WinClone 5 makes incremental backups of Boot Camp partitions

WinClone 5 from Twocanoes Software adds a feature that lets Mac users two types of back ups of a Boot Camp Windows partition. In addition to making identical clones of a Boot Camp partition, Winclone 5 can make Time-Machine-style incremental backups of the Windows user folder, and allow users to restore particular versions of files or files that have been deleted.

The incremental backup feature is called WinClone Backup, which can be set to run regularly and automatically. The user can set how often to run an automatic backup and can choose to exclude folders from the backup.

The Winclone 5 ($40) Standard and Pro ($100) versions also have ability to copy a Windows installation on a PC and migrate it to a Boot Camp partition on a Mac. These version also support disk-to-disk cloning and restoration to external drives.

A new Winclone Basic version ($20) contains only the incremental backup, cloning and restore features, and only works on internal Boot Camp volume. On the other end, the full-featured Winclones 5 Pro version includes a Mac package creator/installer for deploying a Boot Camp Windows set up on multiple Macs.

Winclone 5 requires OS X 8 or later . It supports Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows 8.1. Twocanoes also offers older versions for people with older versions of OS X and Windows.