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TIP: Mountain Lion Autodiscovery blocks Exchange Server connection

Apple reports that Mail may not be able to connect to Exchange Server after an upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion. The Mac may also receive error messages when attempting to receive and send mail, and settings may change every time Mail is launched. The workaround is to disable Autodiscovery in Mail after upgrading the Mac to at least OS X 10.8.1.

To turn off Autodiscover, launch Mail and then choose Preferences from the Mail menu. Go to Internal and External server settings and uncheck the "Use Autodiscovery Service" checkbox above the Internal and External server settings. You'll then be able to specify the Internal and External mail server addresses for your network.

Mountain Lion's Autodiscovery feature causes Mail to ask Exchange Server what settings your mail account should use when connecting to the server. The Autodiscovery features then changes settings to reflect what the Exchange Server. Prior to OS X v10.8, this could result in your settings unexpectedly changing. Version OS X 10.8.1 added the ability to turn off Autodiscovery.

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