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Group Logic offers site license for EZ-IP

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last week Group Logic began offering a new licensing scheme for ExtremeZ-IP, the software for integrating Mac desktops into Window server environments. The ExtremeZ-IP Enterprise Licensing Program provides for a single license and serial number for any number of servers in the enterprise. The cost of the license is based on the total number of Macs connecting to servers in the organization. The license comes with support and updates.

Group Logic will continue to offer its older licensing program, which sells as one license per server, each with it's own serial number. Group Logic CEO Reid Lewis said that the intent is not to raise the cost of the software but to simplify keeping track of the licenses. Customers will be able to switch between the two types of license schemes.

"People who have a lot of servers will do best with this new program," said Lewis. He said that the growth of Macs in large organizations have spurred customers to expand the number of servers running ExtremeZ-IP. "It's a sign of success for the Mac that the enterprises have all these Macs that they need integrate," he said.

ExtremeZ-IP is an enhanced AFP file and printer server for Windows Servers. The software is similar to Microsoft's Services for Mac and Print Services for Mac, which are no longer provided in Windows Server 2008. ExtremeZ-IP also provides for fast searches of the server from a Mac client and uses Apple's Bonjour technology to enable Macs to discover printers on the Windows network. It also works with Active Directory permissions.

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