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Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:10 pm

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Hi I have only just found this site but have been searching for months for a solution to the following problem.

Set up: Mac Mini Server running Snow Leopard Server (Sorry can't remember version but fully up to date)
Office Machines : 3 MBPs and 1 iMac (soon to be 2). All running Snow Leopard 10.6.8.
All workstations also run Parallels 6 running Windows 7 and MS Office 10
Time Capsule backs up workstations (MBPs and iMac), Time Machine on MM to external 500G portable drive.

I am an accountant and, in my opinion, the best accountancy software is written for windows and links to excel hence need for windows 7 and MS Office 10. This accountancy software is key to my practice and cannot be changed.

Have been experiencing file permissions issues which, from research I have done, was a known problem in Leopard but was resolved. Have tried a few things and have just discovered the post about drag and drop and cut and paste which I will try.
Now have to expand and for what I need I have therefore taken my own domain name for emails.

As I understand it this is a POP account, no syncing etc. (Have previously being using a mobile Me account as I was only one sending and receiving emails but others could see content)

Also have a need for a secure drop box of some sort.

IT company are trying to tell me that a windows box with MS Exchange will allow syncing of my mail, calendars etc and if Windows Server 2003 installed also will help with permissions issues, and the secure drop box (have forgotten name of it)

I love the Mac kit - and have spent more than a little money on it and want to believe that there is a solution to my current issue with my current kit. Say, Boot Camp the mini with S2003, Parallels for Mac Mini Server is not prohibitively expensive but I just can not help but feel that there must be a Mac way to fix to this. I am tired of spending hours looking for a solution to this hence the post hoping someone else has experienced this and knows how to fix it. Surely I am not the only accountant in the world running a mac network. Would like to know the answer to that too!

All help/comments gratefully received.

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Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:18 pm

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I'm afraid I can't provide any insight on the "file permissions" problem with more detail. You might take a look at our Snow Leopard File Sharing Tips and Reports page:

For a secure drop box on the Snow Leopard server, simply give a shared folder write-only permissions. Users will be able to copy to it but not open it.

For your email server, try using IMAP instead of POP. For calendars, you could use iCal Server in Snow Leopard Server. This will work with the iCal calendars on the Macs. For Windows, you need calendar software that supports the CalDAV standard. There are not too many, but here is one: But, if your Windows are all running in VM's on Macs, maybe using iCal will work for your users.

Exchange Server will work, but is expensive and complicated to setup for a small network as yours.

John Rizzo

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