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TIP: Workaround for Mavericks-OS X Server ACL problems

Dave Green updated his previous report about ACL permission problems with Mac Mavericks file sharing with OS X Server. He got rid of shares within shares and then switched file sharing from SMB to AFP. He's also running Windows on the Macs in Parallels Desktop virtual machines, with the Windows VMs accessing the OS X Server via the Macs' AFP connections. Here's Green's report:

I've made some progress with our issues that I would like to share with you. I also posted these to a thread on

1. We started by deleting all sharepoints, all users and all groups, turning off File Sharing, reconfiguring it from scratch, then turning it back on. We only had 13 users at the time, so it wasn't that traumatic to do this. (I actually had done this before me email of last week.)

2. We had been running a sharepoint within a sharepoint. Eliminating that solved some of our problems. In our case, we had one sharepoint at Hard Drive > Folder 1 and another at Hard Drive > Folder 1 > Folder 2. Our requirements had changed over time, so it was OK to just delete the sharepoint for Folder 2. If you needed to maintain separate permissions, you could probably just move Folder 2 to the top level of the drive.

3. In our case, we are accessing the server via Macs running Mavericks using AFP, and Windows 8.1 running Parallels 9, on those same Macs. The Parallels configuration was set up so that Windows shared the network connection with the Macs, and within Windows, we were accessing the server via Network:Server. We were connecting via Network:Server:Folder/Sharepoint. Now, we have added the Custom Folders in Parallels (Preferences>Options>Sharing) and we access the server via Network:psf:Server:Folder/Sharepoint. This was the final step that seems to have stopped our issues.

Since doing this, we have had no permissions issues. (Well, the permissions still look incorrect, but they work fine.)

Note that Windows Servers don't have the option to use AFP, but you can add Acronis ExtremeZ-IP to the server to add AFP support.

If you've tried any of this, .

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