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Lion Server 10.7.2 fixes SMB, OD, virtual hosting, and other major problems

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple's release of Lion Server 10.7.2 contains dozens of important bug fixes, including issues with Open Directory and SMB file service. Some of the fixes are not mentioned in the Apple's technical article about the update, but are mentioned in other articles at Apple's support pages. There are also some new features for installing and some new features in the Server app. (It's not known yet whether the update address the problems reported on our Lion Server Tips and Reports page, but we hope you will .)

The update fixes an authentication problem with SMB file service when the server is bound to Active Directory or an Open Directory member. Users trying to log in would have their passwords rejected. They only way to get in, according to Apple, was to add the Lion Server's domain before the password, as in domain\user. This is no longer necessary with the Server 10.7.2.

Loin Server 10.7.2 fixes an issue that prevented Lion clients from binding to Lion Server Open Directory using SSL. Users would see "Unable to add server" when using System Preferences to do the binding.

You can now use the Server app to create home directories on SMB share points. Users can also now access WebDAV share points on the server even if they don't have a home directory on the server.

The Lion Server 10.7.2 update fixes a problem with virtual web hosting (hosting multiple sites with the same IP address but different domain names). It was widey reported that many were unable to configure virtual web hosting at all, even with Unix commands, and even when upgrading from Snow Leopard Server. Apple is now say that if you want to do virtual web hosting on Lion Server, update to version 10.7.2.

The Server app now enables you to change the location of the data store - an ability that was present in previous builds of Mac OS X Server from Server Admin. By default, the location of storage of server data is on the boot partition, which can quickly fill up. The Server App lets you change the location to store user data for several services all together. These are:

  • Address Book and iCal
  • Mail (user data, not spool)
  • Podcast (but not Podcast Producer)
  • The Postgres database (including Backups)
  • Wiki service

Lion Server's Profile Manager has had some minor bugs fixed, and is updated to support iOS 5 devices in its Mobile Device Management and configuration profiles.

The Server app has some bug fixes, and now lets you view certain log files. There is also a new 10.7.2 version of the Server Admin Tools, which is still available as a separate download.

You can now migrate a mail cluster running on Snow Leopard Server to Lion Server v10.7.2, something that was not previously possible.

There are now three ways to install this Lion Server update: from Software Update, from a standalone installer downloaded from Apple's support site, and remote installation via Server Admin running on another Mac with Lion, or with the softwareupdate command-line tool.

Lion Server 10.7.2 also includes the improvements of the Lion client update.

if this update helps with your Lion Server problems.

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