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SheepShaver Tips and Reports

Running Mac OS 9 apps on Intel Macs

Updated May 21, 2014


Before Intel Macs, PowerPC Macs came with the Classic feature, a kind of virtualization environment that enabled users to run pre-PowerPC (680x0), pre-Mac OS X software in Mac OS X. Apple dropped Classic when it introduced Intel-power Macs. However, two open source virtualization environments enable Intel Macs to run Mac OS 9 applicaitons and earlier in Mac OS X. One is SheepShaver, another is Basilisk II. Both of these require the use of a ROM file of an old 680x0 (pre-PowerPC) Mac. That is, the ROM of a very old Mac put into a file. These old Macs are difficult to find. Pre-made ROM files can be found, though are also rare.

One programmer has bundled SheepShaver with a ROM file in a package he calls Chubby Bunny, which free the user from having to search for a ROM file.

This page contains information and reader reports about SheepShaver, Basilisk II, and Chubby Bunny, as well as links.


OS 9 emulator issues: prefs don't save, updates

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two readers sent reports about the open source SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny Mac OS 9 emulation bundle for OS X. One reader has a problem saving preferences, and another has a question about replacing the core emulation engine with a more recent version. Chubby Bunny is a bundle that includes…

OS 9 emulator works in Mavericks

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two readers report the SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny OS 9 emulation software works on OS X Mavericks. The bundle (preconfigured with OS 9) enables the old pre-Intel Mac OS 9 ("Classic") applications to run on OS X Intel Macs. The current build was updated for OS X Mountain Lion last fall by Jon Gardner.… (Read the entire story here.)

Emulator for Mac OS 9 in OS X updated for Mountain Lion

Jon Gardner has posted an updated version of preconfigured SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny emulation software, which enables the old Mac OS 9 to run on OS X Intel Macs. Gardner says this update runs on OS X 10.8. SheepShaver is an open source emulator, and Chubby Bunny contains the ROM file of a pre-PowerPC Mac as well as a preconfigured Mac OS 9.0.1 installation… (Read the entire story here.)

New Chubby Bunny build for Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs--and now iPhones

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jon Gardner has posted a new build of Chubby Bunny, a bundle of software for running pre-Mac OS X software on Intel Macs. He's also reported using another open source virtualization package to run System 7.5.5-on an iPhone.

I just updated my custom "Chubby Bunny" Classic-on-Intel package (download here) with the latest SheepShaver binaries mentioned at Initial testing on a MacBook Pro 2.33GHz Core2Duo, running Mac OS X 10.6.7, suggests that the new build runs just fine, but any feedback is appreciated...especially from folks running late-model Mac hardware.

And, FYI, Ronald Regensburg is correct that "Chubby Bunny" is technically illegal, as it contains a ROM file and a preconfigured Mac OS 9.0.1 installation; however, it is also a drag-and-drop setup, making it immediately useful to almost anyone. Given the fact that Mac OS 9 and the old ROMs have been unsupported for many years now, Apple doesn't seem all that interested in chasing people away from them, and the worst-case scenario is a "cease and desist" letter to me from Apple Legal (i.e., I'd have to delete the downloadable COI file from the server), I figure the benefits far outweigh the risks. Regensburg and the rest of the SheepShaver development community have to distance themselves from this preconfigured version, though, because if Apple Legal were to send *them* a letter, it could mean the end of SheepShaver, which would be bad for all of us.

For anyone interested, I'm also running Mac OS 7.5.5 using Basilisk II, and Mac OS 7.0.1 on my (jailbroken) iPhone 4 using vMac. There's something oddly satisfying about turning my iPhone into a Mac Plus.

And finally, unlike the "chubby bunny" game, this Chubby Bunny can't cause suffocation.

Anyone else runing old Mac OS's on iPhones, or have tried the new Chubby Bunny build in Snow Leopard?

New SheepShaver, Basilisk II builds, Classic on Intel

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michael Goodine of told about new versions of SheepShaver and Basilisk II, emulators for running Classic (Mac OS 9) applications on Intel Macs. He reports:

Thought you might be interested in the new build of SheepShaver that is now available. This one includes a significant number of new features and bug fixes. Changes have not all been noted in the documentation (they will be soon), but the link above includes notes about what is new. One interesting addition is support for self-contained SheepShaver virtual machine bundles, which are described above.

There was also a new build of Basilisk II for OS X on the fourth of this month, though it includes just a minor change that corrects problems with sound performance:

For more on running OS 9 on Intel Macs, see our SheepShaver Tips and Reports page.

If you've used the new SheepShaver or Basilisk II builds

New SheepShaver build fixes RAM issues

Monday, July 13, 2009 has posted a new build of SheepShaver, the open software that enables Intel Macs to run classic Mac OS (OS 9 and earlier). Michael Goodine describes the update:

This one offers a fix for the "cannot map RAM" error that has been bugging a lot of users for a while. That particular bug has made the emulator unusable for some people. The build also incorporates all of the updates from the other builds we've posted.

It's now possible to raise the amount of RAM in the emulated machine past the old limits. However, while the new build is a universal binary, the "cannot map RAM" fix doesn't work for users of PPC Macs, but is for Intel users only. I think we'll have a solution to that in the near future, but for now this feature doesn't apply to PPC users.

If you've tried this new build what you think of it. (See also our SheepShaver Tips and Reports.)

New SheepShaver build runs OS 9 full screen on OS X | Top of Page |

Monday, March 2, 2009 has posted new builds of SheepShaver and of Basilisk II for OS X to its forum. Both are PowerPC emulators that enable Intel Macs to run Mac OS X 9 (classic) applications. The new versions fix a bug that prevented the emulators from running in full-screen mode.

Michael Goodine of said that the main developer stopped working on both of the emulators early last year, but that these fixes were contributed by forum members. Goodine said "This particular fix, I think, was long awaited!"

Current news on the MacWindows home page.


Tips for running OS 9 on Intel Macs with SheepShaver; COI Chubby Bunny the easiest path

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Readers are using SheepShaver, a free, open-source PowerPC emulator, to run Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. (A Windows version is also available.) Several have sent in reports and tips, as well as locations for downloading. Older PowerPC Macs (G3, G4, and G5) can run Mac OS X applications in an emulator-like environmental called Classic. On Intel Macs, it is easier to run Windows apps than to run OS 9.

SheepShaver, a PowerPC emulator, can also run Mac OS 9 on Windows PCs. On Monday we reported that Michael Goodine had posted a tutorial on setting up SheepShaver on how to do this. We received a number of readers responses expressing interested interest in using SheepShaver to recreate Classic on Intel Macs. Those who have used it say that set up is not easy.

David Levy has had success with a pre-configured version of SheepShaver called COI Chubby Bunny:

I run a version of SheepShaver called COI, Classic on Intel "Chubby Bunny" that can be downloaded using BitTorrent and comes preconfigured with a ROM file, requiring almost no setup. Setting up Sheepshaver can be difficult when done from scratch.

I need to run an old graphing program called Cricket Graph that was never updated for OS X.

We found the torrent for COI (Classic-On-Intel) V4.0.1 "Chubby Bunny" is also available here and here, and a number of other places. If you have trouble with these links, google "Classic on Intel Chubby Bunny". To download the torrent, you'll need a BitTorrent application such as BitTorrent for Mac or Azureus (Vuze). [[Update: A reader name Jon has posted a version of Chubby Bunny that readers find works well. A description and link are below.]]

If you've used SheepShaver in the COI Chubby Bunny configuration what you think.

A reader identified as Freddiemac is bullish on Sheepshaver. He sent us a link to a download with good instructions. Freddiemac also reported a problem and his workaround:

The package I downloaded with VERY CLEAR directions and with everything included can be found here:

I had hesitated upgrading my Powerbook G4 for 5 years because I rely heavily on PageMaker. With over 15 years worth of production work in PageMaker, the transition to InDesign was not enticing, considering that the conversion process has rarely been flawless from PM to InDesign. But, a new MacBook Pro had my name on it and it called me with its siren song. I succumbed and purchased it.

Having read Michael's take on SheepShaver, I gave it a try. It is AMAZING. Speed and stability have never been an issue, so far. The one glitch is that somehow in transferring files to the SheepShaver volume REVERSES the file type and file creator on the files. So, you need a program like FileBuddy that allows you to "re-reverse" the letters, fixing both type and creator. So, for example, if a file type is supposed to be "APPL", when it is transferred over to the SheepShaver OS 9 volume, it shows up as unreadable. When opening up FileBuddy, the type is "LPPA." By reversing the letters, saving, and closing FileBuddy, all is good.

The other way of putting files on the volume is by burning a CD (not DVD) with your files, and then opening up the disc from within SheepShaver volume. You can then copy files over without having to go through the FileBuddy method.

But, I now have Pagemaker working on my Intel Mac, and all is good with the world.

Rory was not satisfied with SheepShaver

I have used SheepShaver on and off for maybe two years. There are many things that seem to make it not quite ready for prime time. I wish it was though. As it is, I find it safer for my data to work in Classic on a second ( PPC ) Mac, although that is less than optimal.

John Stills was typical as to interest we received from readers:

Continued ability to run the Classic environment as OS X moves forward on Intel chips is extremely important to me. I rely heavily on LivePicture, an orphan app from pre-OSX days. Myself along with a few hundred other photographers/ Graphics professionals continue to use LivePicture for hi-res image manipulation and compositing tasks that even the latest & greatest Photoshop/Mac hardware tools are hard pressed to equal. LivePicture continues to run reliably in the Mac Classic environment in Pre Leopard PPC systems. A stable, easily implemented emulator for the Leopard/Intel environment would be greatly appreciated and highly valued.

Daniel Clouatre:

Thank you for the update on running OS 9 on Leopard. My brother and I agree that there are several OS 9 programs that are far superior to any contemporary alternatives. Some programs are like fountain pens: some products reached a level of perfection in the past that not only probably will not be excelled, it apparently will not even be duplicated.

With adequate performance and screen appearance (clarity), we would happily keep OS 9 in the Dock.

your experiences and tips with running OS 9 on Intel Macs.

Comment below

Reader finds ChubbyBunny build of SheepShaver unstable for running OS 9 on Intel Macs

Monday, October 6, 2008

Robert Douek reports that the ChubbyBunny build of SheepShaver is unstable:

I am running 10.5.5 on an Intel iMac (2007 Aluminium) and have found that the ChubbyBunny build is very unstable. I can regularly cause it to crash by opening Word 5.1 (which I need to open some really old docs created under Word 1 & 2). It reads the docs just fine, but if I try to scroll quickly with the scroll wheel, after a moment or two, the whole OS 9 environment crashes. Can't say what is the cause but if the info is helpful in developing a fix, that would be great. Thanks and good luck to whoever takes a crack at it.

Note that another reader reported that there are newer builds of SheepShaver available.

If you've used SheepShaver to run OS 9 on Intel Macs

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

New build of Chubby Bunny/SheepShaver package | Top of Page |

Monday, January 5, 2009

A reader named Jon has created a new "Chubby Bunny" software package (downloadable here) for running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. Chubby Bunny contains SheepShaver, the open-source PowerPC emulator that is preconfigured with a ROM file. The existing Chubby Bunny package doesn't contain the lastest build of SheepShaver. Jon's does:

I took the "Chubby Bunny" package, dropped in the latest version of SheepShaver (per, and made a few other tweaks to make it work properly. At least, I think it works properly. If you have anyone who's interested in testing, download it here and have a go.

If you've tested Jon's Chubby Bunny package

OS 9 on Intel Mac: SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny install problem with Mac Pro

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dick Sampson had a problem installing the latest Chubby Bunny build on a Mac Pro. Chubby Bunny is a bundle of SheepShaver, an open source PowerPC emulator for running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. Sampson reports:

I have tried the January 5, 2009 version of Chubby Bunny on two of my Mac machines.

I have successfully installed it on my MacBook Pro 15_, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.33 GHz. It runs very well on this machine.

I have tried to install it on my Mac Pro, Dual-Core Intel Xeon, 2.66 GHz. Whenever I try to start the COI app, it just starts quickly and then shuts down immediately. This behavior is exactly like when I was installing SheepShaver without the ROM present. I have used both scripts to zap the Pram and erase the preference file that is hidden in my home folder but it has not helped. I have repaired permissions and also run disk warrior and Techtool Pro to no avail. I used Cocktail to show hidden files and look for any other hidden files that may be affecting Chubby Bunny but have not found anything that looks related.

I originally had SheepShaver installed using an old 9500 ROM image with Mac OS 8.5 installed and it worked with sporadic crashes but it still would boot up. All of a sudden that installation of SheepShaver stopped booting up and just started quickly and immediately shut down. After this occurred is when I tried Chubby bunny and it would not boot either.

I am running Mac OS X 10.5.6 on both machines that I installed Chubby Bunny onto.

If you've seen this problem

TIP: reinstalling OS fixed SheepShaver issue

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dick Sampson found a fix for his problem of installing the latest Chubby Bunny (SheepShaver) build on a Mac Pro:

I have repaired my Chubby Bunny installation by re-installing the OS 10.5.6 combo update. Chubby Bunny now works on my Mac Pro. I read about this solution on the Emaculation web site.

Chubby Bunny is a bundle of SheepShaver, an open source PowerPC emulator for running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Reader problem with SheepShaver crashing for OS 9 on Intel Mac | Top of Page |

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tim Selander in Tokyo, Japan reports that using SheepShaver to run OS 9 on Intel Macs isn't stable enough for him:

In a nutshell, SheepShaver on my Intel iMac under OSX 10.4 works. For a short time. Then it crashes.

I've tried OS8, OS9, and a couple different ROMs, but cannot get a stable working environment. It's quite a thrill to see OS9 boot on my iMac, but like the old saw; it's not how well the bear dances, it's amazing that it dances at all.

Some apps seem to run better than others, but even with the best I don't think I've ever worked as long as an hour before SheepShaver just suddenly quits, taken all unsaved changes with it. It's not suitable for getting real work done. All the blogs and web sites recommending it as a way to get Classic on Intel hardware are doing their readers a disservice.

I've paid quite a bit to get Windows on my iMac -- the cost of Fusion and an XP license. I would pay double that, in a heartbeat, to get Classic working on Intel Macs as well as it did on PowerPC Macs. Too much old, but perfectly adequate software, to let go to waste. Not to mention the ones, like Hypercard, for which there are no adequate OSX replacements. (Ok, ok, all the Supercard and Revolution fans holler at this point. But these apps will not run my HC--built systems as is. I would rather pay $$$ to run Classic then to waste hours re-coding the many one of a kind apps my company has come to rely on.)

For now, we're running old hardware at the office.

There is another emulator called vMac that runs up to System 6. It is stable, and fast, fast, fast! Very impressive! But at a bare minimum I need System 7 apps, VGA sized monitor and color.

If you've used SheepShaver

Comment below

Advice for SheepShaver, OS 9 on Intel Macs

Friday, October 3, 2008

Michael Goodine of is hosting new builds of the free open-source PowerPC emulator, SheepShaver, which can run Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. Goodine responded to our reader reports of instability, and suggests trying the newer builds:

It's very neat to see a "special report" about SheepShaver on your site! I've noticed that the reactions are mixed regarding SheepShaver on the Intel Macs.

I haven't used the "Chubby Bunny" configuration, but as far as I can tell, it is a bit out of date. The torrents I've seen are at least 14 months old. Users who are having troubles might want to try a newer version of the emulator. There isn't any action going on the official site, but we've been posting updated builds of SheepShaver on our support forum (and not really anywhere else). The most recent (from July of this year) is over here. It includes a number of bug fixes, and also a setup manual.

ChubbyBunny might be based on the last official build, which was released back in 2006.

Gerald Raddatz was working with SheepShaver until updating from Tiger to Leopard. Now it crashes:

I was using SheepShaver with OS 9.04 along with OS 10.4.11 and had no crashes. Now that I have updated to OS 10.5.4 I too am starting to experience some crashes. Unfortunately my new macMini requires OS 10.5 although OS 10.4 server works, too, with no Sheepshaver crashes. My first impression is that it is a video problem.

If you've seen this problem

Comment below

Installing SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny for Classic apps; a few issues, no full screen

Monday, October 20, 2008

David Murray describes his experience installing Chubby Bunny, a version of SheepShaver, which lets you run Classic apps on Intel Macs. He ran into problem, worked around it, but still has three more problems:

My old iMac 800 Snowball blew up, with a loud POP and smoke out the vents! I replaced it with a 2.4G iMac with OS X 10.5.5, so I of course lost "Classic." I have one app I love, Adobe Photodeluxe, which will never be upgraded to OSX, so I have been looking for solutions, and found SheepShaver, which intimidated me, then Chubby Bunny, which didn't (much). I found a download through Rapidshare (not a Torrent) on the MacHacker site.

The install went as advertised, double-click the icon, and I put the app in Applications (original, no?). Clicked the app "COI (Classic-On-Intel) v4.0.1 "Chubby Bunny" and Bob's yer Uncle, OS 9 launched!

I had a hell-of-a-time trying to install PhotoDeluxe. Not sure why, the installer would get halfway, then stop and ask for Disk#2, and there's only one CD. I went to an old OS 9 backup disk, dragged the PD App into the OS X "Users/Shared" folder, OS 9 could see it in "Unix", so I dragged it onto the 9 desktop, and, Miribile Visu, it mounted and launched.

The PD app works as fast as it did in X "Classic," except for double-click, which is a bit slow throughout "Bunny." I'm happy, but have a couple issues:

  • Can't drag/drop between X and 9, don't know why, so I just go the "Unix/Shared" route.
  • The installer creates, and installs the OS in, a 100 MB dmg (which I can't find), and I only have 12MB free after installing PD, and throwing away superfluous stuff in the 9 system. The installer provides larger DMGs, but I can't figure how to get my system into one, could it be as simple as dragging the 9 HD icon to the larger dmg?
  • I tried going to "Full Screen," got a black screen, I believe this is a known issue.

Other than these, the install is dirt simple, and works well.

If you've seen these issues

Comment below

TIP: Enabling full screen for SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny | Top of Page |

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harrie Swartjes shared a tip on editing the SheepShaver emulator to enable Mac OS 9 ("Classic") to run full-screen on Intel Macs. Readers have previously reported that full-screen mode doesn't work. Swartjes is using Chubby Bunny, a particular bundle of SheepShaver.) Swartjes said:

It may interest your readers to know that you can edit the settings of Chubby Bunny (although this of course defeats its purpose a bit).

The standard .sheepshaver_prefs file is hidden inside the package and can easily be opened with TextWrangler, using "Open Hidden...".

Inside the application package there is another package, called Inside this package, there is a hidden file called "hih1", which is actually the preferences file.

For instance, changing the line

screen win/1024/768


screen dga/1024/768

will enable Full Screen.

Knowledgable users will also find the ROM file and the hard disk image here.

If you've tried this tip

For more on running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs, see our SheepShaver Tips and Reports page.

Hack for full-screen SheepShaver yields poor display quality

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two readers responded to a tip for enabling full-screen viewing of SheepShaver, which enables Mac OS 9 ("Classic") to run on Intel Macs. Both readers report degradation of image quality.

Philip McDunnough reports:

I did try the tip. Unfortunately it led to a lower resolution and poor graphics. Perhaps one has to edit other parts of the file as well. I did this on a 20" iMac (Intel) running 10.5.5.

Jeremy Matthews had a similar experience:

We tried the tip this morning for enabling full screen on the "Chubby Bunny" version of SheepShaver. It did work, except that everything is in black and white and there are a few visual artifacts. So it's not a complete solution yet.

For more, see our special report, Running OS 9 on Intel Macs.

If you know of a fix for this

TIP: Easier full-screen configuring of Chubby Bunny (SheepShaver)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tomas Arias sent us a tip about an easier way to configure full-screen mode for Chubby Bunny/SheepShaver, a PowerPC emulator for running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs. Arias wrote:

I was reading on your website about issues running Chubby Bunny (COI v4.0.1) full screen. One person proposed that you edit the configurations using Textwrangler.

Well I found an easier way to edit configurations. Basically, install the Shseepshaver package to your computer. Then copy the files to the same directory where you have Chubby Bunny. Then, all you need to do is run the SheepShaverGUI file. This will allow the user to configure the settings to full screen. Under "Graphics/Sounds" simply select ?full screen.?

I haven't experienced any problems, as long as I run 256 colors on the SheepShaver. If I run it a higher colors, the I get some weird vertical lines across my screen.

I wanted to post this so everyone can give it a try and perhaps find a configuration for full screen that works.

If you've tried this approach

Comment below

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Another location for SheepShaver download | Top of Page |

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

C. W. Gibson had success with a different SheepShaver download:

I downloaded SheepShaver from here and had none of the issues you've described.

If you've tried this version

Comment below

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Copy problem with SheepShaver | Top of Page |

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freddie a describes a "copy" problem with running OS 9 on an Intel Mac using SheepShaver:

Well, after my initial elation over being able to actually run Classic apps on my Intel Mac, I have discovered a couple of "gotchas."

As David wrote, couldn't get full screen mode to work. Each time, I got a blank screen as well.

Not being able to drag-n-drop between X and 9 is well documented. The only solution - not elegant, but works flawlessly - is using the Shared Folder.

My two "gotta have" applications are PageMaker and Typestyler. They work fine. However, I discovered that the copy function for PageMaker just doesn't seem to work well. I will copy blocks of text or images in one document and try to paste into another, or even on another page, and it doesn't seem to have the copied material in the clipboard. Very strange.

If you've seen this problem

Copy problem with SheepShaver verified

Thursday, November 6, 2008

André Marchand verified a Copy problem with SheepShaver, where the Copy function doesn't work in OS 9:

Got the same problem with PageMaker in SheepShaver: sometimes the Copy function works, sometimes it doesn't.

I use a SimpleText text document in SheepShaver to paste the clipboard content of Mac OS X, then select and copy from SimpleText, then paste in PageMaker. It's annoying but it works.

I also have a problem with Oracle 4.5 where the copy, paste function dosen't work at all. I have to select and drag the content from Oracle to a SimpleText text document then select and copy from SimpleText to paste in Mac OS X.

If you've seen this problem

SheepShaver won't allow copy/paste of graphics

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gary Rosenfield is seeing the copy problem previously reported with SheepShaver, but only with graphics:

I am attempting to use PageMaker 6.52 with SheepShaver and am experiencing a copy problem similar to that described by Freddie. When I copy text to the clipboard it pastes fine, but when I copy an image and try to paste it only pastes the last text that was copied, as if it ignores images completely. This is when working completely within a PM document.

Another problem is that embedded OLE objects such as Table 3.04 graphics now show up as gray boxes and do not print.

On a positive note I was pleased to find that the "export to PDF" function works perfectly, however the inability to copy and paste graphics, including tables, makes this app a no-go for me.

If you've seen these problems

Comment below

SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny drag-drop problem | Top of Page |

Monday, January 26, 2009

Eugene Morin has a drag-and-drop problem with Mac OS 9 via Chubby Bunny, as well as some questions:

I tested the new version of Chubby Bunny on my Intel Mac (Leopard). The installation went well and it is very fast. However, I have some trouble with the drag-and-drop unix volume. (In fact, I had trouble with copying files. Unfortunately, there is little information about how this should be done, particularly for dummies like me). I'm still not perfectly clear what is the purpose of the 400, 800, and 1200Meg.dmg volumes. I need Classic because I use a stat program called StatView that I really like that is not available on OS X.

If you can shed some light on these issues

Comment below

More suggestions for SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny, OS9 for Intel Macs and Windows

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two readers have sent in advice for running classic Mac OS (7.5.2-through-9.0.4) on Intel Macs. They are using SheepShaver, a free PowerPC emulator. Both readers are using an unofficial, preconfigured bundle called COI Chubby Bunny, which includes an old Mac ROM image, which is required. The Chubby Bunny bundle is from January of this year, however, and doesn't include the lastest SheepShaver build. (There is also a Windows version of SheepShaver, for running classic Mac OS on Windows.)

Philip Belmont recommends not changing the preferences:

I just installed the January Chubby Bunny version from Jon and was startled by how quickly it opened. It actually works just fine and I really appreciate Jon's willingness to share this. It is going to save me a great deal of work with some Classic files I have.

For the Unix-Shared file to work you may have to close the Unix file and reopen it to access any changes made to the Shared file. Same if you make changes to the Unix file.

Also, Jon's version really is fully set up and ready to go. No need to change any of the preferences. In fact, if you do, it probably won't work.

Glen Warner had a problem with icons that he fixed, and another with sounds that he could not fix:

Just a quick note to let you know that I have downloaded and installed the January 09 build of Chubby Bunny/SheepShaver, and have only one minor problem: I can't seem to get my SoundMaster sounds to play! They will play fine within SoundMaster or the Finder, but when I restart, no joy.

I also have a few generic icons, which I know I can get rid of by rebuilding the desktop, but it won't let me rebuild the desktop. No problem, just the usual dance with getting Stuffit Expander installed (what, no .sea files?). But once I got that done, I simply downloaded an early version of TechTool (version 1.2.1). Fixed the icons, but still no sounds!

Other than that small whine, Jon's version of Chubby Bunny works well for me.

If you can comment on this issues, or have used SheepShaver/Chubby Bunny for Mac or for Windows

Reader printing issue with Chubby Bunny, OS 9 on Intel Mac

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bernard Furiet is using Chubby Bunny (a build of SheepShaver), software that enables Mac OS 9 to run an Intel Mac. He's having a problem printing:

I installed COI Chubby Bunny successfully on my MacBook Intel. But my only goal is to use Apple Printer utility in order to switch from AppleTalk to IP my LaserWriter 16/600 communication protocol, to be able to use it with Snow Leopard I use. But unfortunately, even if the application for PPC appears in "Unix" folder for OS9, 9it appears as a document, not an application. Has it to be installed?

If you know the answer

Note that this Chubby Bunny build uses an older version of SheepShaver. A newer version is available here.

Response to SheepShaver AppleTalk printing problem on Snow Leopard

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ronald Regensburg responded to our report about printing problems with SheepShaver, software that enables Mac OS 9 to run an Intel Mac. The previous reader was trying to run Mac OS 9 emulation to enable AppleTalk printing from Snow Leopard, which no longer supports AppleTalk printing. Regensburg responded:

Applications cannot be run properly from the "Unix" folder (actually on the MacOS side a disk with a Unix Directory Tree, not a folder). Applications must be copied from the Unix disk to the system volume (or to another disk image volume).

I do not know which "application for PPC" is meant, the Desktop Printer Utility that can be used in MacOS to set up a LPR desktop printer to a networked PostScript printer is part of the default MacOS9 installation. A LPR printer can also be set up from Mac OS X directly. Setting up an AppleTalk connection from SheepShaver is not easy:

BTW: COI Chubby Bunny is not "a build of SheepShaver". It is an illegally distributed package, regularly updated with the latest SheepShaver builds, with all the extra's (ROM file, installed system, etc.) disguised as different files hidden inside the package.

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New CrossOver 10 "Impersonator" Runs Windows apps on a Mac--without Windows
Now runs more Windows apps and installs them with 1 click. Give your Mac ActiveX in Internet Explorer, Office and business apps launched from the Finder.

CrossOver Games edition runs RIFT, StarCraft II, Left4Dead, Warcraft, Steam, Spore, and others on your Mac.

Starts at only $40 (and no need to buy Windows!) Free trial from CodeWeavers.
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