override and reinstall it makes no difference.

We've had Boot Camp 1.4 update disabling the Nvidia driver, but not with these symptoms. If you've seen this problem

previous reports about Nvidia/Boot Camp problemsReaders use non-Apple drivers when Boot Camp 1.4 disables nvidia drivers

Monday, September 17, 2007

We’ve received more reports of" + contact + " in Windows. The symptoms vary. Today's readers fixed the problem by installing a non-Apple driver.

Kip Beatty reported:

I've had the same experience others have written about. I updated my Boot Camp drivers from 1.3 to 1.4, and suddenly lost the ability to display Aero. The culprit is the missing or improper Nvidia graphics drivers.

Sid Sytsma lost his second monitor’s output:

I have a similar problem: MacBook Pro 2.4gz, Vista Home Premium and Boot Camp 1.4. The MS driver will not recognize the external monitor. I've installed the Nvidia 8600 GT driver from the Nvidia website. It installs OK, the external and internal monitors both work, but the maximum resolution is 1024x758 on both monitors. I can't live with that, so I went back to the MS driver.

Boot Camp 1.4 fix for nvidia Vista drivers and Apple 30" | Boot Camp 1.4 problems with nvidia drivers |

Monday, September 24, 2007

Oystein Saebo is another reader reporting that the Boot Camp 1.4 update disabled Windows Vista's Nvidia graphics drivers. He solved this by reinstalling and then updating the driver, and found a way to get the Apple 30-inch display to work:

I had the same problem. I just ran the Boot Camp driver install again, choosing Repair, and the correct nvidia driver was back. I also updated the driver with the latest driver for mobile Nvidia gpus from .

Another bigger problem is to get the external 30-inch Apple Cinema Display to work with Vista and Win XP on a new MacBook Pro. It seemed like the Vista Nvidia driver is not dual-link capable. I got it to work now. Check out my reply in Top of Page.

In previous reports, some readers have had from the Nvidia web site.

Current news on the this thread at the Apple Discussion Forums.

success with non-Apple driversVista in Boot Camp-heat issues, brightness adjusting

Thursday, September 6, 2007

David Malandain comments on the temperature of Windows Vista running in Boot Camp 1.4, and reports a problem with trying to adjust the screen brightness:

Hi just thought I'd give you feedback on Boot Camp 1.4. I have a MacBook Pro Core Duo 1.83Ghz running OSX 10.4.10. As far as I can tell everything works fine for me. It does seem to run hotter in Vista Ultimate but then it runs hot in Mac mode too, I must say though it runs a damn sight hotter when it's charging. It runs cooler on batteries. iSight works fine, as doe the keyboard backlighting.

There is one weird thing I have found and that is that it reboots if you try to adjust the screen brightness via F1 or F2 key in Vista, but only if you push the button a few times in a row. Somewhat annoying so I just use the Boot Camp assistant instead as that seems to interface better than 1.3's assistant did.

If you've seen these issues

Current news on the .

" + contact + "Boot Camp 1.4 problems with Radeon 2600 graphics in iMac | MacWindows home page |

Monday, September 24, 2007

Max Mars has problems with graphics in Boot Camp 1.4 and the new 24-inch iMac:

There are many problems with ATI Radeon 2600 Pro in a new aluminum iMac running Windows XP and Vista. There's video noise and stuff like that. I can't play many games. I've installed a Medal of Honor Airborne. It starts to run great, with good FPS, but then it always crashes.

If you've seen this problem

Current news on the Top of Page.

" + contact + "Brightness setting changes with Boot Camp 1.4, Vista | MacWindows home page |

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Winson Chu can't get the brightness setting to stick in Windows Vista and Boot Camp:

I have a MacBook pro running Boot Camp 1.4 running Vista and Mac OS X. If I change the brightness, it always automatically resets to one level below the max brightness within a few seconds. This problem goes away if I shutdown and go into Mac OS, and shutdown and go into Vista. But if I reboot again into Vista or hibernate, the problem is back. The damn brightness setting keeps resetting to the same level with a few seconds of me changing it.

If you've seen this problem

Current news on the Top of Page.

" + contact + "Free utility fixes Boot Camp brightness setting issue | MacWindows home page |

Monday, October 22, 2007

Winson Chu updated his report from last week about not being about to get the brightness setting to stick in Windows Vista and Boot Camp. He said

"I fixed it by updating to ."

Remapper is a keyboard mapping utility that runs under Windows.

Current news on the Top of Page.

Input Remapper 1.0.4Keyboard stops working with Boot Camp 1.4 | MacWindows home page |

Monday, October 22, 2007

A couple of readers reported that their keyboards stopped working with Windows in Boot Camp. Bo Pierce saw the problems begin with version 1.4:

I upgraded from whatever the original Boot Camp was when I brought this MacBook Pro to 1.4. When I boot Windows, the log in screen appears but neither the keyboard nor the touch pad work. Subsequent reboots eventually result in the ability to type in the user name/password and use the touch pad. This morning, after about 10 reboots, I still cannot get the touchpad or keyboard to function.

Otherwise, the keyboard lighting works. The screen brightness works but drops about 50 percent on the first click from high. Then each successive click reduces it a little more until the screen is dark. Once I can log in - it works great. However, I wonder if I will ever get logged in again after this morning.

Brian Johnson can't get the keyboard of mouse to work with Windows:

I have a new Mac Pro that I want to install Boot Camp with XP Pro. I first ran Disk Utility from my MacPro install disk; ran DiskWarrior 4.0 for good measure; made my Drivers' disk; then set up a 45GB partition. All went well until I had to use my "Enter/Return" key during the XP setup routine - no response! My XP Pro disk is good because I used it first on my MacBook Pro, and the Boot Camp installation went perfectly w/o any issues.

I normally use a MS IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0, so I switched to the "Mighty Mouse" that came with the computer: no change. I tried plugging the stock Apple keyboard directly into the computer. Nothing changed.

What might be causing my keyboard to go dead? Everything is working fine in OS X.

If you've seen this problem

Top of PageTIP: Fix for non-responsive keyboard in Boot Camp

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Several readers sent us fixes for the Boot Camp problem of the" + contact + ". Brian Johnson reported:

I figured it out. Once I connected the Apple keyboard directly to a USB port on the computer, rather than to my Apple display, AND used my Apple mouse rather than my MS Wireless IntelliMouse--the installation went w/o a hitch. When the installation was done, and I was in Windows XP, I switched back to my regular ports w/o incident, using the Microsoft mouse. Strange!

Jeff Line has another suggestion:

The same exact thing has happened to my Mac Pro. In fact the whole keyboard does not respond. The F3 button doesn't help at all. I had to restart via the Power button.

Try this:

Disconnect the mouse right before the system reboots the XPSP2 install disk. Your keyboard should be up and functioning and you're on your way to Windows XP land, blue skies and green grass.

If you've tried these suggestions

PCmover - Move Installed Programs to New Vista PCKey mapping error in Boot Camp 1.4 | Migrate from your PC to Boot Camp
Moves PC apps, files, settings from your old PC to your Mac

Monday, October 22, 2007

Joshua May reports having keyboard mapping problems with Boot Camp 1.4. We've . May is having it again with 1.4:

Top of Page. My key mapping is all messed up again after installing the updated drivers from Boot Camp 1.4.

If memory serves, the only driver that wasn't updated from 1.3 was the keyboard driver, which I reinstalled from 1.2 inline with your advice.

Any suggestions for overcoming this really, really annoying issue? Rollback to 1.2 drivers again?

If you've seen this problem with version 1.4

" + contact + "Boot Camp problem with clock, hidden file settings | MacWindows home page |

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tan TT discovered that Windows running in Boot Camp isn't keeping certain settings:

I have Windows XP running in my Mac Book using the Boot Camp 1.4 beta. I have been running it for a few weeks now and realized I just can't keep the settings for my clocks. Each time I log in, the dates and time will change.

Further, I can't activate view hidden files option in Windows XP. Not sure if I am being over-reactive, but my Mac seems unable to keep certain file handling settings after I have installed boot camp. I can't have Adobe reader to be the default handler for .pdf files despite activating the "Change All" option.

Windows won't keep time in Boot Camp--more reports

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Several readers are also having Top of Page, as reported on Monday. Patrick Brice:

Ever since updating to Boot Camp 1.4 the clock in Windows won't stay in time. When booting into Windows it is always set at the wrong time. I'll reset it and the next time I boot up it is wrong. There is no problem in OS X.

James Sheppard:

I too am having a problem with Boot Camp and the clock. When rebooting into OS X, my system clock is the wrong time. I have to open the Date & Time Preference Panel and then the clock resets appropriately. Seems to happen about every other time.

Bill Rosetti:

I saw the problem with the time being wrong in BC 1.2. The date was always right but the time would be off by an even number of hours when I returned to OSX. Opening and closing the Date and Time System Preferences always reset it. I no longer use BC so I don't know if it continues in newer versions.

If you've seen these problems

MacWindows home pageBoot Camp screen goes blank during game | Toast 9 Titanium -- Download Now |

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rory Shillington found that running a particular game in Windows with Boot Camp causes the screen to go blank:

I have a graphics problem with 2600 in 24" iMac Boot Camp with Windows XP. I have had C&C Generals Zero Hour go blank screen during game play after working fine for a while on several occasions. Did some probing, was able to remote desktop on and after various log on remote/locally (blind) sequences it came back. (Game quit when logging out).

Looked at system events, lots of errors with ATI2MTAG which is a .sys file relating to the driver. I have yet to find a different ATI driver that will install but will keep trying. I've tried the catalyst one so far.

If you've seen this problem

Top of PageMore reports of blank screens in Boot Camp during games

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two more readers report problems with Boot Camp where the " + contact + ". Each reports the problem in a different game.

James Sheppard:

Have seen the same problem with Galactic Civilizations II Gold. Screen goes blank and the only option seems to restart the Mac Pro. I'm getting paranoid as it always happens when I'm not watching. I get up for ten seconds and it happens. I play the game for four hours and it behaves it's self. Weird!

Toni Fisler:

Same problem here about iMac aluminium 20" on XP. I can't run Oblivion. I just want to play. Is there a driver or something I could install for the 2600 to get the game to work?

We don't know of a fix, but if you do

screen goes blank while playing a game in WindowsFix for Tiger Boot Camp "blank screen" game problems

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A reader offered a fiix for the problem with Boot Camp in Tiger (the last version 1.4 beta) where the " + contact + ". We also received new reports of the problem with additional games.

Rory Shillington, who first reported the problem, offered a fix related to video drivers:

Since installing the catalyst ATI driver for Radeon2600 HD, I have not had this problem once! I've tried the game a number of times since. I think the driver I installed is for the non-mobility version but works well anyway. I suggest others with similar problems try this.

I got , a program that tricks Windows into letting you install drivers other than OEM onto your mobile GPU. It needs you to have MSXML 4.0.

As for the driver itself, I just went to screen goes blank during a Windows game and went XP > Radeon > Radeon HD 2600 Series and downloaded the one with catalyst but I assume the one without would work also. Run the file which will extract to C:\ATI and then cancel next step. Run mobility modder then install the driver from setup.exe in c:\ATI or something along those lines. The driver needs you to have .NET v2.0

If this fix works for you

Jonas Johansson saw the problem with another game:

Same problem with Titan Quest. It happens very seldom but it does continue to happen and all you can do when it happens is to force reboot. Very odd.

Duncan sees the problem with Internet games:

I have been having this same problem, although it doesn't have to happen during a game. I have had it happen while on the Internet, and while playing games like Half Life 2 and "Fiesta."

Current news on the ATI's driver web page.

" + contact + "Windows/Boot Camp losing file associations | MacWindows home page |

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tae Jin Kim has a degenerative problem with Windows in Boot Camp 1.4, which eventually ends up with a Windows reinstallation:

I've been running Windows XP on my 2.33 GHz MacBook Pro for a while now and experiencing this funny problem. I have to reinstall Windows every now and then because all the applications running in Windows won't start up one by one. In the beginning stage of this problem, when I double click on icons/files on my desktop, it will not start the application that is associated with that file. The icon would change to Windows default/unassociated icon. But if I start the application, Photoshop for example, and open that psd, it will open. Then, few days later, same thing happens to a different type of file and so on, eventually, it gets to a point where I am not able to open any applications. When I try to open an application, I get this command screen for a split second and disappears then nothing happens. Today, I can not open any files or applications and will go ahead and reinstall Windows again.

This could be a Windows specific problem, not related to Boot Camp. If you've seen this happen

Current news on the Top of Page.

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