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TIP: Workaround for bug in non-US MS XML Converter 1.1

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sven from Italy reports that the Italian version of Microsoft's Open XML Converter 1.1, updated last week, would not open. (Open XML Converter converts Open XML Office documents to the older formats (.doc, .xls, .ppt). Sven found the problem to be some missing parts of the software in non-US versions. He also figured out how to fix it:

After downloading and installing the new version (1.1) of the Converter, it wouldn't launch any more on my 10.5.7 Intel Mac mini (with the Console essentially saying that it couldn't find MainMenu.nib). Then, I looked into the application package and into the installer package (with Pacifist), and found that in version 1.1 all languages except English and Japanese had missing items; in particular, InfoPlist.strings, Localizable.strings and MainMenu.nib were missing from all languages, except en.lproj and ja.lproj, inside the Resources folder in the Contents folder of the application package (and the same, of course, in the installer package).

In other words, at Microsoft they seem to have forgotten to fully localize the application in version 1.1!

To solve the problem, I copied the missing items for my language (Italian, as I live in Italy) from a previous - correctly and fully localized - version 1.0.3 converter from another computer, and everything has worked well since then: the application launched again, with the correct locale.

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