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DFS and slow SMB file sharing access for Macs

Christian Schneider responded to an old report called "Does DFS slow Snow Leopard SMB file server access?" about OS X's access to SMB file servers slowing down when DFS (Distribute File System) is used on the network. Schneider thinks it does. The report from 2011 says:

Hollai Gabor believes that Snow Leopard's access to SMB file servers slows down when DFS is used on the network:

We have removed the DFS feature from one server and the SMB is better now. Both DFS caused the issue, Standalone and the domain DFS too. Unfortunately, we must use DFS on the second server, so the issue is still exists when we use that one.

Schneider found the same thing:

I had the same experience recently. DFS was horrible to work on with Mac OS. Regular SMB shares a little bit less horrible.

Have you seen this relationship between DFS and slow SMB file sharing for Mac clients? Please .