Thursby Ships DAVE 2 - First Complete Windows NT to Mac OS Solution


ARLINGTON, TEXAS--December 29, 1997--Thursby Software Systems, Inc. (Thursby Software) will begin shipping DAVE V2.0 during the Macworld Expo in San Francisco next week. DAVE is the first complete Microsoft Windows connectivity solution for the Macintosh. The introductory price for this enhanced offering is $119.00, with a March 1 retail price of $149.00.

DAVE is the only Macintosh-based TCP/IP software product for connecting a wide range of Microsoft-based computers with the Mac OS -- including NT (Server and Workstation), Windows for Workgroups and Windows 95 systems. DAVE V2.0 adds many new features to the product. The number one feature is full peer-to-peer support. This new version allows Wintel PCs full access to Macintosh files and PostScript printers for file and printer sharing. In addition, DAVE 2.0 gives Macintosh users the ability to connect to other Macintosh users over TCP/IP instead of AppleTalk.

DAVE allows Windows NT and Windows 95 to share the Macintosh resources as easily as it would be with another NT or Windows 95 systems, since DAVE ^3speaks^2 the same standard network protocols (SMB and CIFS) as do all of the Microsoft systems. DAVE requires no modifications to any of the Windows 95 or NT systems in order to share the different resources.

Bill Thursby, company president, states that ^3Apple^1s customers need to coexist with the Microsoft networks that are becoming a standard part of the infrastructure of most companies. The traditional solution of forcing an AppleTalk solution onto the PC users is a lost battle. The industry has standardized on TCP/IP as the transport of choice and DAVE just builds on those standards.^2

DAVE V1.0 has been available since November 1996. Thursby Software is providing current DAVE customers access to a free upgrade over the Internet in January. An evaluation of DAVE is available on their web site.

Thursby Software Systems, Inc. of Arlington, Texas, has been developing, supporting and marketing a wide variety of connectivity solutions worldwide since 1986. Thursby Software products include the original DECnet and LAT protocol suites for the Macintosh (TSSnet(R)). The company can be contacted at 1.817.478.5070, by Internet e-mail: or