mobilEcho 3.0 furthers AD-based file management for iPad, iPhone

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GroupLogic has released mobilEcho 3.0, a major new version of secure, enterprise file management software for iOS devices integrated with Active Directory. The new version adds support for iPhones (iOS 4.2 and later), in addition to iPads. It also adds new end-user features, including the ability to annotate and comment on PDF documents from the device. Users can now access their Active Directory-assigned home directory. Management has been simplified with new device enrollment features and other enhancements.

mobilEcho enables users to browse and access file servers from iPads and iPhones without the use of iTunes or cloud providers. The software consists of an iOS app and server-based software that is administered from a web-based management console. The devices can be authenticated by Active Directory, which can enforce file permissions for the devices. Documents are viewed and edited inside the mobilEcho app, never leaving the app's "sandbox," therefore keeping a secure path from document to file server. Saving the file saves it directly to the server. Administrators can prevent a file from downloading to the client, as well as prevent iTunes from backing up mobilEcho files and data.

Other new features in mobilEcho 3.0 include a new method of enrolling devices centrally. The enrollment process now includes a PIN number for the device. You can now also view a user's Active Directory profile, and the assign servers or folders to users' Active Directory profiles.

mobilEcho 3.0 provides for automatic one-way sync from the server to the employee device, for easy access to the latest document changes when offline. Administrators can now track the status of devices and do a remote wipe and password reset of individual devices.

With mobileEcho Server running on a Windows server, iPads and iPhones get access to any Windows, Linux, or Mac server in an Active Directory domain. iOS devices connect directly to an enterprise's server through a firewall via virtual private network (VPN) or secure https. iPad and iOS users can then browse a file server, preview, download, and upload files, and create new files and folders on the server. iOS users can also search the server for files.

File access can be managed by existing Active Directory permissions, and administrators can use policy enforcement to enable/disable users' abilities to email files, store files online, and view files with third-party applications. File transmissions can be encrypted, and administrators can remotely wipe mobilEcho configuration and files in the case that an iPad is lost or stolen.

mobilEcho enables administrators to centrally manage file server access to enterprise-owned and employee-owned iPads. The first time an iPad or iPad user runs the mobilEcho app, it configures itself by talking with the mobilEcho server. Group Logic said that the server can be deployed in 10 minutes.

mobilEcho enables iOS devices to be a member of an Active Directory Group. Single sign-on for users is supported, but administrators can require logon for every server or for individual connections. And adiministrator can also can also allow or prevent users from unsubscribing from mobilEcho.

A free trial is available. GroupLogic offers two pricing options for enterprises: subscription and perpetual licensing. GroupLogic charges per user, not per device. mobilEcho app is available from the Apple App Store. The server can be purchased at The upgrade is free for existing customers with maintenance contracts, and a free trail is available.

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