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Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:18 am

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I am having trouble with network home folders on my MAC OSX 10.5.8 clients. Below is an outline of the situation:

We have a mixed environment, with PCs and Macs, with Active Directory as our primary network infrastructure. Our MACs are running OSX version 10.5.8 and are bound to our AD. We have an Apple xServe acting as our primary fileserver, also running OSX 10.5.8. We are using SMB as our filesharing protocol, as we are also serving to our Windows clients

Currently there are both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 Domain Controllers on our network. The MAC server is an Open Directory master, and is also a member server on our Active Directory. Users are given an Active Directory user account, and their home folder is set in the Profile tab in AD, to map to their network share on the Apple xServe machine. Currently, we are not managing any user or computer settings via WGM.

When the users login to a PC, their homefolders are present; however when a user tries to login to a MAC they are unable to do so, as the MACs cannot locate the network share; in the system log, we see the error message

"FolderManager: Failed looking up user domain root; URL='file://localhost/Network/Servers/<servername>/<Sharename>' path=/Network/Servers/<servername>/<Sharename> err=-120 uid=<uid> euid=<euid>"

Users who have network home folders that are stored on a Windows fileserver are able to logon successfully to the MAC clients and access their network home folders.

In previous versions of OSX 10.5, a change had to be made to the users security attribute in AD in order to allow the homeDirectory attribute to be passed to the MAC client and thus mapped correctly when the user logged on; version 10.5.8 appears to have broken this again.

Is there a fix available for this issue? If any clarification is needed on any point above please let me know.

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