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Boot Camp in Leopard: Tips and Reports

Booting a Mac from Windows using Apple Boot Camp 2.0

Updated January 25, 2010

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If you’ve tried Boot Camp your problems or tips.

About Apple Boot Camp 2.0

This page covers Apple's Boot Camp 2.0, which ships with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. For Tips and Reports regarding Boot Camp Beta 1.0-1.4 in Tiger, click here. (NOTE: Some of the tips for Boot Camp in Tiger may also be valid for Boot Camp in Leopard.)

Boot Camp enables Intel-powered Macs to boot from Windows. It turns Macs into duel-boot machines: You can either boot the Mac from Mac OS X or from Windows. Unlike virtualization products like Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion, Boot Camp Beta does not give you access to Mac OS X and Windows at the same time. With Boot Camp and Windows installed, you boot Windows by holding the Option key down while restarting. You then select the drive partition that contains Windows.

The Boot Camp installer assistant "dynamically creates" a hard drive partition for Windows without erasing the Mac data. Boot Camp provides drivers for Windows to support the Mac keyboard and various hardware and peripherals from within Windows. Apple says that Boot Camp runs Windows "completely natively."

For more recent tips and reports about Boot Camp 3 in Snow Leopard, click here.

Boot Camp 2.x Version History and Apple Info

Apple updates Leopard's Boot Camp drivers, adds Magic Mouse support

Monday, November 23, 2009

Apple has released Boot Camp Drivers Update 2.2 for Windows XP and Vista SP 2. The update adds support for the Apple Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard from within Windows. Apple said also fixes problems with the notebook trackpads. We've previously posted reports of the multi-touch trackpad causing Vista and video apps to crash. The update appears to be only for the Boot Camp version that comes with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, since it requires Boot Camp 2.1 (not 2.1 or later) to be installed. Snow Leopard comes with Boot Camp 3.0.

If you've tried this update if it fixes the trackpad problems.

Update supports Multi-Touch Trackpad in Windows

Monday, February 16, 2009

In December, Apple released the Multi-Touch Trackpad Update for Windows XP and Vista 1.0. The update is meant for Windows running in Boot Camp on the updated notebook line from last fall, the MacBook Air (Late 2008), MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008), and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008). The software installs in Windows, and "improves responsiveness and performance" of multi-touch gestures. It also fixes a glitch where the two-finger right-click gesture doesn't work.

If you are using Vista 64-bit, Boot Camp doesn't automatically offer it. Users will have to manually download it. Apple offers instructions on downloading and checking if the update is already installed.

If you've had any problems with this update

Apple releases Boot Camp 2.1 for Win XP SP3 support

Monday, April 28, 2008

Apple released Boot Camp 2.1 last week to support Windows XP Service Pack 3 on Intel Macs. The update is required to run SP3, and must be installed before updating Windows XP to SP3 on a Mac. Apple said that the update also "improves compatibility" with Microsoft Windows Vista, but did not elaborate.

Apple posts Win NVidia drivers for Boot Camp video problems

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last week, Apple posted NVidia graphics drivers for use in Windows running in Boot Camp on Mac models with NVidia graphics hardware, including the MacBook Pro. Apple said that installing the drivers in Windows Vista can fix a problem with a black screen (blank screen), and may fix other video drivers in Windows XP and Vista.

The Apple tech support article describes this is an issue for Boot Camp 2.0, which comes with Leopard, but many MacWindows readers reported this problem with the Boot Camp Beta for Tiger as well as with the Leopard version. We don't yet know if the Windows drivers at the Apple web site will work in Boot Camp 1.4 and earlier, which Apple isn't supporting.

Here are MacWindows reports of NVidia video problems with Vista and XP in Boot Camp that these drivers might apply to:

Note that in some instances in the above articles, workarounds are offered.

Also note that an Apple firmware update for certain iMacs fixes Leopard Boot Camp black screen problems.

Our Boot Camp in Tiger and Boot Camp in Leopard pages have reports of video problems and workarounds with other video hardware as well.

Apple posts Leopard Boot Camp 2.0 FAQ

Monday, October 29, 2007

Apple has posted an FAQ page for Boot Camp 2.0, which is what Apple is calling the version that comes with Leopard. It covers updating from Boot Camp Beta in Tiger as well as some troubleshooting issues. It also lists the Boot Camp drivers for Windows that are on the Leopard DVD.

iMac firmware update fixes Leopard Boot Camp black screen problem

Monday, October 29, 2007

Last week, Apple released a firmware update for 24" iMacs from late 2006. The update, called the iMac MXM Update 1.0, fixes a video compatibility issue in Boot Camp and Mac OS X Leopard. It fixes a problem where booting from the Windows XP installer CD produces a black screen (no video) instead of the blue installation screen.

Boot Camp no longer available for download

Friday, October 26, 2007

Apple is no longer offering a download of Boot Camp at its web site. Although the Boot Camp Beta 1.4 page is still up (at least for now), clicking the download link brings up a Page Not Found page.

Apple will no longer offer Boot Camp for Mac OS X 10.4 users, and will not longer offer updates for the Tiger version or driver updates for 1.4. Apple said that the end user license to use Boot Camp Beta expires today when Mac OS X 10.5 ship. "To continue using Boot Camp at that time, upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard," according to an Apple tech article. Boot Camp Beta should, however, continue to function on Tiger machines.

iTunes 7 for Vista disables optical drive

Monday, February 18, 2008

An Apple tech article warns that installing iTunes 7 in Windows Vista can disable the optical drive. The article provides a Registry edit that returns functionality to most Windows applications, but iTunes will be unable to burn CDs. The article doesn’t mention if the problem occurs with Vista running on Boot Camp on a Mac.

If you've seen this problem

Printing from Windows on a Mac

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Macworld article from earlier in the year describes using Apple's Bonjour for Windows to enable printing from Windows in Boot Camp or in a virtual machine such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

Reader Reports and Tips

TIP: Updating Boot Camp Windows drivers in Leopard when MacDrive is installed | Top of Page |

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thomas Tiedt sent us a tip on updating Boot Camp's Windows drivers after upgrading Mac OS X from Tiger to Leopard:

After I installed Leopard, to update Windows drivers, I put the Leopard DVD in while in Boot Camp Windows. The new driver install did not occur. I also could not find Windows drivers on Leopard DVD. And, while in Leopard and starting up Boot Camp Assistant, there was no longer any way to make a Windows driver CD (or folder).

Then I figured out the hurdle: I had to right-click the DVD drive in Vista, and choose Show Windows Files rather than Show Mac Files. Presto, the setup for Windows drivers appeared.

Tiedt didn't mention if he had Mediafour's MacDrive installed in Windows. If you do, Mediafour says that when you right-click the DVD, you should choose "MacDrive -> Show Windows Files." This is because the Leopard installation DVD is a multisession disc.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Leopard's Boot Camp still hasn't fixed Vista Cinema Display problem | Top of Page |

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jeff Foster reported that the new Leopard Boot Camp has not fixed some issues with Nvidia graphics in Windows Vista:

I ran out to get Leopard hoping the non-beta version of the Boot Camp Windows drivers for my MacBook Pro (NVidia graphics card) would have the correct drivers for an external Cinema Display, but still Apple's failed to support even their own hardware on Windows. The display control panel shows it's connected, but 1024X768 is the highest it will go, and the LED on the ACD just flashes every once in a while to indicate it can't use the input. I was able to make the ACD work with random inf files I'd found in forums, but they killed DirectX or some other video functionality, as all videos in any player would just be a black screen.

Also, in every version of Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro, Vista never seems to know whether it's plugged in to power or not-it indicates that it's running off battery after a while, which depending on your power settings can send it to sleep even though it's really plugged in. Works fine when booted to OSX (as does the external Cinema Display, incidentally).

Did the Leopard fix your Boot Camp display problem with Vista?

NOTE: In late November, 2007, Apple posted NVidia drivers at it's web site. Click here for more.

Windows display settings change to default when rebooting in Windows XP | Top of Page |

Friday, November 2, 2007

Michael Politi reports a problem with Leopard Boot Camp, where the Windows display settings don't stick after rebooting Windows:

I am having a problem using my Apple 23" Cinema Display when rebooting my MacBook Pro. It works well, but I must reset the Windows Nvidia Control Panel display configuration to Clone every time I reboot the machine?

I am using the following system:

MacBook Pro 17" 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Windows XP Professional in BootCamp with Leopard

If you've seen this problem

Reader reports success with Apple NVidia driver for Boot Camp

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ole Nils Feddersen in Germany reported success with the NVidia display drivers for Windows that Apple recently posted at its web site for use in Boot Camp. He said:

I tested the new display Driver of NVidia for Boot Camp and it works. My 23" Cinema works fine in 1920 x 1200 pixels (Boot Camp + Vista + MacBook Pro 15").

Previously, a number of readers reported problems with Boot Camp and the NVidia graphics hardware in some Mac. These are some of the problem reports that these drivers should address:

If you've tried these drivers how it works for you.

Reader success with nVidia driver in Boot Camp

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oystein Saebo recommends downloading the nVidia graphics driver from nVidia to solve problems with Boot Camp:

I had the same problem with the 1.4 Boot Camp as well as 2.0 Boot Camp nVidia drivers. These drivers are actually pretty old. Installing the latest nVidia beta-drivers from the nVidia web site will make everything work perfectly.

After booting the correct monitor will be the active one. All resolutions and dual view works just fine.

Watching the Apple nVidia drivers is just a waist of time as they are not updated very often. These drivers makes it possible to play Crysis as well.

Last month, Apple posted nVidia drivers at its web site, and one reader reported that it fixed the problems within Boot Camp that he was having.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader says Apple nvidia drivers only partially fix Boot Camp problems with external projector

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Responding to our article Reader reports success with Apple NVidia driver for Boot Camp, Geoff Armstrong said that issues still remain with his external projector:

These older drivers posted by Apple did partially fix my problem using an external projector. Previously, using the later drivers supplied with Leopard, the highest resolution I could get on the projector was 1024x768.

With the Apple posted drivers I can go right up to 1920x1080 (Full HD) Unfortunately there is nothing in between 1280x1024 and 1920x1080 available for the projector with this driver.

My projector's native resolution is actually 1400x1050. It seems absurd that I can send full HD to the projector or 1280x1024; but the drivers can do nothing in between.

If I use 1920x1080, obviously I get overscan and this is a pain to correct when watching movies.

If you've seen this problem or have a suggestion

Windows XP desktop reset each boot under Boot Camp with a second monitor

Friday, November 14, 2008

Andrejs Eigus responded to our report describing Boot Camp Windows dual-monitor display settings becoming lost after rebooting Windows.

I am having exactly the same problem with my MacBook (Black/Penryn Feb 2008) 2.4Ghz running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.5 and Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 on my Boot Camp partition. I am using external LG 787LE monitor with both Mac OS and Windows, but every time I start up Windows XP, my desktop is reset to be auto-arranged (read: messed up) and I have to re-set up second monitor to use with "Extended Desktop" all over again each time.

If you've seen this problem

Windows is the cause of Boot Camp dual monitor issue

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two readers say that problem of Windows dual-monitor display settings becoming lost after rebooting Windows is not limited to Boot Camp, but that the problem is with Windows XP. Gary Chou said that the problem occurs on a non-Apple PC:

My work laptop runs Windows XP Pro and also resets dual monitor settings after each reboot. I have to toggle the dual monitor setting each time and also rearrange the proper desktop arrangements (i.e. how Monitor 1 is positioned with respect to Monitor 2). I believe this is a Windows issue rather than a Boot Camp issue.

Richard sees this with VMware Fusion as well in Boot Camp:

Similar problem in VMware Fusion as well. I have Fusion 2.0, which allow dual monitor for Windows XP and Vista to use two monitors. In my XP, I setup for two monitor, took a snapshot, then I restart XP with the snapshot. It worked for a few times but then it will switch back to single monitor. I thought it was a Fusion program, but sounds like it's a Windows XP issue.

Win XP losing monitor settings not only on Boot Camp

Thursday, November 20, 2008

John Grubb echoed yesterday's report that Windows XP loses dual-monitor settings not just in Boot Camp, but on PCs:

Windows XP frequently loses its video settings on Dell machines. I am constantly resetting dual monitor preferences for employees with Dells running Windows XP. All of our employees use dual screens, both with laptops (docked) and desktops too.

XP loses the video settings at least every other reboot if not every on nearly every machine. They call it a nuisance. I call it FRUSTRATING.

So any Mac user who sees this issue either in Boot Camp or virtual environment, take heart. It's not your Mac machine. It's another case of broken Windows.

If you know of a fix

Boot Camp 2.0 problem with FAT partitions and startup | Top of Page |

UPDATE: There are several verified fixes below, but we also have a report that a firmware update for the MacBook and MacBook Pro eliminates the problem.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jeff reports that Boot Camp 2.0 has a problem booting into Windows when the Windows partition is formatted in the FAT32 format:

I love the Boot Camp page at MacWindows. I wanted to add an issue with Boot Camp 2.0, which has been posted on the Apple Support site with no real solution available just yet. Basically, on a new MacBook with Boot Camp 2.0 set up, if the Windows partition is FAT32, the icon does not appear when booting while holding Option down. The only way to get into Windows is to restart the Mac OS into Windows.

Some URLs from Apple discussions to look at: and and

I'm surprised that not much more attention is devoted to this problem since this method the easiest way to get Mac proper read/write access to the Windows drive in Boot Camp.

Apart from this, once booted, Windows XP works absolutely fine.

Readers verify Boot Camp 2.0 FAT32 startup problem; also, clock is being reset | Top of Page |

Friday, January 4, 2008

Two more readers report having the Boot Camp problem with FAT32 partitions (above) where the FAT drive icon does not appear when booting while holding Option down.

Tariq Chowdhury:

I refer to your article titled "Boot Camp 2.0 problem with FAT partitions", dated 14th of December. I too have been having this problem after making a 32GB FAT32 partition on my 250GB Santa Rosa Black MacBook. I'm using Windows XP.

Selim Gencoglu has the problem, as well as a problem with the clock being reset:

I am having the same problem when booting up my computer (new MacBook 2.2 GHz, 2 GB Ram, 120 GB hard drive). Although I have installed Windows XP without any complications, somehow I don't get to see the Windows icon while holding down the OPTION key when starting my MacBook. XP works fine with some minor bugs. FN + Delete does not work, and FN + Up Arrow or Down Arrow to substitute page up and down are not working.

In addition, every time I start Mac OS after I use Win XP, my clock in Mac changes. It is kind of strange. Every time I go back and forth Mac OS X and Win XP, I have to adjust my clock.

More reports of Boot Camp/Leopard FAT32 problem | Top of Page |

Monday, January 7, 2008

We've had more reports of the Boot Camp 2 problem in which a FAT32-formatted partition icon does not appear when booting while holding Option key down. One reader verified a previous report of this problem accompanied by a problem with the Mac clock changing time:

Seeing the same thing here - clock changing and no Windows Icon in Systems Start up. New iMac 24" and MacBook just bought over Christmas both seeing same thing.

Ricky Ng said the problem doesn't occur with NTFS formatted drives:

I too experienced the same problem with Boot Camp. I do not see the Windows icon when holding down the Option key and can only get to windows from the Mac OS System Preference startup panel. However, this problem seems to go away if you create the Windows partition via NTFS as opposed to FAT32 file system.

Doug Stringham said the recent Leopard update didn't fix the problem:

I'm also experiencing the identical problem on an 8-core Mac Pro running 10.5.1.

If you've seen this problem

Boot Camp FAT32 problem and clock may not be related | Top of Page |

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A number of readers are adding to the reports of the Boot Camp 2 problem in which a FAT32-formatted partition icon does not appear while holding Option key while booting. Several users also reported this problem accompanied by a problem of the Mac's clock being changed.

Andrew Weeks thinks the clock issue is related to the Option-reboot process rather than strickly Boot Camp:

Yep, seeing the same problem. Everytime I reboot (and hold Option key) only get Mac OS X HD access. Have also noticed just today that clock is changing every time I reboot holding the Option key. I formatted to FAT32 primarily for file transfer.

Andrew Abyzov found some info on the web about the Boot Camp clock issue that implies it isn't related to the FAT32 problem:

I also have the clock problem. It seems, that Mac OS supposes that the system clock is set to UTC, when Windows thinks it's local time.

By the way, there is some information about it in Internet (here and here.

Keith Olsen ruled out partition size as cause of the FAT32 problem:

Yes , happened to me as well. I thought it might be the size of the partition I was trying to use so dropped it to 20 gig and still got the same thing. Finally used NTFS and it's all good. I use the the beta version using FAT32 and that works fine.

Jim Dwyer notes that it's only the Windows on the Boot Camp partition, but that Windows on a CD is okay:

I received a MacBook 2.2GHz for Christmas and installed Windows XP with Boot Camp. Even after several reinstalls I do not see the option at start-up for a Windows start-up Disk but only the Mac OS X start-up disk appears. (The Windows XP installation disk does appear, so it would not seem to be a Windows ID problem.)s

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

More descriptions of Boot Camp FAT drive bug; a theory on the clock issue | Top of Page |

Monday, January 21, 2008

Readers continue to report Boot Camp FAT partitions not appearing when you startup with the Option key down, and the possibly related issue of the Mac's clock being reset.

Graham Ellison, of Belfast, Northern Ireland, describes the startup bug:

I have the problem, too, where the XP icon does not appear at startup when using Boot Camp. I formatted the Windows partition as FAT32, 15GB. The only way I can select to boot into Windows is through the startup drives icon in preferences. The machine is a new MacBook SR, running Leopard with latest update.

James Dwyer, who previously reported the FAT problem, has a theory as to why the time resetting isn't always seen:

Another addition to my report, if of interest: I have now also seen the date on Mac OS being reset by the Boot Camp process. I think this has only happened once to me, but it could be that the Apple time server corrected problems before I noted them earlier. This "self healing" may not have happened this one time because I now require a password on my WiFi network (see below).

Another novelty is that Mac OS no longer seems to remember the password to my wireless set-up via Airport, but Windows does!

I have increased RAM on my machine and expect to use Parallels with the Boot Camp machine, so my problems will probably change now. 4GB memory does, in any case, make a huge difference in the performance of Parallels.

Jeff reports:

I am experiencing the same problem. No Windows startup disk icon when holding down Option on a new Santa Rosa MacBook (installed XP SP2). I cannot confirm the clock bug yet.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

TIP: workaround for Boot Camp clock problem: rEFIt | Top of Page |

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Andrew Abyzov found a way to use an open source utility to work around the Boot Camp problem the causes the Mac clock to reset when rebooting into Mac OS X Leopard. He uses an open source utility called rEFIt, which makes it easier to boot between Mac, Windows, and Linux using Boot Camp. (The EFI chip is what Intel Macs use to boot, as opposed to the BIOS chip of Windows-based PCs.)

Abyzov found a way to use rEFIt to solve the Boot Camp clock problem:

There is a way to set EFI time to local time. I have installed rEFIt to have dual booting. There, in the start screen, you have an EFI console. Using this console, you can type the "timezone -s 01:00" to set your Mac time zone to GMT+1. But this time zone does not affect BIOS (and Windows). So then you have GMT+1 in Mac and GMT+1 in Windows.

If you've tried this suggestion

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader says rEFIt workaround for Boot Camp clock problem doesn't work on Air | Top of Page |

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ken Krull reported that the suggested workaround of using the rEFIt utility does not fix his Boot Camp clock problem on his MacBook Air:

I can confirm that this does not work in all cases. I have a brand new install of OSX and Vista x64 on a MacBook Air and I use rEFIt.

Currently rEFIt is not loading Vista x64 on the MacBook Air so I must use the 'alt-option' non rEFIt loader to get into Windows. When I go back and forth from Vista to OSX the clock has to be manually reset in each every time. It is possible that if I used rEFIt every time to load Vista that would be fixed, but now I cannot check.

The rEFIt patch for the MacBook Air is in beta. It took like six hours for the author to turn it around and it works great. Input Remapper doesn't work on the Macbook Air but to be fair I haven't had time to catch the author.

Confirmation of rEFIt workaround for Boot Camp/Leopard clock problem | Top of Page |

Monday, February 18, 2008

Zach Phillips confirmed the fix using the rERIT utility for the problem of the Mac OS X clock being reset after booting into Leopard from Boot Camp:

I work at ITS at Western Carolina University. We wanted to address the problem of the Boot Camp clock problem in our labs where the Mac OS X is showing the wrong time after reboot. With using the rEFIt bootcd we were able to go into the shell and manually change the efi time zone, which seems to work perfectly! The best part is that it can be accomplished via the boot CD, then taken out and never messed with again.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Another reader verifies rEFit for Time Zone problem

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Timothy Austin verified a fix for the changing clock problem in Boot Camp:

The rEFIt fix worked great ,thanks! I loaded Vista 64 first and set the time zone for myself "GMT+8" west coast. Then on the restart, I used the "shell" to change the Mac Time "timezone -s 08:00" and it booted with the correct time for the first time in a year.

There are more solutions below.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

TIP: MacBook firmware update resolves Boot Camp FAT partition issue | Top of Page |

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jeffrey Choo reports that a recent firmware updates for the MacBook and for the MacBook Pro fix the Boot Camp problem with FAT partitions:

Just thought I'd drop you a quick email with an update that the latest EFI firmware updates for MacBooks fixes the problem of only the Mac OS X drive showing up in the Boot menu. The Windows FAT partition now works fine and shows up as expected under version 1.2. I highly recommend to others who want this boot menu to work properly with both Mac OS X and Windows on FAT.

Pity, though, that the clock problem is still there. It still resets the time by default.

If you can verify this

Free netTime utility aimed at Boot Camp, AD issues | Top of Page |

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maza Digital has released netTime 1.0, a free utility aimed at preventing problems with Active Directory logins and Boot Camp issues caused by out of sync clocks. The utility updates the date and time at login using the Network Time Server set in System Preferences.

netTime could aid a problem with Boot Camp that causes the Mac OS X clock to be reset when rebooting from Windows. Readers have said that another utility, rEFIt, works around the problem, though we also had a report that it didn't work on the MacBook Air.

Maza Digital said that netTime also helps resolve issues with Active Directory logins caused by incorrect date and time. The developer said that Active Directory problems can be made worse with Boot Camp:

Since AD requires the date and time to be very close to the AD Servers date and time, any variation in the Macs clock can result in login problems. These problems are more evident in Macs that also use Boot Camp. When switching back from Windows the date and time can be hours out of sync. And since by default the Mac OS only resyncs the date and time once a user has logged in, this causes major problems with AD.

If you've used netTime

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Another suggestion for Boot Camp clock problems: Registry edit | Top of Page |

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karl Kuehn sent in another suggestion for dealing with a problem with Boot Camp that causes the Mac OS X clock to be reset when rebooting from Windows. His solution is an edit of the Windows Registry:

I saw your posting for a program (netTime) to do nntp for the Windows side (there are a number of them out there already). But I think that people are missing the right way of doing this:

The fundamental problem is that Windows defaults to keeping the system clock as the local time, rather than gmt. So the solution to the problem is to tell Windows to keep the system clock at "universal". This will keep the two OS's from fighting. You do this by creating and setting a registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE : SYSTEM : CurrentControlSet : Control : TimeZoneInformation : RealTimeIsUniversal

This should be set to a "DValue" of 1. This has been documented a few places. This will solve all of the issues with no downsides. I do think that you should still use nntp on the windows side, but that is because I think you should use nntp on all computers.

If you've tried this approach

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

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TIP: 30-inch Apple Cinema Display driver for XP in Boot Camp | Top of Page |

Monday, January 7, 2008

A two-year-old free driver called WinACD will let Intel Mac users run Apple's 30-inch Cinema Display from Windows XP in Boot Camp. WinACD installs in Windows XP, giving Windows access to the display's hardware controls. It also installs a Windows control panel.

Michiel Buisman described WinACD:

It's ancient, but works on Windows XP. Now you poor 30" ACD owners can use the built-in hub and the controls on the side; that's right: you can now switch your display off! And quadrupel, no, octupel shame on Apple for not supporting their own flagship display!

If you've tried WinACD in Boot Camp how it works for you.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

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Kernel panics with 10.5.2 during Boot Camp partitioning | Top of Page |

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bob Estes reports that he and others are experience kernel panics with the Leopard 10.5.2 Boot Camp during partitioning:

I encountered a major problem when attempting to create a Windows partition with Boot Camp Assistant on my MacBook Pro 15" 2 GHz. I have since discovered that others have reported the same or similar problems in the Apple discussion forum on Boot Camp Installation. So far no solution has been posted.

The problem is that a kernel panic occurs during the attempted partitioning. Upon rebooting, one discovers that the portion of the hard drive that was supposed to have been allocated to the Windows partition has been subtracted from the available storage on the hard drive, but there is no sign of a partition. Apple Care was not helpful and could only suggest erasing the hard drive and reinstalling.

Fortunately, I checked the Apple discussions before taking such a drastic step and found that several others had encountered the same problem but that booting from the system install disk and running Disk Utility to repair the disk would restore the missing gigabytes. This did indeed work.

It appears to be a 10.5.2 problem. Almost all of those reporting the problem had MacBooks of some type, but there were a couple of exceptions. Maybe it's a matter of available space on the hard drive and the laptops are likely to have less. There were no cases of anyone actually succeeding with the partitioning once they had encountered the problem, though several evidently repeated the experiment more than once.

Readers verify kernel panics with Boot Camp partitioning, and a suggestion to defrag the hard drive

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A number of readers have verified our report on Monday of the Mac OS X kernel panics (crashing) while using Boot Camp Assistant to partition a hard drive. The problem seems to have started with the 10.5.2 update.

Bob Estes, who reported the problem on Monday, has found a way to stop the kernel panics:

There is a workaround. After your hard drive has been thoroughly defragmented (I used iDefrag) Boot Camp can do the partitioning. Alternatively, you can totally erase your drive and restore before partitioning, which is probably just another way of defragmenting.

if this works for you.

Meanwhile, Eric Weeks verified the issue:

I'm having the same problem on an aluminum 24" iMac. I see consistent kernel panics well into making a partition with Boot Camp Assistant. I've repeated it three times in a row now (and I'm done). Must reboot via Leopard disk to do a Disk Utility repair to restore missing megabytes. I've tried this with different sizes (32 GB and 21 GB), to no avail. Running 10.5.2.

Patrick Taylor:

I have the kernel panics with 10.5.2 during Boot Camp partitioning. MacBook 2GHz, 2 GB ram, 160GB drive. I was trying to use Boot Camp setup to partition 20Gb for Windows.

Phil W:

I have had the same problem with the Leopard 10.5.2 update, the Boot Camp partition failed.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

More on kernel panics with Boot Camp with Leopard 10.5.2 | Top of Page |

Monday, February 25, 2008

Two more readers report on the Boot Camp problem that started with the Leopard 10.5.2 update, where the Mac crashes with a kernel panic while partitioning the hard drive with Boot Camp Assistant.

Stefano Ponti had the problem while trying to remove the partition:

With Leopard 10.5.2, I've encounter a problem when I try to uninstall Windows, using Boot Camp to remove the Windows partition. Boot Camp had a crash, and I needed to force exit from it. After I looked at the info of my Mac hard drive (because the Win HD icon had disappeared) the Windows space was not recovered. The only thing I could do was initialize the hard drive and completely reinstall Leopard.

Johnathon Smith also ran into the problem while removing the partition:

While trying to reinstall Boot Camp after I purposefully removed the partition, I would often get kernel panics. This left my disk damaged because the space was lost. I had to run disk repair from a separate partition on an external drive. Eventually I just wiped the drive and under fresh conditions there weren't any problems. This happened almost immediately after the 10.5.2 update.

If you've seen this problem

Verified: defrag hard drive to fix Boot Camp 10.5.2 kernel panics | Top of Page |

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gary Bartos has success with last week's suggestion to fix Leopard 10.5.2 Boot Camp kernel panics when attempting to create a partition. Bartos added some detail to last week's report:

After encountering the Boot Camp Assistant kernel panic problem described on your page Boot Camp in Leopard Tips and Reports, I followed the method described by Bob Estes:

    1. Download and pay for the full version of iDefrag from Coriolis ($35 and worth it).
    2. Create a bootable CD using Coriolis CDMaker.
    3. Reboot from CD, then click "Go" in iDefrag using default settings.
    4. Reboot from hard disk.
    5. Run Boot Camp Assistant again, this time successfully. Win XP also installed successfully for me.

Many, MANY thanks both to Bob Estes and to your site for posting his comments.

Gary Moran described the problem:

I had the same problem yesterday. I attempted to use Boot Camp to partition my hard drive, to create a 5 GB partition for Ubuntu Linux. When I re-started it, I had 5 GB less space but no second volume.

Another vote for iDefrag for fixing Boot Camp kernel panics | Top of Page |

Monday, April 7, 2008

Matt Towers verified the iDegrag workaround for the problem of Mac OS X kernel panics while using Boot Camp Assistant to partition a hard drive. He reported:

The iDefrag workaround did the trick for me. I tried doing a quick (online) defrag first but it did not solve the problem. Booting from an iDfrag disk and doing a full defrag was the solution. This workaround was a huge help.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Boot Camp Kernel Panic fix verified, with a suggestion | Top of Page |

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mauricio García verified a fix for Boot Camp Kernel panics, and described how to make the fix work:

Thanks for the posts, I was just one step to reset my whole hard drive. For me iDefrag made the trick, all you need is patience.

First I bought the software iDefrag, after some easy steps to get it I decided to prove it. I made a quick online defrag (which took around half an hour or less) and tried making the partition with Boot Camp again. As I expected kernel panic occurred again and my GB of the partition got lost in the space, so I did repair my disk once again with the installation disk.

So I created my bootable disk with the software provided with iDefrag called CDMaker and started my computer from there. The disk worked fine and once in the application, I chose a full defrag, and clicked GO. I waited for around 4 hours to be completed. After that I restarted my computer and this time Boot Camp worked just fine, XP installation was successful.

Two more workarounds for Boot Camp kernel panics | Top of Page |

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Readers have contributed two more suggestions for getting around kernel panics in Leopard 10.5.2 when using Boot Camp to partition a hard drive. A previous suggestion, defragmenting the hard drive, has been verified by several readers.

Timo Jääskeläinen suggests booting from the installer DVD to do the partioning:

I have had the same problem with partitioning for boot camp on 10.5.2 as you described on on Feb 18.

I was able to overcome this problem by booting from my Leopard installation DVD (which is 10.5.0), and doing partitioning from there and it went fine without kernel panics. No need to download/pay for additional software.

Shawn Hart suggested using Time Machine to roll back to 10.5.1:

I have experienced the problem with 10.5.2 and boot camp partitioning. I'm running a MacBook pro 15 inch on 2.2 GHz processor. I have not been able to be it to work. But a friend said he used Time Machine to go back to 10.5.1 and it worked.

If you've tried these suggestions

Rollback to 10.5.1 to solved Reader's Boot Camp kernel panic | Top of Page |

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Luke Patrick confirmed a previous report that going back to Leopard 10.5.1 from 10.5.2 fixed the problem of Boot Camp kernel panics while partitioning. Patrick used a different method of back-grading to 10.5.1 than the previous report:

I also had success with repartitioning when I reverted to 10.5.1. I did this by reinstalling Leopard from the install disk rather than rolling back in Time Machine. The only problem was that after I loaded windows, something was preventing a startup in Mac OS. The Leopard partition was recognized, but wasn't coming up with the option key startup, or when set as the default in the windows bootcamp control panel. What I finally ended up doing was reinstalling Leopard a third time on the new, non-windows partition. My files and settings were saved, and now I can start up in Windows or Leopard as intended.

Will Tisdale has a theory as to where the bug is:

I have 4 drives in a Mac Pro. The disk that I was using for Boot Camp has 200GB remaining free space. However, the disk is in a fairly bad state of fragmentation due to all sorts of junk being put on and off it over the last 6 months or so.

I started the Boot Camp Assistant and within about 20 seconds of it attempting to partition, the machine had a kernel panic. So, I switched it off and booted off the install disk and verified all the hard drives, all came back with no errors. So, I then decided to try first partitioning it in Disk Utility, and then delete the partition, restore the drive to full capacity and THEN run the Boot Camp assistant.

Having set it to give me a partition of a modest 60GB in disk utility, it started, and then 30 seconds later came up with a "Not enough space left on device" error. I thought, odd, as there is 200GB free. So I tried a 10GB partition, and it gives the same error.

The conclusion I drew from this was that although there is space on the drive, there isn't any free space at the end of the drive where you are trying to create the new partition, and iDefrag confirmed that the free space on the drive was all in the middle. It is obviously a bug of some description in diskutil, which prevents the creation of new partitions when there isn't enough contiguous free space at the end of the volume.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Boot Camp partitioning kernel panic: try small partitions

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Srinivasan found that the Leopard 10.5.2 kernel panics with Boot Camp partitioning didn’t occur with smaller partition:

I ran into the same issue with kernel panics: I was trying to get a 15 GB FAT32 chunk. I was on the verge of giving up, but since an earlier attempt to partition the my 120 GB MacBook HD running Leopard to get a 12GB partition for Windows was successful, I gave it a shot again, and it worked. Maybe with smaller partition sizes, the kernel doesn't panic. It worked for me.

Further reader problems with Boot Camp kernel panics with 10.5.2

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Patrick Zirngast was having the problem of kernel panics with Leopard 10.5.2 while using Boot Camp Assistant to partition his drive. He tried two fixes listed on our Boot Camp Tips and Reports page. He no longer has kernel panics, but is still having problems:

I tried to fix the problem via the DVD Disk Utility; this solved the problem with hard disk, though Boot Camp would still not run the partitioning.

So I bought iDefrag and did a 5-hour defragmentation. I was then able to partition the disk; but when I tried to install Win XP SP2 my screen started to flicker on startup and the system stopped... That's the status so far.

As soon as I find some time, I will go back and reinstall everything from scratch.

Carbon Copy Cloner workaround for Leopard 10.5.2 Boot Camp kernel panics

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Steve Lin offered another workaround for the Leopard 10.5.2 problem of Boot Camp partioning causing kernel panics. He offers an alternative to defragmenting the hard drive:

If you have an external drive you can simply use Carbon Copy Cloner to duplicate your boot drive and then start up with the external drive and do an erase/restore. This is much faster than trying to defrag, and CCC is free (donation is suggested).

Not connected to CCC in any way, just a satisfied customer.

I used combination of CCC and Disk Utility to expand the Boot Camp partition without Windows reinstallation.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

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Reader's video driver crashes under Vista on iMac | Top of Page |

Friday, March 21, 2008

David Humphrey is having a problem with a video driver in Windows Vista and Boot Camp:

I have a problem that happens in Vista Ultimate running on my 24" iMac, 2.4GHz, 4 GByte memory (purchased in November). When running Vista from Boot Camp, the video driver appears to crash on occasion. It can happen from as little as twice a week to three times a day (assuming my PC runs an average of 10 days per day). The screen goes blank, but the Mac doesn't shut off. To get out of the situation, I hold down the power switch for a long time (5-10 sec), which seems to shut off the machine. After that I switch power back on and get the screen that offers to start up Windows in safe mode, which I skip over.

Sometimes the screen goes blank, but the driver seems to catch itself and recover with a message like "The video driver just crashed but was able to restart".

Much more rarely I get a blue screen that doesn't stay displayed long. After that, Vista reboots by itself.

I have searched for an update to the driver in the device manager, but received a message saying that I already have the latest version.

If you've seen this problem

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Boot Camp partitioning losing hard disk space | Top of Page |

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Russell Vickery in New Zealand lost some hard disk space when partitioning his drive for Boot Camp:

I've installed Boot Camp on my Mac Book Pro with Windows XP Pro release 2. I partioned the drive using Boot Camp Assistant to have 30 GB for Windows and the Mac OS X to have 50 GB. The installation went smoothly and I thought I was up and running. Then I found that the PC drive has only 5 GB while the Mac Book had the full 50 GB. The Windows partition lost 25 GB.

I then reinstalled Boot Camp, creating a partition of under 30 GB and it appears to be working well, but now I've lost 20 GB from my Mac partition.

If you've seen this problem or have a suggestion

TIP: Fix for Boot Camp loss of hard disk space during partitioning | Top of Page |

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mike Goodfellow responded to our report of a reader who had hard disk space disappear when partitioning a drive for Boot Camp. Goodfellow sent us a fix:

I have seen this problem and know how to solve it. Startup the Macintosh in question from another volume, such as the Leopard DVD or startup external hard drive. Run Disk Repair. This will fix the problem and give you your missing hard drive space back.

If you've used this tip

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

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First reports of Vista SP1 on Macs mixed | Top of Page |

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Several readers reported their experiences with the new Vista Service Pack 1 running on Macs with Boot Camp and with Parallels Desktop.

Jeff Julian runs Vista SPI in Boot Camp and is happy with it:

I have been running SP1 for a month now (Microsoft Developer Network subscription) on two different MacBook Pros (17-inch) and have had no issues at all. In fact, I believe it performs better than before, but I have no statistics to back it up.

Glenn Josephson had a good experience updating Vista in Parallels Desktop:

I installed SP1 on Vista from a CD on my MacBook Pro 2.33 Core 2 Duo 17" and had no problems with the install or with operation so far. I'm running OS X 10.5.2 with all updates, and Parallels 3.0 build 5584. Happily, I don't use any Symantec software on it. The update took around two hours and required several reboots of the virtual machine. Because I'm using Parallels I was able to continue working on the Mac side while Vista updated, so that was a plus.

Michael Kennard updated Vista to SP1 in Parallels but had problems:

I have to now restore from backup. It said it would take an hour and I didn't believe it. Anyway it tried installing and failed, next it was removing the update and rebooting then it tries again. After the third time I realized this was an endless loop.

about your experiences running Vista SP1 on a Mac with Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMware.

Relative performance of Vista SP1 in BC and Leopard

Monday, March 31, 2008

Thomas Tiedt remarks that while the Leopard 10.5.2 update made OS X slower, the Vista SP1 update made Windows faster in Boot Camp. He also thinks that Vista in Boot Camp runs faster than Leopard:

I have always found that Windows in Boot Camp acts snappier than OS X on a Mac box. I'm referring to window opening and program starts. For example, Safari and Firefox take several seconds to open on my Mac Pro, a meticulously maintained computer with only essential programs ever installed, and never antivirus. Vista's SP1 exaggerated the relative snappiness of Vista [in Boot Camp] over Leopard on 13-month old Mac Pro. On a Mac Mini, matters are substantially worse for OS X vs. Vista/XP). Nevertheless, Leopard is better in snappiness than Tiger, and only since Leopard did OS X become my default OS on the Mac Pro.

The 10.5.2 update slowed things down for OS X, notably Office 2008. Office 2008 installed on a fresh Leopard 10.5.0 was faster to start Word than after subsequent Leopard updates. Now, the benefits of faster starts of Word 2008 over Word 2004 are gone.

about your experiences running Vista SP1 on a Mac with Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMware.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader says Boot Camp 2.1 fixed Bluetooth keyboard, mouse issues | Top of Page |

Monday, April 28, 2008

Leigh Wilson reports that installing the Boot Camp 2.1 update fixed some Bluetooth problems with Windows XP SP2:

I just updated Boot Camp to version 2.1. It fixed the issues I was having with my Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse going in and out of commission. When filling in blank boxes or copy pasting I would have to turn off the mouse and restart it to get the Bluetooth hardware to pick it up. I have both Apple and a Microsoft mouse. I could use both on the Mac OS X, but could only use the Microsoft mouse in Windows.

With Boot Camp 2.1 I can now run the Apple Bluetooth Kkeyboard and mouse in Windows. The F1-F12 keys are functional as well.

Apple has indicated that the version 2.1 update was mainly to provide compatibility with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

If you've seen Boot Camp 2.1 fix some problems

Reader says Boot Camp 2.1 doesn't help with Bluetooth

Friday, December 19, 2008

Corey Steffen's Bluetooth devices don't work in Windows Vista under Boot Camp. Unlike a previous reader's experience, upgrading to Boot Camp 2.1 did not help:

I installed Boot Camp 2.0 on my MacBook Pro (Mac OS X Leopard) and installed Vista (32) in the Windows partition. Everything seemed okay until I rebooted Vista, at which time my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard would stop working (in Vista). They would show up as configured Bluetooth devices but not work until I would remove and re-add them. This happened each time I rebooted Vista.

I read on your website that the Boot Camp 2.1 upgrade helped others with Bluetooth problems on XP, so I gave it a try and upgraded to Boot Camp 2.1, but the same problem exists. I can configure my Bluetooth devices just fine, but after I reboot, they stop working.

If you've seen this

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Boot Camp problem with AutoCAD licensing | Top of Page |

Monday, April 28, 2008

Leigh Wilson finds that an AutoCAD license in Windows via Boot Camp keeps getting lost:

I am having problems with my AutoCAD revit license staying intact on my registry. It gives a licensing error message and then asks me to get the software registered or it will expire in 7days. The problem occurs only on boot camp and not in Parallels, which also has my AutoCAD software loaded on it.

I can't utilize the AutoCAD revit software in Parallels since it only has 512 BM memory and a puny virtual graphics card. When AutoCAD is running in Boot Camp With Windows on my Mac, it performs very well. I just can't keep it registered there.

An AutoCAD has a blog that says that they are working with Apple to fix this.

I believe that Boot Camp may be rearranging or cleaning the registry, causing the licensing error. It has to be Boot Camp since I am running the AutoCAD software in Parallels with no problem other than those caused by no graphic card over 50mb (virtual gc). I also use external drives, but don't see how this is the problem.

One of Autodesk's blogs says that one way around this problem would be to get a single seat network license--another $1000.00. They will not officially say they are supporting Boot Camp, or any other AutoCAD /Revit software on Mac.

Here and here are two AutoDesk blogs that talk about Boot Camp issues. There's also an Apple Discussion Forum thread and this other discussion thread on what is causing this licensing error.

If you've seen this problem

Another report of problem with Boot Camp problem with AutoCAD licensing

Monday, September 29, 2008

Phil Arnold verified the previously reported problem with AutoCAD licenses disappearing in Boot Camp installations of Windows:

Do you know if this problem has been solved? License goes away every 7 days.

If you seen this problem

Boot Camp/AutoCAD licensing problem tied to external drive

Monday, July 27, 2009

Stephen Durman said that the problem of losing AutoCAD license in Boot Camp is fixed by unplugging a removable hard drive:

We had the same issue as Leigh Wilson, with losing licensing information on revit and AutoCAD architecture. She relates that she uses external drives but doesn't think this is the problem. In our case it most definitely was the problem. The user had an external drive attached for listening to music. When this was removed, the licensing issues ceased. I hope this helps others.

If you've seen this

Reader says losing AutoCAD License in Boot Camp fixed with AutoCAD 2010

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jeff Padgett responded to previous reports of losing AutoCAD License in Boot Camp:

This happened to me using AutoCAD LT 2007 but has not occurred since the upgrade to AutoCAD LT 2010.

Previously, a reader reported that this occured only when an external hard drive was connected. If you've seen this difference between the two versions

More AutoCAD licensing, external drives, version 2010

Monday, August 3, 2009

Leigh Wilson send a follow-up on the Boot Camp problem with AutoCAD licenses in Windows:

Stephen Durman is correct about having to remove any external hard drives, in fact, any storage devices, before booting up AutoCAD or Revit. I thought that I had already mentioned this as the culprit. However, the real culprit is the proprietary licensing protections in place on AutoCAD/ or Revit Architecture. I have had only one other software program with this issue and it was a document purchased online for study material, with software that prevented more than one use or copy to be made, and it was "solved" the same way by removing any mass storage devices before trying to download, in this case.

I hope that the 2010 AutoCAD program solves this issue, but I will believe it when I see it. Leaving the storage devices plugged in won't trigger the license invalidation until it has been triggered about four times, which makes sense when you know that AutoCAD/or Revit allow the use of one stand alone license on up to three computers for personal use only. So I'd like to hear whether 2010 version of AutoCAD/ or Revit allows the use of storage devices, plugged in and turned on, tried 4-5 times.

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Boot Camp 2.1 and Windows XP SP3 | Top of Page |

Reader can't install Boot Camp 2.1 update

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ariel del Aguila reports problems installing the latest Boot Camp update:

I have tried all possible methods for installing the 2.1 update of Boot Camp for Windows XP. The installer refuses to complete the installation on a MacBook Pro. I am running version 10.5.2.

If you have a suggestion

TIP: fix for Boot Camp 2.1 failing to install: remove video adapter drivers

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alin Pilkington has seen the problem with the Boot Camp 2.1 update failing to install. The solution he found was to uninstall any Windows video adapter drivers that Boot Camp did not install:

I had this same problem and found the answer at this blog, which was to uninstall added video drivers in Windows. How hard would it have been for Apple to have displayed the source of the error and then quit instead of just aborting the 2.1 install without any clue as to why?

If you've tried this suggestion

Reader reports success with Boot Camp 2.1, XP SP3

Friday, May 16, 2008

Derick in England reports that the Boot Camp 2.1 update and Windows XP Service Pack 3 work well, and may have performance benefits:

I have 24-inch iMac just over a year old. I have over time installed the different versions of the Beta Boot Camp and then upgraded to Leopard. When offered the Windows XP SP3 update I tried to install with no success. Kept getting the advice that I had insufficient C: Drive space. although I knew there was at least 50 Gb available.

I checked on the Mac Download web site and found the Boot Camp 2.1 update. I installed this and then the Windows XP SP3. Now there's no problem and I find that Windows XP operation has improved and running faster that in the past.

TIP: Fixing Win XP if you accidentally install SP3 before Boot Camp 2.1

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bill Heintzberger inadvertently installed Service Pack 3 in Windows XP without first updating Boot Camp to version 2.1. Version 2.0 is incompatible with SP3. Here's what he did:

We accidentally installed Service Pack 3 before updating to latest version of Boot Camp on a 24" iMac. We'd get a black screen with blinking cursor when booting after installing SP3. The problem was that we neglected to install latest version of Boot Camp before installing SP3.

The solution was to boot Windows in Safe Mode and use the Window Restore function to roll back operating system prior to installation of SP3. I then installed the newest version of Boot Camp, and reinstalled SP3.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

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Reader report: Boot Camp claims insufficient drive space during partition | Top of Page |

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tom Treadwell reports a Boot Camp problem where an error message reports not enough disk space to partition, even though there is:

I'm having a frustrating time trying to use Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro running Leopard 10.5.2. The program starts to partition the drive then, when it's apparently finished, puts up a message saying that the computer must be restarted by holding down the Power button. When this is done and the computer reboots, Boot Camp produces a message saying that there is insufficient space on the drive for a partition (actually there is plenty). I'm only trying to create a 5 gig partition.

Restarting from a start-up CD and running Disk Utilities restores the correct volume space, but I still can't get beyond this stage to install Windows. I believe others have run across this problem, but have no idea what causes it or what the solution might be.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Fix for Boot Camp claiming insufficient drive space--defrag the disk

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alex Maurer sent in a suggestion for fixing the problem of Boot Camp reporting insufficient drive space during partitioning, even when there is plenty of free space. Maurer suggest defragmenting the drive:

I too have come across the error message that reports about not having enough disk space to partition, even though there is. This is due to some files being in the area that boot camp assistant is trying to use to partition and can be solved by defragmenting the disk with programs such as iDefrag ($30).

Since Mac OS X doesn't have its own defragment-program, it's only possible to do such operations with third party programs as I have mentioned above.

Interestingly, running iDefrag fixes another Boot Camp partitioning problem, that of kernel panics. We've only had reports of the problem (and the fix) with Mac OS X 10.5.2. If you've seen the problem with 10.5.3 or 10.5.4

TIP: Workaround for Boot Camp insufficient drive space issue (or, How to install XP SP3 in Boot Camp)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jim Birkenseer offered a workaround to Friday's problem of Boot Camp Assistant claiming there isn't enough drive space to partition a drive, when there actually is. Birkenseer reports:

I had the Boot Camp Insufficient Drive Space Issue just yesterday when installing Win XP Pro SP3 on a Mac mini. I found the workaround at this link. The workaround is a Windows registry thing. The poster of the message claims that the solution is from Microsoft. In case the above link fails for you, here is the solution that worked for me:

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
  2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup
  3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and click String Value.
  4. In the text box under the Name column, type BootDir and press ENTER.
  5. Right-click the name BootDir, and then click Modify.
  6. In the Edit String Value dialog box, type the drive letter for your system drive, and then click OK. For example, if your system drive is C:, type C:\.
  7. Close Registry Editor.

If you've tried this workaround

Two other readers send a previously report suggestion that works for a different problem, one of kernel panics during partitioning.

Merlin Sanders:

I seem to recall that boot camp requires that the free space needed to create the new partition must be all at the end of the drive. Boot camp does not defragment the hard drive, so if any files are within the size of the new partition then boot camp can not create the partition. Hope this helps.

Alvin Chao:

Not sure of the cause, but a resolution is to run a defrag on the disk using DiskWarrior or the like of that tool. Another alternative is to create a clone, wipe your drive and reinstall and import the cloned image. Again, these both defrag and give contiguous space for the partition which is what I think Leopard is complaining about.

Clarification on suggestion for Installing XP SP3 in Boot Camp

Friday, May 30, 2008

A reader sent a clarification of a tip sent in by another reader describing how to install Windows XP SP3 in Boot Camp:

Regarding the "Workaround for Boot Camp insufficient drive space issue" from Jim Birkenseer.

Clearly, a registry edit can't address the problem of the Boot Camp Assistant saying there is insufficient drive space since you are unable to create the Boot Camp partition, and therefore Windows is not yet installed.

I think Jim may be conflating two distinctly different issues. The issue he links to is one where in order to install XP SP3 in Boot Camp you need to either apply the registry edit suggested, or apply the Boot Camp 2.1 patch which is now available, before applying XP SP3.

Another reader, Alan Brown, reported success with Birkenseer's directions:

Regarding installing SP3 in Boot Camp; the instructions you give worked very well -- SP3 is installed OK.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader verifies tip for Boot Camp XP SP3 install tip

Monday, June 30, 2008

Mike Walsh verified a tip on how to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 in Boot Camp:

The Jim Birkenseer workaround worked for me. It took me a long time to locate your tip.

With this problem, Boot Camp reports that there isn't sufficient drive space to parition, even when there's plenty of space.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader success with workaround for Boot Camp insufficient drive space issue

Friday, August 15, 2008

Diana Winkler says that she had success with a previously reported workaround for the problem where Boot Camp Assistant falsely claims that there isn't enough drive space to partition a drive:

Thanks for the tip in MacWindows Report: Boot Camp in Leopard Tips and Reports regarding the workaround for Boot Camp insufficient drive space issue. I was trying to install Win XP SP3 and as getting that error. I had to do 2 things:

  1. First install the Boot Camp update 2.1 with the original Mac OS 10.x disk in the CD drive.
  2. Then I did the registry workaround described on your page.

I'm now all up to date.

If you've tried this

Reader verifies fix for installing SP3 in Boot Camp, but without SP2

Monday, February 16, 2009

Robert Palser reports success with the previously report fix for the Boot Camp problem installing Service Pack 3 (SP3) in Windows XP. This is where Windows claims there isn't enough disk space. One oddity is that he did not have SP2 installed, as is required by Boot Camp:

I just bought a new MacBook Pro 2.8GHz 4GB and ran Boot Camp. However I only have an original Windows XP install disc without SP2 and wanted to try and install it without having to slipstream. The initial install went without a hitch but when I tried to update to SP 3 it indicated that there was insufficient space on the drive. I used your regedit solution and voila, one perfectly functional copy of XP SP 3 without a dime spent on the vile Vista or wasted time with Slipstreaming.

If you've seen this

Reader verifies Registry fix for SP3 in Boot Camp

Friday, July 3, 2009

Simon Blanco verified a previously report fix for problems installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3):

Thanks a lot your excellent report titled TIP: Workaround for Boot Camp insufficient drive space issue (or, How to install XP SP3 in Boot Camp). It just let me install fine the SP3. Yours is the only solution in the whole web that really works.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

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TIP: Windows in Boot Camp doesn't see more than 2 GB RAM; plus, a 3 GB hack

Monday, July 7, 2008

With Mac Pros holding up to 32 GB of RAM, Mac users are wondering why they're only seeing Windows XP and Vista use 2 GB of RAM. Reports of plots by Microsoft or Apple to keep Windows off of Mac hardware aside, there does seem to be a logical explanation...

Read entire story here

Fixing Boot Camp Win XP without SP2

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Although Boot Camp requires Windows XP SP2 or greater, Ashley Cheng mistakenly installed Windows XP without SP2 into Boot Camp. She corrected the problem using a MacWindows tip for SP3:

I was not installing SP3 but the tip "How to install Windows XP SP3 in Boot Camp" worked for me in a related way. I mistakenly installed, what I thought was a copy of Windows XP SP2 but actually was, a copy of Windows XP on my Mac mini. It booted fine but when I tried to install boot camp drivers it failed because the Windows XP was not actually an SP2.

Instead of reinstalling with an SP2 installation disc, I tried to upgrade the installed XP to SP2. I then encountered the "insufficient disk space" problem that was described when people trying to upgrade from SP2 to SP3. I tried Jim's tip and the problem was solved. The upgrade to SP2 was successful and I could then install Boot camp drivers v2.0 and subsequently v2.1.

If you've tried this

TIP: Using a pre-SP2 Win XP installer in Boot Camp

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cathal Gallagher responded to a report about what to do if you accidentally install Windows XP without Service Pack 2 in Boot Camp. Gallagher has a suggestion on how to use a pre-SP2 XP installer: 070908c

If you want to install an older version of XP on you Mac (such as might be the case if your site license does not recognize Windows boot discs with SP2/SP3 preinstalled), you can create a version that "slipstreams" the service pack during the installation using a program such as nLite.

If you've tried this approach

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader interrupted Vista update in Boot Camp, now won't boot

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brian Johnson interrupted an update of Windows Vista in Boot Camp, and now can't get it to boot:

I was running Vista (32-bit) via Boot Camp on my Mac Pro 2.66 w/5GB ram, 10.5.4. Everything on the Mac side is up-to-date.

I thought I had completed all of the Vista updates a couple of weeks ago. The last thing I remembered was the PC side telling me to restart -- and I recall letting OS X boot up instead.

After two weeks, I decided this morning to visit the Dark Side to play World-in-Conflict, and I received a message that said in essence "Vista is configuring your update, Stage 3 of 3. Do not turn off your computer." After about 5 or 6 seconds, I received a new message that "Windows is shutting down." I must have gone through this sequence about 5 times before it dawned on me that something was very, very wrong.

I do Windows mainly for the games, but it had been two weeks, so I'm not a fanatic or a system tweaker. I rarely use the internet on the PC side, and I use the latest Norton anti-virus SW. In so many words, Vista ran w/o any incidents.

If you have a suggestion

Suggestions for Vista update problem in Boot Camp

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A couple of readers responded to our report about interrupting an update of Windows Vista in Boot Camp, and then being unable to boot.

Michael Sneider offered an explanation:

This was a bug in either the first version of the Windows Vista SP1 release or one of the updates right before the SP1 release. I don't recall all the specifics, but I do distinctly remember reading about the endless Stage 3 boot recycle. The solution, I think, was to reinstall Vista all over again. The broken MS updates have since been replaced with corrected versions.

Mike Vidal suggested doing a "repair install" of Windows Vista and then trying the upgrade again. However Vista does not have XP's Recovery Console, and does not have a repair install. But Vista does have a "repair your computer option." We found some info on Windows Vista repair here. There's some info here about reinstalling Vista.

If you reinstall Windows in Boot Camp, you'll need to reinstall the Apple drivers.

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Nividia video drivers fix fuzzy Boot Camp problem

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ben Staveley reported a blurred screen in Boot Camp, but drivers fixed it:

I recently installed Windows XP on my Mac Pro. When I was in Windows, all the text is half blurred and hard to read. I played around with the resolution settings but it didn't solve the problem. When I go back to the Mac side, it's all fine.

I sorted out the problem: installing the Nvidia drivers made it work.

If you've seen this

Nividia drivers don't help reader's fuzzy Boot Camp problem

Monday, August 25, 2008

James Smith reports having the fuzzy display with Windows in Boot Camp. Unlike our previous report, Apple's Nvidia drivers did not help. Smith reports:

I have Win XP SP2 on a 24-inch iMac. My card is an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GS. I have the same problem with blurry text. Everything looks fine on the Mac side, including in Parallels. When I try to install the Nvidia driver from the Apple site, I get the following message:

The Nvidia Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.

If you've seen this problem

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Boot Camp, Vista, and dual monitors: one display is dim

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kyle Matrosovs is having a Boot Camp problem with Windows Vista and two monitors in which one of the displays is dim:

My Mac Pro has Boot Camp 2.1, Vista SP1, and two Apple displays with ATI drivers.(The video card is the ATI Radeon X1900 that it shipped with.) When I boot to Vista, the second display immediately drops to its lowest brightness setting. The primary display is unaffected. It starts with whatever setting I gave it when last in Mac OS X. I cannot brighten the dim second LCD - there are no software brightness controls in the Vista display settings, and the hardware buttons on the panel itself have no effect in Vista. When I set its brightness to maximum in Mac OS X, it promptly forgets this and goes dim on the next Vista session. Going back to Leopard after Vista, the monitor stays darkened until reset with the Displays system preference pane. I have the latest of all drivers and system updates, on both the Mac and Vista sides.

It worked just fine until the latest updates to Boot Camp 2.1 and Vista Service Pack 1. Boot Camp 2.1 fixed some problems I had and boosted performance, especially in video…The dim second display (with no way to adjust the brightness) is the only problem I have now, and that is new. I don't know if it was the Boot Camp 2.1 or the Service Pack 1 update to Vista. SP1 otherwise was an improvement.

We previously reported other problems with external monitors, Boot Camp, and Vista.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: fix for Boot Camp/Vista, dual monitors with one display dim

Monday, October 6, 2008

Adam Prall offers a way to fix a Boot Camp problem with Windows Vista and two monitors in which one of the displays is dim:

Install WinACD from SourceForge (Vista 32-bit only). It gives you brightness controls for Apple Cinemas.

We've previously reported WinACD as a way to use a 30" Cinema Display with Boot Camp.

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Random crashes of Windows in Boot Camp

Friday, August 15, 2008

Emy Amstein is having a problem where Windows randomly crashes in Boot Camp:

I would like to report a problem with my MacBook on Win XP. My specs:

  • MacBook 2.4GHz (1 month old)
  • 4GB RAM
  • WinXP Pro SP2
  • BootCamp 2.1

My problem: random crashes. I get them on what seems like a total random basis. The computer may run for 3 hours without problem. Sometimes it crashes after only 5 minutes. The CPU load does not seem to make any difference. I get a blue screen and I have to use the power button to turn the computer off (I can provide the informations of the blue screen if anyone asks).

I've searched forums for hours to find out why this happens, but nobody seems to have a clear explanation. Some blame a hardware/heatsink problem, others say that RAM could be the problem, while others blame bad drivers. I've read accounts of people getting in touch with Apple Care and enter a spiral of sending back their computer for repair several times, with short-lasting improvement or sometimes no results at all.

There's a post on your (very interesting) page named "Reader's video driver crashes under Vista on iMac", and the user describes a fault that resembles mine although it happens on Vista: "Much more rarely I get a blue screen that doesn't stay displayed long. After that, Vista reboots by itself."

The blue screen "doesn't stay long" because this user has Windows set to reboot on crash, which is not my case, but it really is a blue screen.

If you've seen this problem

Vista crashing in Boot Camp

Friday, August 22, 2008

Weylin Rose is having problems with Windows Vista crashing on his iMac. Another reader previously reported similar symptoms with Windows XP. Rose reports:

My iMac is barely a week old. I installed Vista and everything was working great, but after a short period of time I began to get random crashes. It tends to be when I'm doing some constant load on the computer, such as video editing on Premier CS3, downloading an update, browsing the internet for 5 minutes straight, or importing video onto Premier CS3. I usually get a blue screen saying the computer needed to shut down. Then it starts back up with a black screen asking if I would like to start it in one of 3 safe modes or normal startup.

But sometimes it just freezes and I have to use the on/ off button to shut it down and start it back up. I'm running Boot Camp version 2.0, not 2.1, I can't keep it operating long enough to actually download the 2.1 update. If you can provide me with any help it would be greatly appreciated. I got this computer mainly for video editing, I had a copy of Premier I got from a friend, which is the only reason I'm running Windows.

Here's my computer setup: 20" iMac 2.66ghz core2duo 4g ram 500g hard drive Vista Home premium.

If you've seen this problem

More reports of Windows randomly crashing in Boot Camp

Monday, August 25, 2008

Three readers wrote to verify previous reports of random crashing of Windows XP and Vista in Boot Camp. It happens with different Macs models, notebooks and desktops.

Scott Harvey sees it with Windows XP on a MacBook:

I'm having the same problem as Emy Anstein. I'm running Windows XP SP2 on a 2.6Ghz MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM only 3 months old.

I'm getting random crashes that flash up with a blue screen, then it instantly shuts down. When I restart I'm asked to send a report to Microsoft (which I do). It says its either a driver problem or hardware problem. I took it to the Genius bar at Apple but they wont touch it because it's running Windows. I took it to two seperate computer shops and none of them can get to the bottom of the problem. It's still crashing.

David Bramley also has the problem with XP SP2

I have iMac 7.1 with Intel processor. The dual-boot system ran smoothly when I first installed Win XP a few months ago but it became worse and worse. In the end I was getting so many blue screens in Win XP that it was not worth continuing to run the OS. I got rid of the whole partition a few times and reinstalled Windows but always with the same result. I just tried a new install and the system wouldn't even start to install Windows XP.

Kristoffer Hoeg is seeing the problem in Vista on an iMac:

I am experiencing similar symptoms: Vista suddenly shows blue screen and reboots with no notice at all. The problem seems to have started only a few months ago and occurs about once or twice within a week or so. On all occasions the processing tasks have been fairly low CPU-usage ones: editing a Word-document, playing a DVD movie and so on.

I can't remember having this problem from when I bought the computer late 2007; although I'm not 100 percent sure it didn't happen once before.

I have upgraded the system with Kingston RAM specified for that iMac model, apart from that only upgrades are automatic software upgrades. System: 20" iMac mid/late 2007, Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2GHz, 4GB RAM, Vista Business SP1.

If you're seeing the problem

TIP: Boot Camp Vista Crashing: 4 GB no go with 32-bit Vista

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ron Bellman solved the previously reported problem with Windows Vista crashing in Boot Camp: For 32-bit Vista, use 3 GB RAM. For 64-bit Vista, 4 GB works. Bellman's report:

I had the problem of random crashes with my 2.4 GH MacBook Pro with 4 GB of Apple memory but I discovered that if you're not running Vista in the 64-bit version Vista cannot address that much RAM. If you want to continue running the 32-bit version you need to cut back your RAM to 3 GB maximum.

I had 2 modules of 2 GB's each and I removed one of the modules and replaced it with a 1 GB module. When I reduced the RAM to 3GB my problem went away; everything has been working fine since. I have recently upgraded to the Vista 64-bit version, reinstalled my 2 GB module for a total of 4 GB and everything works fine.

If you've tried this

Another report of Vista crashing in Boot Camp

Monday, October 20, 2008

Iwan D. agrees with many previous reports of Vista crashing in Boot Camp:

I'm running Vista Business SP 1 32-bit on my brand new iMac Core 2 Duo 2.4 20" screen. I'm frustrated because Vista crashes every 15 minutes. I installed the latest Boot Camp update for Vista 32-bit but to no avail. Tried to find a solution via Apple and Microsoft, both they don't really address the issue. I've looked into my device manager, no problem whatsoever. I noticed a slight flicker on the screen in Vista. (No flicker in OS X 10.5.)

If you've seen this problem or know of a fix

Vista blue-screening in Boot Camp

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carlos Acosta wrote in response to previous reports of random crashing of Windows in Boot Camp. The problem started when he had a second monitor, but continued afterwards:

My MacBook Pro is a few months old and I have to run SolidWorks which is Windows only. My system began blue-screening after using it with a dual monitor. I have found no solution yet. It is worst when I re-boot and do not have the 2nd monitor connected. Many windows open to the virtual space where the monitor used to be..even though I closed the programs on the laptop display.

When it is working the MacBook Pro and Windows are fantastic. When it is broken, there is no support. Apple blames Windows, NVIDIA blames Microsoft, SolidWorks blames everybody.

If you've seen this

More on Vista RAM limitations; Vista SP1 reports 4 MB

Monday, September 8, 2008

Several readers responded to last week's report of Windows Vista 32-bit version crashing a Mac (Boot Camp) with 4-MB of RAM. Although these readers did not have the crashing problem, the did verify that Vista only reported 3 MB in a Mac with 4 MB or RAM. As we've previously reported, Windows Vista and XP reserve a certain amount of RAM for addressing video memory, which means Windows "can't see" the rest.

It turns out that Vista Service Pack 1 changed how Vista reports RAM. Although it cannot address any more RAM, SP1 now reports a full 4MB in a 4MB Mac. Apple Insider has an article that mentions the change:

In Vista and prior, it reported usable RAM, while in SP1 they changed it to report installed RAM ignoring the fact that much of the RAM was unusable due to overlap with video memory." And so many PC users are installing 4GB of RAM in their PCs and thinking that it is being used by the system, when in fact it is no more beneficial than if the RAM were simply poked halfway into the CD slot.

Apple Insider also describes why this is not a problem with Mac OS X:

With Intel's "Santa Rosa" platform, Apple's Core 2 Duo machines gained chipset support to internally handle 8GB of address space. This allows Santa Rosa Macs to shove MMIO up into the high end of the space and reclaim all of the addresses below the 4GB mark, making the full amount available to the system. No version of 32-bit Windows supports this, and conversely, there is no 32-bit version of Mac OS X Leopard, so the "where is my full 4GB?" issue is now a Windows-only problem going forward.

(Thanks to John Schumacher in the United Kingdom for the link to article.)

Cameron Palm thinks the problem with Vista crashing in 4 GB may be hardware:

I haven't had this problem at all. My Mac is the 2.4 GHz. MacBook Pro 17" with HD display Santa Rosa motherboard. My RAM is from crucial which is a third party is the user using Apple's RAM? Or better question. Does he have the Santa Rosa motherboard that sees 4 gigs for Mac? I could see there being a conflict if his motherboard isn't built to run 4 gigs. He should run the Apple hardware check.

Paul Kropp also sees 3 GB in Vista:

Well, FWIW, my MacBook Pro 2.4GHz with 4 GB memory (2 matched 2 GB sticks @667 MHz) runs Vista 32-bit without any problems whatsoever. Yes, Vista is seeing only 3 GB when it's running, but that's just Vista 32-bit and it's running just fine.

Laurie Davis of Auckland, New Zealand verified this phenomenon, including an upgrade to SP1. He also likes Vista on a Mac:

I recently installed Vista Business as an upgrade from XP on my MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa, 2.4GHZ). The MBP has 4GB RAM installed and this reports accurately under Mac OS 10.5.4. Reporting under Vista, however, indicated only 3GB until the other day. Whether something has changed in the last few days, maybe auto update [to SP1], I'm unsure. But Vista is now reporting, correctly that 4GB is installed on the MBP.

My experience of Vista is far more positive than with XP. With the latter I had many problems getting Boot Camp to install the OS, and drivers to install etc. With a clean install of Vista the problems have largely disappeared. The only exceptions are that the numeric keypad on the new slimline aluminium keyboard still won't work (all other keys do) and Airport Extreme doesn't work. The slimline keyboard is a superb accessory if using the MBP as a de facto desktop, incidentally

More on Vista RAM limitations; Vista SP1 reports 4 MB

Monday, September 15, 2008

Laurie Davis of Auckland, New Zealand, sent an update to his previous report about the question of how much RAM Windows Vista can access:

Just a couple of small updates on my last email:

I am using Vista SP1 on my MBP with 4GB RAM installed so I guess that explains the correct RAM reporting under Vista.

My numeric keypad now works under Vista. The issue was resolved by my 'discovery' of the 'Clear' key, which, of course, turns on the keypad. D'oh.

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Vista in Boot Camp is hot, hot, hot

Friday, August 22, 2008

Paul Kropp reports that Windows Vista makes his MacBook Pro run hot:

I have been experimenting with Windows Vista Ultimate on my MacBook Pro via Boot Camp 2.1 (2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 10.5.4).

I have had no real issues with getting everything going, and no issues with Vista itself -- which seems to be nicely tuned and tamed by the Boot Camp drivers.

But I have a real issue with the amount of heat this machine generates with Vista running. I sometimes do video conversions with VisualHub in Leopard. The processor usage can be fairly high, the bottom of the machine increases in temperature noticeably and the MBPro's fans rev up to keep things within tolerances. However, when running Windows Vista this machine heats up very noticeably -- and continuously -- and there's no fan action at all!

I'd like to know what's up with that. This apparently has not been flagged as an issue on your site, so I'm wondering if I'm (relatively) alone in experiencing this behavior or not.

I am reluctant to use Vista without the confidence that the machine can protect itself from overheating.

If you've seen this problem

In Boot Camp, Vista runs hot; In VMware, it is not

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rob Frei responded to an August post about a MacBook Pro running very hot when booted from Vista 64 using Boot Camp. He doesn't have the problem when Vista runs in a virtual machine:

I have the same problem. Vista is working fine. I'm running the 64-bit version of Pro/Engineer on my Mac in Vista 64. My MBP runs perfectly in OS X, but it runs very hot in Vista. I'm not sure its safe either, but I haven't found any definitive info on the Internet (including Apple's website).

I have a new 2.53 GHz MBP with 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Ram. I'm running OS X (10.5.5). I have the latest version of Boot Camp, and I believe my drivers are all up to date. I haven't noticed these problems when I run Vista in VMware Fusion. I'm rather sorry I installed Vista at this point.

What could be happening is that in VMware, Mac OS X is handling the power/cooling management, while in Boot Camp, Vista is handling it, or not managing it at all.

If you've seen this

Tip: Keeping Vista Cool in Boot Camp

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A number of readers have responded to Monday's report of Windows running hot in Boot Camp on MacBook Pros. Several readers report that one solution is to use software to force the MacBook Pro's fan to continue operating while booted in Windows. It appears that Windows is not telling the fan to turn on. Most reports have been with Windows Vista, but we do have one report of hot operation with Windows XP.

Rob Frei, who reported on Monday, believes that on the new dual-GPU MacBook Pro, Vista uses the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT processor, the faster (and hotter) of the two processors, and that Windows has no way of allowing you to switch to the cooler 9400M. We have Frei's and other reports below. Ivan Drucker described two utilities that can keep Windows cool in Boot Camp...

Another idea: Boot Camp Vista overheating cured by undervolting

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We've previously reported problems with Mac Book/MB Pros running very hot with Boot Camp and Windows Vista. One solution is to use a piece of software called Input Remapper to turn on the fans. Bob Estes used another approach:

This may not be news to everyone, but it was to me. I have found a solution to Vista (and probably XP) running too hot under Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro (or MacBook presumably): undervolting. I've written about it in a blog post.

The problem I had was so severe that fans were of no use even at maximum speed. The undervolting cuts about 20 degrees C off the temperature though, in my case. Problem solved.

If you've tried this

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Readers report: Win won't boot or install in Boot Camp if external drives attached

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two readers report that Windows XP can't boot in Boot Camp if there are external drives connected to the Mac. Fred had to unplug his drives:

My Mac (Leopard 10.5.4) wont boot into Windows at all if I have any external drives connected. Win XP 32 Boot Camp will not boot into Windows if there are any FireWire drives connected to the computer. All of my FireWire are formatted Mac OS X journaled, so it's not that there are two FAT32 drives and it confuses the boot process. All other drives should not interfere with booting at all. But it does.

Makes it very hard to be productive when I am constantly getting down on my knees behind my desk to unplug the FireWire drives. Not sure this matters, but there are two FireWire 800 drives and two FireWire 400 drives total.

Bill Heintzberger had to turn off the external drives:

We had a problem with Windows on a new iMac 24-inch 2 GB RAM, with two external hard drive attached. Windows XP would hang when booting. It would stop after displaying the initial screen (logo with moving indicator). The solution is to turn off both external hard drives attached to the iMac, and Windows boots normally.

We previously had a report of a similar problem with the Boot Camp Beta in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, but these are the first reports in Leopard.

If you've seen this problem

More on Win/Boot Camp not booting with external drives attached

Monday, September 15, 2008

Amar Chaker verified the problem where external drives connected to a Mac can keep Windows/Boot Camp from starting up:

I experienced the same problem: I have Windows XP Pro with SP3 installed with Boot Camp 2.1 on a MacBook Pro purchased in March 2008. On the Mac side, I use Time Machine with a Western Digital MyBook Studio 500GB external drive formatted for Mac and connected through the FireWire 800 port. I must physically disconnect the external drive for Windows to boot successfully.

If you've seen this issue

Win won't boot in Boot Camp if external drives attached: DVD drive as well

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ricardo Leitão responded to previous reports of Windows not booting in Boot Camp if external drivers are attached:

I have experiences this problem since I got my iMac soon after Leopard's release. I use my iMac as a media theater PC to play HD and BlueRays and have to boot into Windows for such effect. Any drive, FAT or NFTS formatted, or even an extern DVD player with no DVD in it causes Windows not to boot. The problem is detected when I am asked whether to boot on Windows or Mac soon after rebooting the computer. When Windows is selected the computer just freezes. I don't think I have experiences this problem with Mac Formatted Drives. (I also have one external Mac formatted drive and I never unplug that one before booting Windows).

If you've seen this problem

Win won't boot in Boot Camp if HD, flash drive attached; fuzzy audio

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two more readers affirmed previous reports that Windows won't boot in Boot Camp with external drives attached to the Mac. Melvin Mallett also sees the problem with USB flash drives. And he reports a problem with audio quality in Windows:

I am running Microsoft Windows Vista 32 Bit with Service Pack 1 on my Intel Based iMac. I am using Boot Camp 2.1 to boot between the Leopard and Vista operating systems. Like some of your other readers, I have noticed that Windows Vista will not boot up if I have an external hard drive plugged into a USB slot, or even if I have a USB flash drive plugged into a USB slot. I have to unplug all drives to get the windows vista to boot up.

Also, the sound quality in Windows Vista is "fuzzy." I went to the Realtek website and downloaded and installed the latest sound drivers but, it didn't seem to help much.

Neil McFarlane reports gets a black screen with XP. He also cannot access drives from Windows:

I have a MacBook, Leopard, XP SP3 and I experienced the same problems booting XP. If I have any drives connected I get only a black screen after the Windows screen. The bigger problem I have is the drives I connect via FireWire or USB are detected by the computer but NOT accessible in the my computer folder. Device manager has everything working fine; however, I can not access any of my hard drives. Would love to hear if anyone has the same problems or a fix.

If you've seen these problems or know of a fix

Another Boot Camp Windows that won't boot with external drives attached

Friday, April 24, 2009

John McCraine reports that after upgrading Windows XP to Service Pac 3 in Boot Camp, Windows can't boot if there is an external FireWire drive attached:

I've recently had this problem on my 20" iMac purchased August 2007. It is one of the first aluminum iMacs. I recently installed SP3 on the Boot Camp partition for Win XP. I had to modify the registry in order to get this SP to install, I was getting the "not enough disk space" error message. I have a WD external hard drive that is formatted for Mac OS and connected with the FW800 connection. Previously I could just leave this HD connected and boot into Win XP with no problems. I think it was after the SP3 install that the computer would hang when booting. After disconnecting everything, the computer will finish the boot routine. My fix now is to disconnect the FireWire cable when using Windows.

We've reported the FireWire issue before. If you've seen it

McCraine didn't mention what version of Boot Camp he is using. Windows XP SP3 requires Boot Camp 2.1.

TIP: FireWire drive preventing Windows install in Boot Camp

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mary Jo McKown couldn't get Windows to install in Boot Camp, until she unplugged a FireWire hard drive:

I have a brand new 24-inch iMac and a brand new store-bought copy of Windows Vista Home Basic SP1. Everything was fine until about 2/3 of the way through the Windows installation when it would freeze. I was on the phone to Apple and Microsoft. I have erased my hard drive and started over. I traded in my DVD of Vista for a new copy just in case. No resolution.

Then I figured it out!

I unplugged the FireWire cable from the back of the iMac. I am pretty sure I had the external drive turned off on previous tries, but I had left it plugged in. I hope this helps other people because Apple techs and Microsoft had no ideas.

If you've seen this issue

Another Boot Camp Windows that won't install/boot with external drives attached

Friday, April 24, 2009

John McCraine reports that after upgrading Windows XP to Service Pac 3 in Boot Camp, Windows can't boot if there is an external FireWire drive attached:

I've recently had this problem on my 20" iMac purchased August 2007. It is one of the first aluminum iMacs. I recently installed SP3 on the Boot Camp partition for Win XP. I had to modify the registry in order to get this SP to install, I was getting the "not enough disk space" error message. I have a WD external hard drive that is formatted for Mac OS and connected with the FW800 connection. Previously I could just leave this HD connected and boot into Win XP with no problems. I think it was after the SP3 install that the computer would hang when booting. After disconnecting everything, the computer will finish the boot routine. My fix now is to disconnect the FireWire cable when using Windows.

We've reported the FireWire issue before. If you've seen it

McCraine didn't mention what version of Boot Camp he is using. Windows XP SP3 requires Boot Camp 2.1.

Boot Camp install hang with FireWire attached

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unseelie responded to our April 24 report of a FireWire drive preventing Windows from installing in Boot Camp. He sees the problem with Windows Vista SP1, but not SP2:

I can reproduce this issue with Vista SP1 100 percent of the time. Leaving a FireWire drive attached (and turned on) will cause Vista SP1 installation to hang. However, it does not reproduce with Vista Gold (no service pack), and with the current beta of Vista SP2. I have not tried with XP as I do not own a copy. Taking that into account, and that Boot Camp drivers are not installed yet, perhaps we're looking at a Windows bug?

If you've seen this problem

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Reader question of the day: how to clone a Boot Camp partition

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Q: Jason Cole asks (sent from his iPhone):

Mac Windows Guy, how do I backup my Boot Camp partition in an exact clone style?

A: There's a shareware utility called Winclone that will clone Windows XP and Windows Vista Boot Camp partitions, both FAT32 and NTFS varieties. Not only is Winclone good for back up and restore, but you can use it for setting up identical Boot Camp installations on multiple Macs.

If you've tried Winclone

More on cloning Boot Camp: Netrestore and Winclone

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A number of readers responded to our report about Winclone, a utility that can clone Boot Camp partitions. Several readers reported good experiences with Winclone. Others mentioned another alternative, NetRestore from Bombich software.

Anderson Lam on NetRestore:

The free Netrestore is also able to make file images of Boot Camp partitions.

Jamie Pruden adds more detail:

You can clone a Boot Camp partition very easily to an external hard drive with NetRestore (actually, with the NetRestore Helper application that's included with NetRestore) from the Mac side. NetRestore allows you to restore the partition to its previous state, and with FireWire 800, it does it very quickly.

Sable Cantus points out some uses for Winclone:

I have used Winclone from Tim Perfitt for more than a year now. It is a great tool and really does work. There has been a lot of discussion about imaging and deploying Windows-on-Mac on the discussion lists and Winclone stands out as being able to restore to different sized partitions and able to deploy via ARD to a lab already imaged with OS X.

Danny Wong also likes Winclone:

Yes, Winclone does clone any Intel Mac and duplicate to any different Intel Mac, but need to re-activate the Windows XP or Vista.

Amit Pathak wants to use Winclone over a network:

I've downloaded and installed Winclone and it worked great on a one to one deployment of Windows XP. I will be experimenting with Apple Remote Desktop soon and will see how it works for a multiple deployment situation.

If you've used Winclone or NetRestore, or can compare the two,

TIP: Change SID when cloning Boot Camp/Windows on Windows network

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daniel Öhman in Sweden warns that when you clone a Boot Camp/Windows partition with Winclone and use it on another Mac on a Windows network, you'll need to change the Security ID (SID):

If two or more computers have the same SID they would corrupt domain membership for each other. Causing everyone but the last joined computer not to be able to log on the domain.

NewSID (download at Microsoft) from former Sysinternals solves this issue manually. From the Microsoft website:

Introduction. Many organizations use disk image cloning to perform mass rollouts of Windows. This technique involves copying the disks of a fully installed and configured Windows computer onto the disk drives of other computers. These other computers effectively appear to have been through the same install process, and are immediately available for use. While this method saves hours of work and hassle over other rollout approaches, it has the major problem that every cloned system has an identical Computer Security Identifier (SID). This fact compromises security in Workgroup environments, and removable media security can also be compromised in networks with multiple identical computer SIDs.

Tim Perfitt at TwoCanoes, told us that Winclone doesn't change the SID when you use it to clone Boot Camp partitions:

Winclone does not change the SID, and this has to be done either with Sysprep or NewSID. This post was just made in our forums.

If you've had experience with this issue when cloning Boot Camp partitions

TIP: Another way to change SID on cloned Boot Camp images: use MS Sysprep

Friday, November 14, 2008

Marc Berger responded to a tip about the need to change the Windows Security ID (SID) when cloning a Boot Camp partition. Berger offers another method:

Just read your post about changing SIDs on Winclone images of Boot Camp installations. We use Microsoft's utility called Sysprep.

I use an answer file along with the mini-setup. The answer file contains answers to questions that the MS installer needs to complete installation, i.e. Product activation code, registered to, etc. Mini-setup will auto-detect new hardware, which on Mac's isn't fully necessary because all you need to do is rerun the latest Boot Camp drivers installer if you have different hardware. I follow these steps:

Get my XP image ready Run Sysprep from a folder on the root of C called sysprep - have your answers file in the same folder Choose mini-setup and reboot During the reboot, do not let Windows boot, instead hold down option and boot into OS X Clone with WinClone When your image has been restored to your new Mac, boot into Windows There will be two to three reboots - one for a check disk, one for the mini-setup and SID change, and one for any drivers that may need to be installed.

If you've tried this method

Syspreping Winclone images works

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Richard Eppert confirms a previous suggestion that Microsoft's Sysprep works for cloning Boot Camp images using Winclone:

Marc Berger is correct, using Sysprep is the way to go. I use exactly the same procedure on our Winclone images and I have our Vista Winclone image pickup the same GPO's that our Dell PCs use after the system is imaged, so the Vista environment looks exactly the same.

More on Winclone for cloning Boot Camp Partition

Monday, December 15, 2008

John Baltierra described how he uses Winclone to clone Boot Camp partitions and SysPrep to change the partition's Windows Security ID:

I've been using Winclone for about a year for one dual-boot classroom (19 Mac Pros). Two months ago I added a second classroom (17 iMacs).

I use Sysprep on my model image of Windows XP SP2 before I clone. Unfortunately, so far I've needed a separate image for each model of Mac.

I use a UNIX command to log into a work account on the classroom Macs. I use ARD on my Mac Book to copy a Winclone image onto the desktops of all Macs. Winclone permanently resides on the desktop of the work account.

Presently, I manually run Winclone to "restore" the new image to the Boot Camp partition. I intend to adapt Tom Perfitt's script for ARD to perform batch restores. But, my current operation is truly reliable.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader's Boot Camp Win XP max out Mac CPU

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gary Maedl says that Windows XP is using most of his Mac's two processor cores even when no applications are running:

I've been running Boot Camp with Win XP SP3 since Boot Camp was first released. Generally, I love it. However, on occasion, I get a really strange system behavior with no apparent cause or fix. My machine (MacBook Pro 17" 2.33 GHz Dual Core 4 GB RAM) will run with CPU 1 at or near 100 percent and CPU 2 at around 60 percent in Win XP. When it is doing this, nothing (no application) is running on the Mac.

If I leave the machine for a time (hours), it still runs at this load even though no applications appear to be running in Windows. The last time this happened, I had to totally rebuild the machine. Now it has just started again.

If you've seen this problem

TIPs for taking care of Windows maxing out Mac CPU in Boot Camp

Monday, December 1, 2008

Two readers responded to the report Reader's Boot Camp Win XP maxes out Mac CPU. Robert Pendell suggested a Windows utility to look into the problem, which could be a Windows driver:

I do not have a Mac or Boot Camp but if the Task Manager isn't showing anything try using a program called Process Explorer. (It was developed by SysInternals and is available from Microsoft's Website in the TechNet area.) Check to see if the process labeled "System" has a high CPU usage mark on it. If it does then a driver is taking up the load. Double-clicking on it and going to the threads tab may help which driver is taking up the CPU load.

If you've tried this

John Lockwood had another suggestion and some explanation:

I have on many occasions seen Windows XP max out a single core, typically it does not max out both because Windows XP, and Windows applications fail to take advantage of both CPUs.

Sometimes causing a core/CPU to max out is merely due to launching a program that takes some time to do its task; Other times it is while Windows is generating a crash report. Recently I had a case where simply opening "Add/Remove programs" caused one of the cores to max out for quite a long time, before it finally finished listing the installed applications. I also remember a incident a long time ago where some disk corruption caused a similar situation. I would say that normally this indicates a software problem but I have used at least one application that 'normally' maxed out a CPU while starting up.

Doing a "Control Alt Delete" to bring up the Task Manager should let you list the running processes (not the running Applications) and then you can sort by max CPU usage to see the culprit process.

With Gary's report of CPU 1 at 100 percent and CPU 2 at 60 percent, what this will typically mean is a single process has maxed out one of the CPUs and all the other processes added together result in the 60 percent of the second CPU.

When I only had a single CPU (real) PC and it was at 100 percent, this meant the PC was so slow I could not get it to respond to load Task Manager, thank heavens all modern computers have at least 2 cores.

Dealing with Windows maxing out the Mac's CPU

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two more readers report the problem with Windows XP using most of the Macs processing cores in Boot Camp. The problem has been reported as a Windows problem that also occurs on non-Apple computers. We've previously reported some suggestions for the problem. Today, two readers told us how they are dealing with it.

Vince believes the problem occurs when the computer gets to warm:

I get this problem from time to time. It usually happens when my system is really hot. The system appears to be at maximum CPU use even though nothing is running. The fan is constantly on. Trivial operations take forever. The only way to make it stop is to turn off the computer long enough for it to cool down. The hot computer will work fine in OSX though.

If I had to guess I think the power control is messed up on XP. It thinks the processor is too hot and it's dropping the processor speed to try to cool it off but it's not cooling off. It just keeps dropping until it can't drop any further and just running XP pins the system.

Steven Nishida also has a workaround:

I have been having the same recurring problem with Windows XP SP3 on a MacBook Pro 15" via Boot Camp. I am also using Parallels running off the Boot Camp partition. I am usually in Boot Camp as Dragon Dictate seems to perform better in Boot Camp and my office software loses some functionality in Parallels. On a frequent basis, 1-2 times a week my CPU seems to get maxed out at 90-99% (I haven't noticed what the second CPU is doing but I think it is also in the 80-90% range) and the machine slows to a crawl. I have not been able to identify any process that is using up all the cycles in the Windows Task Manager. The System is the largest process at 20% when this happens. System Idle is only at 20%.

If I boot into Mac OS X and boot up XP in Parallels then shut it down and reboot to Boot Camp all is well for a few days.

If you have a suggestion for this issue or have tried one of the suggestions above

TIP: Win XP cell phone software maxed out Mac CPU in Boot Camp

Friday, December 19, 2008

Steven Nishida send a followup to his previous report about Windows XP using most of the Macs processing cores in Boot Camp. He has found the cause and eliminated it:

Process Explorer identified a process VENTC.EXE that was using about 10 percent CPU cycles whenever my system would lock up. Natspeak.exe was using another 20 percent. I identified VENTC.EXE as being part of the software installed when I tethered my cell phone to Verizon Wireless. Since I already have switched carriers, I deinstalled the Verizon software and have had no further problems with my Macbook Pro freezing from maxed out CPU cycles for two weeks now. The Natspeak.exe is part of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I have left it in place.

If you've seen this issue or can verify this

Apple replaces reader's iMac for Boot Camp Win maxing out Mac CPU

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stephen Durman reports having the problem of Windows XP using most of the Macs processing cores in Boot Camp. He tried previously reported workaround, but eventually, Apple replaced the Mac:

We have a MacBook Pro running Windows XP SP3 that does the same thing as Steven Nishida, and we also discovered many months ago that booting to the Mac side, then booting back to Windows fixes the problem. But eventually it will do it again. One of our iMacs running SP3 on Boot Camp was doing the same thing, and at first, booting to the Mac OS would stop it, but as time went by this did not fix it. This had an AppleCare policy on it, the first time at the Apple Store they replaced the hard drive and some temperature sensors, and it was fine for a few months. Then it started doing it again, and on the next trip to the Apple Store they could not figure it out and decided to totally replace the computer. I imagine I will see this problem eventually on one or more of our other iMacs or MacBook if it is not figured out.

If you've seen this

Boot Camp won't work with ATTO SAS PCI

Monday, January 5, 2009

Matthew Rogers can't get Boot Camp to boot when his Mac Pro has an ATTO SAS card installed:

I have an early 2008 Mac Pro with OS X and Windows XP Boot Camp installed on it. I also have RocketRAID, BlackMagic Video IO, and ATTO SAS PCI- e cards installed. When I try to boot into Windows via Boot Camp, the ATTO card will not let Windows boot. It just sits there searching for devices. I am supposed to be able to hit Control-Z to access the setup, but alas, Boot Camp won't let me use the keyboard until Windows has booted. The only way I can currently use Windows (except for Parallels) is by manually removing the ATTO card.

If you've seen this problem

Boot Camp doesn't work with RAID

Monday, January 19, 2009

Clyde Lee Graham commented on our report "Boot Camp won't work with ATTO SAS PCI card:"

Boot Camp will not work on a RAID configuration. That's noted right in the Boot Camp manual.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Boot Camp install error: Windows cannot configure one or more system components

Monday, January 12, 2009

William Ward is encountering an error that prevents the installation of Windows Vista in Boot Camp:

I am a new Mac user and the proud new owner of a Macbook Pro. I am trying to install the OEM version of Vista Home Premium 64-bit on my brand new MacBook Pro. I use Boot Camp assistant to create a 60 GB partition, insert my Vista CD to start the install, use advanced options to let Vista convert drive format to NTFS.

I then start the installation and everything seems to be normal. The system goes through installation but when it does its first reboot and comes back to the install screen it errors on the step that says completing installation. It remains on the completing installation step for a few minutes and then an error comes up that says "Windows cannot configure one or more system components. To install windows restart the computer and restart the installation."

I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I have searched and found nothing that will help with this error on a Mac. I have tried 3 times with the same error.

If you've seen this problem

Boot Camp install error may be due to OEM Windows

Monday, January 19, 2009

Several readers wrote to commend on last week's report "Boot Camp install error: Windows cannot configure one or more system components." Most point to the fact that this was an OEM version of Windows. One reader found a way around the problem.

Jim Esten could not install his OEM copy of Windows:

The operative word may be 'OEM'. If the copy of Windows came with a PC rather than as a separate retail purchase, it may be looking for a signature of some kind on the motherboard which doesn't exist. I tried my Dell XP Home CD with Boot Camp and got a blue screen early in the process.

Erik Akerblom saw this multiple times:

This has happened to me multiple times, on multiple machines, with multiple versions, and discs. Very frustrating. Perhaps related to an OEM version. Nothing to back that up, but I recently found an XP Pro Version 2002 SP2 disc that worked without problems. It worked on multiple computers that had the same problem. The brand new untouched OEM version of XP Pro I tried was a no go.

Dave got it to work, though he didn't say if he had an OEM Windows:

I had the same error on repeated trials. Here's what I did: I used disk utility to format the drive for Mac (HFS+), then booted to my Windows DVD and installed, forcing Windows to format it. I deleted the Mac partition and Windows gave a message that it would create two partitions, a small one for system files and the main one for everything else. Everything installed fine, and the drive shows up on my Mac as two partitions formatted NTSC/MBR.

If you've seen this issue

Workaround for Boot Camp install problem with OEM Windows

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daniel Öhman forwarded his workaround for problems installing an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of Windows in Boot Camp. He put Windows and Mac OS X on separate hard drives:

I also had this issue with Vista x86 and x64 SP1 OEM. Installed on a separate hard drive and not as a partition on the OS X system drive. The Windows Installer seems to have issues with this when the primary disk has an unknown format.

I solved it by doing the following:

  1. Format the disk with the Boot Camp utility.
  2. Shut down the Mac.
  3. Physically disconnect the internal hard drive.
  4. Started the Mac from the Vista DVD and then it worked fine.
  5. Reconnected the OS X hard drive.

If you've tried this

Using disk image to get around Boot Camp install problem with OEM Windows

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chad Heipler found a way around the Boot Camp install error, Windows cannot configure one or more system components. Several readers previously attributed it to an OEM copy of Windows. Heipler was using a Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) copy , but solved the issue using a disk image:

I had this issue as well on a new 17" MacBook Pro. The fix for me was to use a downloaded Vista ISO disk image instead of an MSDN DVD. Not sure why this worked as I had used the MSDN DVD on another new 17” MacBook Pro. The only other thing I changed was the size of the Vista partition. Originally I was going for a 227GB Vista and a Mac partition with 50GB of free space (our developers primarily use Vista). I ended up changing the size to 237GB Vista and 40GB free for the Mac. I doubt it is the change in disk size and think it was more to do with the DVD.

If you've seen this

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Boot Camp install error seen with non-OEM Vista SP1

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jason King is seeing the same error as readers reporting installation errors in Boot Camp with OEM versions of Windows (versions which originally came with a PC). King, however, does not have an OEM version:

I'm having the same problem as William Ward. I'm trying to run a full install of Vista Home Premium with SP 1 and keep getting the following error message: Windows cannot configure one or more system components

I'm using a new MacBook Pro 15". The Boot Camp partition was 64GB. I was able to install Vista as a virtual machine in VMware Fusion.

It's a legit, stand-alone version copy from Best Buy. It's never been installed on any machine other than as virtual machine in Fusion. I've talked with both Apple and Microsoft support. Neither have been any help. Microsoft walked to me through a reinstall with the same results. Apple didn't have anything to offer either.

I've done a little web searching and found that there may be an issue with the EFI bootloader that ships with the full install version of SP 1. Apparently it doesn't play nice with some Linux dual-boot machines. This could be the problem with Boot Camp as well.

I can confirm that a pre-SP 1 version of Vista will install successfully on a Boot Camp partition on my Late 2008 MBP 15". After installing, I've been able to upgrade to SP 1 via software download.

If you've seen this with Vista SP1

TIP: fixing a Windows Browseui.dll error in Boot Camp

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pauly Endicott suddenly could not boot Windows in Boot Camp due to a Browseui.dll error:

I have a Mac Book with Mac OS X 10.5 and I am running Windows XP Home Edition using a Boot Camp partition. I have had no problems for a year. Today when I tried to boot up in Windows I got an error message Browseui.dll error and could not start up. I tried the Microsoft fix for that message but it did not work. Is there a way to repair this?

We'd heard of this before, a Windows problem that occurs on PCs as well. One way out is to download the Browseui.dll file at this web site. You'll have to use a browser other than Internet Explorer, which requires Browseui.dll to be working. We found this tip at a UK forum, which has a description of the issue and the fix.

If this approach has worked for you

Windows won't format a Boot Camp partition

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Norman Rechtman has a problem where Windows won't format the Boot Camp partition during installation, as it is supposed to:

I am trying to setup Boot Camp on my new iMac with Boot Camp Assistant. I created a 5 GB partition and then inserted my Windows XP SP2 CD and booted from the Windows CD. Next, you're supposed to let Windows format the 5 GB partition, but I do not have the choice to format: I can only delete the partition or install Windows. But if you do the install, the machine never boots up. I selected the correct partition, but it only gives me the choice to delete it, or install on it, but not format the partition as it's supposed to.

If you can help

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Boot Camp 2 problem with Matrox dual-monitor controller

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rich Mays uses a Maxtrox external monitor controller to add a second monitor to a MacBook Pro. It worked with Tiger, but doesn't work in Leopard:

I have a MacBook Pro 17" 2.33GHz Mac OS 10.5.6 with Boot Camp 2.1 that I recently had to do a complete wipe of the HD and clean install 10.5 and Bootcamp 2.1 with XP Pro (previously it was 10.4,5 and Boot Camp beta). I was using the Matrox Dualhead2go external monitor controller with 2 HP1965 19" LCDs whenever I had the MBP running at my desk with the screen closed. Worked great until the great clean install. BTW I spend most of my time in XP doing audio production.

The problem is that current Boot Camp drivers are not compatible with ATI drivers (ATI made my video card). There seems to be no solution that I can find to make dual monitors possible with a MBP and current Boot Camp. Matrox tech support gave it their best, but said upfront the problem was with Apple changing Boot Camp. The only "solution" is a single large display, and that means spending some bucks.

If you've used Matrox hardware with Boot Camp

Boot Camp doesn't recognize 2 monitors with Matrox DualHead2go

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marcus Sjoholm is another reader with a problem with Windows in Boot Camp and a Matrox DualHead2go, an external device for running multiple monitors:

I am trying to run a Matrox DualHead2go (VGA) on a Mac Mini with Boot Camp in Windows XP SP3. The installation worked fine, it detects both screens BUT I can only get it to run in stretched mode or clone mode. But since the screens are not placed beside each other (one of the screens will only show photos and film) I need it to run in Extended mode. I do not get Windows to realize that it has two screens, so I never get the "Extend my Windows.”

If you've seen this issue

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader's Boot Camp Multi-touch update causes Vista to crash

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jeon Cha reports that Apple's Multi-Touch Trackpad Update for Boot Camp is crashing his copy of Windows Vista:

I have a 13 inch MacBook (unibody) with Boot Camp/Vista 32 running on one partition.

I've had multiple BSOD's [blue screen of death] following installation of Apple's Multi-Touch Trackpad Update (1.0) for Windows. The crashes appeared to be sporadic but were most commonly occurring when attempting to play DVD's or other video intensive process. Initially, I thought it might have been due to the graphics card driver.

It took sometime to work out what was causing the problem, however after multiple re-installs of Boot Camp and other software the crashes ceased happening as long as the Trackpad update was NOT installed. I'm not sure if it is the Trackpad update itself or an incompatibility with the graphics driver.

If you've seen this problem

Boot Camp multi-touch causes video apps to crash

Friday, April 24, 2009

Paul Liddell found that the Multi-Touch Update for Boot Camp is incompatible with video:

I've found that when using Boot Camp on my MacBook, if I use the trackpad with multi-touch update, video will crash if you use the mouse during playback. Occurs on Flash video in websites (such as YouTube), and DVD playback in WMP Does not occur if I plug in an external mouse, and use that instead. Does not crash the system, just the application that is playing the video.

If you've seen this problem

Details on Boot Camp blue-screening with multi-touch trackpad

Friday, June 5, 2009

Eli Rarey provide some more details on the problem of Windows crashing in Boot Camp on MacBook/MacBook Pro's with the last Multi-Touch Trackpad update is installed. (Apple released the update last February.) Rarey reports:

In my Vista 32 Boot Camp install on my unibody MacBook Pro, I find that if the multi-touch trackpad driver update is enabled, I get a random blue screens of death between 1 and 30 minutes afterward. I can get an instant, absolutely guaranteed blue screen of death if I enable the trackpad driver and open a program called xpadder, which is used to turn input from USB connected joysticks into key strokes (often used to play Windows games using an Xbox 360 controller, very popular). The only time I have experienced a BSoD in this install of Vista is when the updated driver is enabled. Once it is disabled, everything runs as before the driver was updated.

If you've seen this problem

A theory on Boot Camp blue screen crash with multi-touch pad

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We have more reader reports about Windows crashing in Boot Camp on MacBook Pros with multi-touch trackpads. Jon Mojica has a theory:

The reason why this is occurring to the user is because the chipset from older MacBook to newer MacBook Pro is significantly different to cause the blue screen. The user can try to uninstall the various drivers for the chipset, graphics, and networking hardware of the Boot Camp load first before transplanting the image of the drive to the new MacBook Pro. This may work, but is a long shot.

Rus reports that Apple has replaced some MacBook Pros with the problem:

The Boot Camp multi-touch causes video apps to crash problem is real as two clients of mine have returned new MacBook Pro's to Apple after less than one month's use because of this problem. In both cases (they were separate) Apple replaced the MacBook Pros after checking them out. I will be contacting them both next week to see if the problem is still there on the new machines.

Oren Bous also sees the issue:

Regarding Boot Camp blue-screening with multi-touch trackpad, I am facing the same problem. It drives me nuts. I can't believe Apple hasn't fixed it yet. I am using Windows XP or should I say I'm trying to use Windows XP with Boot Camp.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Windows blue screen in Boot Camp with Skype

Monday, March 30, 2009

Roberto Gonzalez reported that Windows (didn't say which version) crashes in Boot Camp when running Skype on a Mac Book:

I get a blue screen while running Skype. appletemp.sys is the driver giving me trouble. Another issue I have is that when in a voice call in MSN Messenger the volume of the microphone goes down by itself. Very frustrating. Like your reader getting blue screens with the touch pad update, I have the 13" unibody as well.

If you've seen this problem

Windows blue screen in Boot Camp with Skype may be audio driver

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Justin Platt verified a previously report problem about Skype causing Windows to crash in Boot Camp:

I have seen this. I run a MacBook Air 80GB HD and have a 15GB partition with BootCamp running XP SP3 I have had Skype cause a blue screen 3 or 4 times. Microsoft error reporting claims it is an unspecified audio driver problem. I am hoping for an XP SP3 audio driver update for bootcamp. Or a firmware update for the intel graphics card.

If you've seen this problem

See also Boot Camp Tips and Reports.

More readers report Boot Camp Windows blue screen with Skype

Monday, May 18, 2009

Three more readers reported Windows XP and Vista crashes in Boot Camp with Skype installed. Indications are that it may be an issue with video drivers.

T. Brown's experience is related to video:

Every time I start watching a video on YouTube or speaking to someone on Skype, my 15" unibody MacBook Pro will suddenly have a blue screen. This doesn't happen every so often, it happens every time I use Skype or every time I visit a video site like YouTube. It is very annoying and from what I have read it is an Apple driver problem.

Michael Spence:

I have a MacBook late vintage 2008 running Windows Vista. Skype routinely cause Vista to crash with the blue screen. I am not sure why. I have used an up-to-date version of Boot Camp to reinstall and repair drivers.

King-Fai Li sent us the error codes:

I got this same problem and the report was:

BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000090 BCP2 : BAC338DF BCP3 : BACD3ADC

BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 256_1

I if you have a suggestion for the problem

Still no solution to Boot Camp/Skype incompatibility

Monday, August 3, 2009

Robert Tuck gave up on trying to fix Windows blue screening with Skype in Boot Camp:

I've seen this same issue. We ended up having the user run Fusion instead of Boot Camp. Couldn't get around it. No driver updates out there to help, and Apple doesn't care to support their Windows drivers.

We haven't heard of a workaround. If you have

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File name causes Boot Camp Win XP BSoD with Leopard Server

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Howard Dittmer reports a Boot Camp problem with Windows XP 64-bit crashing (blue screen of death, or BSoD) when accessing Leopard Server. He said the filename is the causes Win XP crash with Leopard Server

I'm seeing a BSoD on Windows XP 64 with Leopard server. I believe you will find that it is related to the length of the file name being saved. Files with more than 12 characters in the name will cause it consistently. I have a support incident in with Apple Support. They are able to replicate the problem. The issue has been referred to engineering. It has been a couple of months since I first reported the problem to them and there is no ETA on a fix or work around.

If you've seen this

Current news on the MacWindows home page

Reader problem with Windows endless boot cycle in Boot Camp

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tim Hulford reports an endless cycle of rebooting for Windows XP SP2 with Boot Camp 2.0, and with Windows XP SP3 with Boot Camp 2.1. He offers a "not so great fix":

I noticed on your forum that others have been having problems with Windows XP endlessly rebooting after installing in Boot Camp. When I initially install XP SP2, it works fine and is stable. It is only after installing the Mac drivers that XP reboots continuously. I've tried getting in there in Start Mode and unchecking "automatic reboot" so I could get an error report, but strangely enough the computer reboots anyway... Read entire story here

Another Boot Camp user sees continuous blue-screen-reboot cycle

Monday, June 15, 2009

Randy Bishop verified a cycle of Windows in Boot Camp crashing then rebooting endlessly:

I just wanted to add my two cents. I recently mirrored my old MacBook's hard drive onto a brand new MacBook Pro only to find that the Vista side of things booted to a blue screen fleetingly before it restarted automatically. I tried running the automatic repair on the Vista installation disk, but it was not able to repair it. I am still trying different things to fix it, but to not much avail.

Based on what I have read, it sounds like the problem could be RAM related, or possibly the Mac drivers are screwed up somehow- these are just guesses though. I really don't want to reinstall from scratch, because I have a ton of software on there that will take weeks to fix.

If you've seen this problem

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Boot Camp/Windows won't boot with DVI video

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eric Brooks can get Windows XP to boot his Mac mini with a DVI cable to the monitor. It does work using VGA:

I have a 3-year-old Mac mini running Leopard (everything is up to date), Windows XP Pro, trying to use a Dell 22" display. With a DVI cable, when it boots, I get to the "Windows XP" screen, then it goes black, nothing at all, never gets to the windows "chime" on start up. I can boot into safe mode. I think it's a display resolution issue. When in safe mode, I change the resolution, restart, and the same issues exist (I guess the changes I make while in safe mode are not saving).

I don't know if I "fixed" it but I got it to work. I replaced the DVI cable to the monitor with a VGA cable with a VGA-to-DVI at the computer. It works, though it doesn't look as good as using the straight DVI.

If you've seen this

Looking for way to put two Boot Camp partitions on two drives

Monday, August 3, 2009

Leigh Wilson is wondering what is the best way to create a triple-boot Mac with two Boot Camp partitions. There are lots of suggestions on the Web, such as this one at Mac OS X Hints. Wilson wants to use two drives:

I am getting very crowded on my Boot Camp partition and am going to have to rebuild (was using FAT32). I would like to partition three ways this time, one hard drive for Mac and Windows XP and the other hard drive Vista 64 bit. I like to know if others have done this. I have 2 internal hard drives on the Mac Pro and one is completely empty, and I have more ram than I can use. I'm afraid that AutoCAD/ Revit will definitely have difficulty reading the registry properly, but want it over on Vista 64 bit Pro. The 64-bit Vista runs most comparably to Mac. Apple support has suggested an article in which someone has three partitions and using the three operating systems that I mentioned.

what you think is the best way to get multiple Boot Camp partitions on multiple drives.

Current news on the MacWindows home page

Windows 7 in Boot Camp problem with scanner

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kevin Cole has an issue with a scanner in Windows 7 beta in Boot Camp:

I read an earlier post regarding the installation of Win 7 on a Mac. I am running Win 7 via Boot Camp on a Mac Pro and everything is working fine accept my Visioneer Patriot 430 Scanner which connects via USB. The scanner works fine for the first and second scan, but once I get to the third, the "scanning" dialog box opens, but the scan never occurs. I have tried removing the driver, reinstalling per the support instructions offered on Visioneer's website with no success. I am wondering if other users are having problems with USB devices as well? Any suggestions you may have for me would be greatly appreciated.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: Fix for Windows/ Boot Camp hangs on crcdisk.sys: reset SMC

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thomas Kreimes shared a fix for a problem where Windows stops booting in Boot Camp. He reset the Mac's System Management Controller (SMC):

I am a skilled IT guy and I had a nightmare trying to solve this problem via information I received via the Internet forums. I finally found the answer.

My wife complained that her Windows Vista Ultimate stopped working. That did not give me much to go on. It's an iMac 24" 3.06 GHz machine that is set to load Windows by default with Boot camp 2 (Mac OS X 10.5).

The boot up failed at crcdisk.sys and hung the system with the FAN going full speed. I booted Mac OS X and checked the fan speed with a product called "Fan Control." It was no help at all and showed me a reading of -1 rpm This led me to think that the temperature sensors had failed and the fan was going nuts in order to keep things cool as a default function.

After 6 hours of scanning the web and coming up with suggestions to reformat my partition I decided to reset the SMC. After doing so, the fan was quite and Windows loaded like a charm!

Here is a link for the reset instructions alongside of the many ailments it may cure.

This may be old new to you, but I felt it was worth mentioning because many people who are not as technical would opt for the re-partition option long before discovering this.

If you've seen this problem and tried this fix

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