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13-inch MacBook Pro cannot boot Windows 8

A reader points out that the MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid-2010 cannot be booted with Windows 8 using the new Boot Camp 5 released last week, despite another article indicating support for that model. Apple's Windows 8 FAQ, which we quoted on Friday, lists the MacBook Pro, Mid 2010 or newer, as a being able to boot from Windows 8 with Boot Camp 5. Article HT5634, however, states that the 13" MacBook Pro from Mid 2010 does not run Windows 8.

Brant Stalzer brought this to our attention:

I have Windows 8 64-bit running on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13-inch, minus various driver-related features. I try to use Boot Camp Assistant 5.0.2, but I get a fail message that only Windows 7 can be installed on my hardware. I tried a couple ways to install/update drivers using the 5.0.5033 support files, but nothing seems to be helping.

I also see varying info on the Apple site. I have Boot Camp Assistant, etc., on my MacBook Pro, but Apple has Windows 8-64 unchecked for support on this page: But other Apple pages indicate that mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13's should be supported.

The Mac models that support Windows 8 via Boot Camp 5 are as follows:
  • MacBook Air, Mid 2011 or newer
  • MacBook Pro, Mid 2010 or newer, except for the 13" inch model
  • Mac Pro, Early 2009 or newer
  • Mac Mini, Mid 2011 or newer
  • iMac, 27-inch, Mid 2010 or Mid 2011 or newer (the 21" Mid 2010 does not support Windows 8)

If you've tried Boot Camp 5

We've updated our report, Apple releases Boot Camp 5 for booting Macs with Windows 8, to reflect this.

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