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JAMF previews Casper Suite 7.2, cross-platform client management

Saturday, February 20, 2010

At Macworld Expo last week, JAMF Software showed off the next version of its cross-platform client management tool, Casper Suite 7.2, set to ship in March. The software runs on Mac OS X and manages many aspects of Mac clients, but also supports Windows clients with two of its major features, managing inventory control and software licensing. New features include a wizard to create an installation package, more options for creating managed preference to work with Mac OS X Server, and iPhone apps for managing clients at a distance.

Casper Suite includes LDAP integration and supports and automates directory binding and single sign-on to Active Directory and other directories. It compatible with third-party Mac Active Directory integration tools, including Centrify Direct Contro, Thursby ADmitMac, and LikeWise Open and Enterprise.

One new feature is support for new extension attributes. Version 7.2 will extend inventory details to include Mac and Windows client information that is collected third-party software, such as the versions of virus definition files and last backup time.

JAMF also previewed new wizards for creating policies. For instance, one new policy wizard automates creating a policy for deploying a package that deploys or uninstalls software on clients.

There will also be more options for creating managed preferences. Casper Suite can create managed preferences that will appear in Apple's Workgroup Manager for Mac OS X Server. One new feature is the ability to create and upload .plist files for Mac clients and have them be enforced as a managed preferences in Workgroup Manager.

Casper Suite 7.2 will also include two iPhone apps. One will enable system administrators to install a package from an iPhone. The other app will enable administrators to manage inventories from an iPhone.

Casper Suite supports up to 40,000 Mac and Windows clients.

If you've used Casper Suite

Return to our full coverage of Macworld Expo 2010 cross-platform announcements.

JAMF releases Casper Suite 7.2 client management update

Saturday, March 13, 2010

JAMF Software has released Casper Suite 7.2, a new version of its cross-platform client management tool. The new version, which JAMF previewed at Macworld Expo, unifies the reporting of Mac software products in a single console using a feature called Extended attributes. The new version also adds the ability to create and upload .plist files for Mac clients and have them be enforced as a managed preferences in Workgroup Manager. Casper Suite can create managed preferences that will appear in Apple's Workgroup Manager for Mac OS X Server.

Casper Suite 7.2 simplifies the administrator console and adds wizard-like assistants to simplify distribution and reporting. There's a Policy Assistant to manage printers, scripts and software packages, and a Setup Assistant to make it even easier to get started with Casper Suite, and LDAP Assistant to integrate with directory services.

Casper Suite supports Windows clients with two of its major features, managing inventory control and software licensing.

JAMF Casper Suite can import pre-buit Mac managed prefs

Monday, May 10, 2010

JAMF Software announced that it has updated its Casper Suite client management software to enable administrators to import pre-built preference manifests within the JAMF Software Server. The company said Casper Suite improves handling of managed preferences (MCX) for Mac OS X. JAMS is doing this through integration with the Manifest Destiny Project, a public collaboration that collects and makes freely available Mac OS X preference manifests submitted by system administrators. JAMF described The Manifest Destiny project as a "pool of shared knowledge and resources amongst IT Administrators."

A preference manifest is an XML file that contains information about the preference keys that can be managed for an application. They can be used to set customized Managed Preferences (MCX) for applications during deployment. Casper Suite 7.2 functions as a framework for customization the deployment of multiple enterprise products within a single console. Integration with the Manifest Destiny Project means that administrators can import pre-built manifests into the JAMF Software Server in the Casper Suite.

The Casper Suite can provide inventory, package building, image management, remote imaging, remote updates, management and a framework for automated support of Mac clients. It also supports Windows clients for managing inventory control and software licensing. It also can deploy and report on third party Mac/Active Direct integration products, including Thursby Software's ADmitMac, Centrify's DirectConnect, and Likewise, as well as with other enterprise products.

JAMF Casper Suite 8 to add support for iOS 4 Mobile Device Management

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

JAMF Software announced Casper Suite 8 will expand the Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities of iOS 4 on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. The new version of the client management software will ship this fall. A company spokesperson said that the new version "will provide IT administrators with more extensive control over the Apple devices in their expanded network to ensure regulatory and security compliance."

The expanded enterprise iOS 4 MDM capabilities in Casper Suite 8.0 will include the ability to remotely manage configuration profiles, enroll and configure devices, and gather inventory information, from a single console in the JAMF Software Server.

The Casper Suite 8 will also support new security features in iOS 4, such as the ability to perform remote device locking, secure data wipes and passcode administration, good features to have in the event of a lost device.

The company said that by integrating with directory services, the Casper Suite eliminates the need for a separate authentication system for mobiles.

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